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QuoteWerks is used in almost every industry by over 35,000 active users worldwide in over 101 countries. We are the market leader.

Whether your company is a small 1-person company or a large Fortune 100 company, you can benefit from the increase in productivity QuoteWerks provides. Who are our customers?

This cross industry adoption of QuoteWerks is made possible by the core design of QuoteWerks which adheres to the fundamentals of the quoting process. This core design has contributed to its ability to be a useful tool for any industry that has a need to create price quotes containing itemized products or services.

Of the hundreds of industries our customers are in, customers that heavily adopt QuoteWerks are IT Solution Providers, VARs, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), AV/Security Integrators, Custom Integrators, Manufacturers, and Manufacturer Reps.

Our customers use QuoteWerks to quote a wide variety of products including clothing, fitness equipment, office products, electronics / electrical equipment, medical equipment, HVAC, Fire Alarm / Fire Protection, irrigation equipment, landscaping, industrial equipment, trucks, and more. Hear our customers describe in their own words what industry they are in and what they sell using QuoteWerks.

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The Need for QuoteWerks®

When most business professionals are first asked to create a sales quote for a customer, naturally they use the tools that they are already familiar with such Word, Excel, or their Accounting software.

At first glance, it appears to be a quick way to create a quote. As they get further along in the quote generation process they very quickly discover how inefficient and error prone the process is.

They would manually assemble all the aspects of a quote such as part numbers, their cost, markup, the customers price, the vendors they will purchase from, etc. Manually tracking all of these elements and performing calculations manually leaves much room for error, and wastes much of the users' valuable time. Additionally, there was little or no consistency in the design of the quote that was delivered to the prospects and customers.

Before QuoteWerks, Word, Excel, or Accounting software were the only choices a sales person had for creating quotes, so it is no surprise that many of our customers used Word, Excel, or their Accounting software before finding QuoteWerks.

Creating price quotes is a pivotal step towards closing the sale. This necessary step can be tedious and time consuming; researching product, pricing, and details from multiple vendors. You may even need to create several different quotes for one specific client. And, after all the time used to create the perfect quote, the customer may decide not to place an order.

Since the creation of price quotes requires an investment of time, and since not all quotes are converted into orders, it quickly becomes important to streamline the quoting process, and in the process realize a tremendous time savings.

QuoteWerks vs. Word or Excel

Find out how QuoteWerks is a better solution than Word or Excel for creating quotes.

QuoteWerks vs. Accounting Software

Find out how QuoteWerks is a better solution than Accounting software for creating quotes.

Sales Quoting and Proposal Software Solution

If you’re still manually creating quotes & proposals with spreadsheets and word processors (Word and Excel), and spending hours gathering product information from multiple sources, it’s time for a better way. QuoteWerks is a powerful quote and proposal automation solution that enables you to sell more, close faster, and increase profits.

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