QuoteWerks User Summit Day 2: What's Coming, Feature Requests, and More

After a great night and a chance to get to know each other, we met for the second day of the QuoteWerks User Summit. In the first session, we got to see some QuoteWerks add-ons and what is coming for QuoteWerks in 2020, presented by Brian Laufer, Vice President & Developer. Some of the highlights were QuoteValet and QuoteWerks Web.

Day Two of the 2020 QuoteWerks User Summit


We got to see QuoteValet, the most multi-faceted QuoteWerks add-on. We found out how it is far more than "a way to deliver a quote instead of a PDF."

With the QuoteValet Dashboard, we got to see when quotes are viewed, accepted, and paid for in real-time. We also heard how the QuoteWerks marketing and sales department uses a TV in their office that shows the information in real-time.

QuoteWerks Web

QuoteWerks Desktop has been in development for 25 years to reach its current level. QuoteWerks Web has been a work in process for 5 years. QuoteWerks goals since the beginning have been no migration cost, similar and familiar, and retain a focus on the sales rep. The good news is that QuoteWerks achieved all of these goals.

Parallel teams are working on both desktop and web.

Data is automatically synchronized, so there is no data to have to migrate.

What does it cost? QuoteWerks Web license is an additional fee that grants you access. It is a nominal $10 per month per concurrent user.

Standardize & Deliver

In this session with Brandon Grant, Sales & Marketing Director, we learned that with the Delivery Window you can standardize your quotes and proposals for your entire office. We learned how to go from a simple quote to a multi-page proposal that included cover letters, literature, specs, etc.

We learned how to use cover pages, multiple layout files, literature folders, spec sheets, link tabs, and the selection panel. Keep in mind that anything you create, you can share with everyone else in your company.

Tip: You should copy old layouts to an "Old Layouts" folder so that you don't lose them just because you are no longer using them.

We learned how to build email templates in QuoteWerks. You can limit which templates are available depending on what you are sending to the customer.

Getting paid with more payment options

QuoteWerks has a variety of ways for everyone to get paid. Brandon showed us the payment options.

A few of the highlights include:

  • Check the "Include first payment in document total" option otherwise the first payment won't be included in the document total.
  • There is a lot of color coding and each one has different meanings in QuoteWerks.
  • There are up to 7 different payment options that you can configure.
  • If a document gets to a certain total, you can specify which payment options are available (i.e. if the amount goes over $45,000 then credit card will no longer be an option).
  • You can specify discounts based upon payment type (i.e. if they pay by check, they get a 2% discount).
  • There are leasing payment options that offer a finance option on the document. It is very easy to set up.
  • Great America is available on the drop-down. It will create within your document a variety of payment period options. This gives you more flexibility when making a sale.
  • Always clone your layouts before you make any changes.

Feature Requests

John Lewe, President & Lead Developer, and Brian Laufer, Vice President & Developer, took us through how to create Feature Requests. QuoteWerks released 159 new features last year. Having features on the forum instead of in private email means that users can get into discussions. You get to see how many requests are outstanding and which ones are only requested by one person.

When creating a Feature Request, it should follow these elements:

  • Real world needs - not abstract
  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • What feature do you think you need?
  • We need specific landmarks
  • Always include a screenshot

The Feature Request Forum is broken down into specific categories:

  • The little stuff (sometimes the little stuff gets moved to the not so little category)
  • Not so little
  • General
  • From support tickets

At the end, John opened the floor for feature requests from the group where we were allowed to request new features at the summit. We then saw hands for how many people wanted each feature.

QuickBooks Automation

QuoteWerks Desktop supports QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. QuoteWerks Web only supports QuickBooks Online.

We learned that there are a lot of QuickBooks items to configure and Brian walked us through each of them. These can be found in QuoteWerks Desktop under Tools / Options / Setup Link.

One user asked if QuoteWerks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop need to be on the same LAN. Brian said yes, they do. He also recommended you not try to do this over VPN.

Summit Wrap-Up

The Summit Wrap-Up was led by Jessie Devine, Community Engagement Manager.

Jessie shared some of the services that QuoteWerks offers including:

  • Professional Services
  • Proficiency Booster
  • Accelerated Implementation Service
  • Administration Training
  • Sales Rep Training (QuoteWerks trains your sales team)

It was amazing to learn that 66% of QuoteWerks users have been using QuoteWerks for over 5 years and 31% have been using it for over 10 years.


This was another day of learning at the QuoteWerks User Summit. We saw QuoteValet, the new QuoteWerks Web, and heard about some of the new features that were added to QuoteWerks over the last year. Some of the sessions included how to standardize and deliver quotes as well as how to get paid faster using QuoteWerks payment options.

The feature request session was amazing, where we got to see first hand how many people liked the suggestions that were made. We learned that sometimes small features can make a big impact in our business.

We finished off the day with the summit wrap-up with recognition and awards. It was an incredible summit brought to us by the QuoteWerks team. Thank you to everyone for attending.

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