Inside QuoteWerks' Mission to Provide Outstanding Support

Bridging Solutions

QuoteWerks' mission is centered around providing an integrated quoting and proposal solution at an affordable price while ensuring excellent support for its customers. This mission underscores the importance of not only delivering a quality product but also ensuring that customers have the necessary assistance and guidance to fully utilize and benefit from the software.

What QuoteWerks Services are available?

  • Accelerated Implementation Service™: QuoteWerks offers paid assistance to expedite the setup process, including integrations with CRM/accounting software.
  • Proficiency Booster Session™: Existing QuoteWerks customers can opt for remote sessions to enhance their proficiency with the software, tailored to their specific workflows, aiding in efficiency and effectiveness.
  • QuoteWerks Administrative Training: This service educates management teams on system settings, security, document approvals, and more in a one-hour session.
  • QuoteWerks Sales Rep Training: Designed for onboarding new sales team members, this webinar-led session focuses on using QuoteWerks effectively, with a 2-hour meeting, a 30 minute Q&A session, and an accompanying training syllabus sent in advance.
  • Professional Services: QuoteWerks extends technical support with project-based assistance for layout design, report formulas, scripting, and more, offered through phone, remote session, or email appointments.

Bridging Solutions: Inside QuoteWerks Mission to Provide Outstanding Support

In line with QuoteWerks' mission, the technical support department plays a crucial role. They are committed to providing prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable assistance to customers who encounter any issues or have queries regarding the software. This is evident especially in QuoteWerks’ phone support option. You are able to speak with a live support representative before needing to submit a ticket.

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Their focus is not just getting off the phone or closing the ticket, but rather resolving any technical issues and ensuring the customer has the resources they need to be productive. This aligns perfectly with QuoteWerks' mission of offering great support alongside its solution.

Similarly, the sales department at QuoteWerks contributes to fulfilling the mission by ensuring that customers are aware of the affordable pricing and the value proposition of the software. They provide guidance to potential customers in selecting the right solution for their needs and budget. Moreover, they convey the commitment of QuoteWerks to provide ongoing support, thus reinforcing the importance of support as a core aspect of the company's mission.

QuoteWerks' values, such as customer-centricity, integrity, and innovation, are reflected in the operations of both the technical support and sales departments. They prioritize customer satisfaction, uphold ethical standards in their interactions, and strive for continuous improvement in their processes and services.

What makes the QuoteWerks Sales and Technical Support departments different from other organizations in the CPQ space?

  • Product Expertise: QuoteWerks staff possess deep knowledge and expertise about the software and its capabilities. They undergo comprehensive training to ensure they understand the intricacies of the product, allowing them to provide accurate guidance and support to customers.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: The US-based sales and support staff at QuoteWerks prioritize the needs and requirements of the customers above all else. They actively listen to customer queries, concerns, and feedback, tailoring their responses and solutions accordingly to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Responsive Communication: Whether it's sales inquiries or technical support issues, QuoteWerks staff are known for their prompt and responsive communication.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: QuoteWerks staff are equipped with strong problem-solving skills, enabling them to effectively troubleshoot technical issues and provide innovative solutions to customer challenges. They approach each problem with a proactive mindset, seeking to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement: QuoteWerks sales and support staff are committed to continuous improvement and learning. They actively seek feedback from customers and colleagues, leveraging insights to enhance their knowledge, skills, and processes, ultimately improving the overall customer experience. Our support forums allow users to submit feature requests, enabling users and QuoteWerks developers to begin a dialogue about how they can continue to enhance QuoteWerks. QuoteWerks support forums also provide support articles that showcase in-depth descriptions of how to perform common QuoteWerks functions, including moving QuoteWerks to a Server, updating QuoteWerks, and much more!

Overall, the combination of product expertise, customer-centric approach, responsive communication, problem-solving skills, empathy, commitment to continuous improvement, and integrity displayed by our staff are integral to fulfilling the company's mission, vision, and values. These departments contribute to QuoteWerks' success and reputation as a customer-centric organization committed to delivering exceptional value.


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