Recently I posted a Youtube video about the integration of Act! and QuoteWerks (I'm including a link to it below).

After I sent out a Tweet about the video I got back quite a few interesting comments, but one in particular inspired this blog post.

This follower liked the video and said that the Act! and QuoteWerks integration was a perfect Q2C, QTC, or Quote to Cash software application.

To be honest, I had never heard of that acronym so I went and, of course, Googled it. Don't you think Google needs to become a verb? Me too.

What I discovered online was that quote-to-cash software is designed to make it easier for sales people to prepare quotes quickly, send to the customer and at the same time give the customer the ability to approve and pay for the quote immediately – ergo creating a Quote to cash experience.

Sales people are finding it harder and harder to close sales and the sales cycle is taking longer. Anything in a sales reps arsenal to shorten this cycle and create a faster turnaround is a boon.

An integrated system like Act! and QuoteWerks puts in place a structured, repeatable sales process. Instead of trying to build quotes from scratch, templates can be readily available to quickly customize to the customer requirements. And its attached to the customer so all the details are in one place, yet another key reason for having customer relationship systems. keeping track of customer interactions. Add in the ability to get paid quicker as well and you now have a winning combination for SMBs.

At a price point that fits SMB budgets, it just makes sense. We use it ourselves every single day. We do indeed eat our own dogfood and it is making a difference. My staff is able to spend more time doing what they do best and less time trying to track down sales opportunities. The system is doing that for us – and what's not to like about that.

Quote-to-cash (or QTC or Q2C) is an information technology term for the integration and automated management of end-to-end business processes on the sell side: Product (or Service) Configuration. Pricing. Quote creation for a prospect or customer or channel partner, and its negotiation.

QuoteWerks is both a Quote-to-Cash and Configure, Quote, Price (CPQ) solution.


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Patricia Egen
Patricia Egen Consulting


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