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One of the greatest challenges many companies and sales teams face is the ability to sell efficiently to prospects and customers.

The first few steps in the sales process are often referred to as, Configure Price Quote (CPQ). This process presents challenges to sales teams that use manual processes, particularly for those that use Word documents or Excel spreadsheets.

CPQ is often used interchangeably with other terms such as, quote-to-cash, sales configuration software, guided selling, quoting software, quoting system, proposal solution, and quote management. However, CPQ can be uniquely defined and is only part of the quote-to-cash process, which includes the first three steps in QTC.

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Here’s a quick definition of each step in the CPQ process.

CPQ Step 1: Configure



Deciding which products and/or services to include and the format.

CPQ Step 2: Price



Determining how much you will charge the customer for the solution. This takes into account cost, location, competition, rules for selling particular products, etc.

CPQ Step 3: Quote



Providing the document to the customer with all necessary information, including the solution, prices, terms, conditions, and more.

CPQ Software

What is CPQ Software?

CPQ software essentially makes the whole CPQ process easier. For companies selling a wide range of products or services, a CPQ tool can save you time by offering a central location for everything you need during the CPQ process.

Ultimately, when CPQ goes smoothly, your bottom line will benefit. With a streamlined selling process, you’re able to quickly close more deals with prospects and current customers.

What Does the CPQ Process Look Like?

Configure price quote software represents three processes within its name that enable companies to streamline them into a single solution. Here’s what the CPQ process should look like, including each step when you utilize CPQ software.


In the first step of the process, CPQ software allows sales reps to pull together the services or products your customers need. This will result in:

  • Faster sales cycles
  • Accuracy of data
  • Reduced errors
  • Ability to create workflow rules
  • Saved training costs
  • Increased deal size through upsell and cross-sell
CPQ Configuration Software
CPQ Pricing Software


Since pricing doesn’t stay the same for long, CPQ software can make it easy to keep track of costs so that you’re able to provide the most up-to-date pricing for customers. Using a CPQ tool in this step allows for:

  • Controlled markup and margin
  • Avoid errors that occur in spreadsheets
  • Better visibility into price changes
  • Control over sales-rep discounting
  • Saved time and less hassle when rolling out pricing changes


With CPQ software, the final step is easier than manual processes since you already have the essentials in place. Once you’ve completed configuration and pricing, you can pull together the final quote to send to the customer. This results in benefits such as:

  • The ability to move from prospect to customer faster
  • Effective collaboration and responses throughout the quoting process
  • Reduced errors
  • Less time spent on creating quotes and proposals
CPQ Quoting Software

Sorting Through CPQ Solutions

If the benefits of a CPQ solution resonate with you, how do you know exactly what to look for in a CPQ solution? With QuoteWerks, you can evolve the sales process so you can sell more, faster, easier, and deliver a customer experience your team is proud of.

Your software is outstanding. You will literally save me days each month over my old semi-automated process. I just sent out three quotes totaling $200,000 in a fraction of the time I used to spend. The lightning quick turn-around time that I can now deliver, thanks to QuoteWerks, will certainly be a competitive advantage for us.

— Mark Schmale, Accelerated Post

In the past, a lot of 'pricing' information was in my head, but now anyone in my company can do a quote without any pricing decisions to make. I have everything preloaded so there are no decisions for them to make other than what to quote and how quick to get a signature!

— Scott Edwards, Netranom Communications

QuoteWerks' service is second to none in the field of software support. Responses are quick and the staff is always polite, understanding and helpful. For anyone considering a quotation software solution, we highly recommend QuoteWerks.

— Paul Hackett, H2flow, Inc.

I can honestly say that I have gained clients and have been awarded contracts due to the professional looking quotes / proposals that I deliver even when my product is the same as my competition. I would love to think that it was me as the super salesperson, but time and time again, QuoteWerks helps close the sale as much as I do.

— Bud McCormick, Paradise Foam, LLC

Why QuoteWerks is the Best CPQ Tool

Recently presented with an award for the Top Rated Proposal Software from TrustRadius, QuoteWerks scores high in overall usability, implementation, and scalability.

QuoteWerks can evolve your sales process so you can sell more both quickly and easily, delivering a customer experience your team can be proud of. Ultimately, QuoteWerks CPQ software can enable your team to sell more through:

Manage Products & Services

Manage Products & Services

Link to product data sources and import price lists. Create bundles of products and services.

Consumer Price Comparisons

Consumer Price Comparisons

Pull consumer pricing from Amazon, CDW, Staples, Dell, and more along with your distributor's pricing and availability.

Know When Quotes are Viewed

Know When Quotes are Viewed

See every time your customer views the quote, selects options, has questions, when they electronically sign, and make a payment.

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