How Quoting Software Can Help Your Sales Team Get The Right Product At The Right Price In Front Of the Right Customer At The Right Time

Timing is everything.

And in the sales game, timing often means "hurry up and wait until we tell you to hurry up again."

It never fails. Your team delivers a new flawless presentation. You knock it out of the park, and then, crickets.

You don't hear anything from the client for days, then weeks, and then all of the sudden, 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, with your department heads and essential vendors out of contact, the client calls to request a new detailed quote and proposal.

This is where the right quoting software can save the day, maybe even the quarter.

Instead of having to frantically call warehouse managers for inventory verification, accounting supervisors for current cost and margin targets, and the account manager to get contact information for everyone on the clients' deal team, one person with an effective quoting software package can gather all of the necessary information, compile it into an easy to read quote document and then distribute that to everyone who needs to see it.

All at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon.

QuoteWerks - The Right Price at the Right Time - Quoting Software

Quoting Software will save you Time and Money

By bridging the gap between your accounting software, inventory management system, customer relationship management program, and other databases that your team already has in place, a fully integrated quoting software program can save you time gathering information from multiple platforms, even multiple vendors, that may not always play nice together.

It will save you the time you would otherwise waste reentering duplicate information in all of those different platforms. And it will save you the money you'd have to pay to have all of that information gathered and reentered.

Quoting Software will reduce errors, typos, and just plain ugly proposals and quotes

Inputting duplicate information across multiple platforms is an accident waiting to happen. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong, and something always goes wrong. A misplaced decimal point could prove fatal. A typo in your top customer's name could be the difference between a bonus and a pink slip.

Even if you somehow manage to get all of the correct information together, downloading this, copying and pasting that, putting it all into a well thought out, cohesive, easy to read, actionable quote or proposal is a herculean task to accomplish on the fly at 4:30 on a Friday.

A quoting software package like QuoteWerks allows salespeople to access the most accurate, up-to-date information, and assemble it into your standardized quote format that leaves nothing to the imagination or design skills of whoever happens to be putting it together.

Quoting software will help you close more deals long after the quote is sent

A quote isn't a deal. A quote is a hope. Unfortunately, hope is the only thing that happens in too many organizations. They send the quote to the client and hope it gets opened. They hope it gets read. They hope it gets forwarded to the decision-makers. Then when and if a deal gets done, they hope they get paid.

That's a lot of hoping.

QuoteWerks - The Right Solution at the Right Time

QuoteWerks integrates directly with your CRM so that your freshly prepared quotes keep the pipeline full and on pace. Sales reps and managers get notified whenever the quote gets opened often signaling a prime closing opportunity.

And by integrating your quotes with your accounting software, QuoteWerks make sure that no deals slip through the cracks, invoices go out on time and you have a seamless flow from a quote in the hand to money in the bank.

If you're ready to quit hoping and start getting more deals done, schedule a QuoteWerks demo today.

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