New QuoteWerks Integration with Amazon Business Simplifies Procurement and Empowers the IT Services Community

Enhances the eCommerce experience and helps IT firms control tail and rogue spend

Aspire Technologies, the pioneering provider of QuoteWerks, a procurement and quoting management tool for MSP (Managed Service Providers) partners, has completed an integration with Amazon Business. This new feature allows QuoteWerks users to directly and seamlessly access Amazon Business directly and effortlessly from within the quoting solution.

Sales teams can now search across internally hosted supplier catalogs, Amazon Business and other providers to view results and see side-by-side comparisons on one screen. With real-time pricing and inventory availability, this integration provides a high-quality eCommerce user experience and expedites the sales process for IT services firms.

MSPs have direct access to the entire selection of hundreds of millions of items on Amazon Business directly from within QuoteWerks

"Our customers can now quickly and easily connect their Amazon Business accounts inside QuoteWerks, giving them full access to pricing and availability along with other suppliers," says Brian Laufer, Vice President of QuoteWerks. "This integration allows IT services firms to search and locate products effortlessly and provide their clients with more competitive price points and delivery options."

Access to this "single pane of glass" procurement system provides a host of new features, including:

  • Allows users to search and display items on Amazon Business in QuoteWerks along with other suppliers' offerings
  • Provides real-time price and availability
  • Offers a side-by-side comparison with internal catalog items
  • Direct links to product pages on Amazon Business
  • Allows companies to control which items and categories users can search
  • Integration into additional existing systems (CRM, PSA, Accounting, ERP)

Integrated Search Capabilities

Acceptance and user experience are vital to the success of electronic procurement and quoting solutions. Challenges such as inadequate content availability and limited search capabilities can be difficult to overcome, as can a lack of control within punchouts (e.g., promotional content). IT services businesses no longer need to compromise their search capabilities or access to rich content. The QuoteWerks integration with Amazon Business improves the user experience by offering a variety of valuable search features, including:

  • Help Control Rogue and Tail Spend − provide a channel for non-budget purchases with a broad (yet controlled) eCommerce offering.
  • Increase Compliant Spend − companies can control which items and categories are available to users using the catalog module
  • eCommerce User Experience - create a modern and seamless user experience with access to a wide selection of rich content.
  • Increase Purchasing Efficiency - reduce transaction processing costs for low-value items.

"With Amazon Business Integrated Search, we're adding everything you love about Amazon into B2B systems. This allows customers to have direct access to the entire selection of hundreds of millions of items on Amazon Business directly from within QuoteWerks," adds Todd Heimes, Global Director of Amazon Business.

The QuoteWerks integration with Amazon Business is now available to existing customers and businesses in any industry. Before implementation, users will need an Amazon Business account and a QuoteWerks Real-Time Module and Product Content Subscription. The Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks is required to enable Amazon Business procurement.

For more information or to sign up for a live demo, contact the QuoteWerks sales team at 407-248-1481 or sales@quotewerks.com.


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