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Use QuoteWerks as your CPQ Solution

QuoteWerks CPQ SolutionIs your current process for producing quotes and proposals complicated, manual, and poorly defined? Then, you are exposing your business to errors and wasted selling time!

With QuoteWerks, evolve your sales process so you can sell more, faster, easier, and deliver a customer experience your brand can be proud of and your team will stand behind. Welcome to the CPQ solution you have been looking for!

QuoteWerks enables sales teams to sell more.

Streamline the Quoting Process

Extend your Brand

Close the Sales Cycle

What does CPQ Stand For?

Configure price quote software takes the three processes in its title and enables companies to streamline them in a single solution.

Configure — Deciding what products and/or services to include and in what format

Price — How much will you charge your customer for the solution you are providing? This takes into account your costs, location, competition, rules for selling particular products, etc.

Quote — Providing the document that customer will accept including the solution, prices, terms, conditions, and more.

New to CPQ?

Configure, Price, Quote is typically used in the industry speak. The term CPQ gets used interchangeably with other terms that you may be more familiar with such as:

  • Sales Configuration Software

  • Guided Selling

  • Quoting Software / Quoting System

  • Proposal Solution

  • Quote Management

Why Use a CPQ Solution?


  • Faster sales cycles
  • Accuracy of data sales reps need
  • Reduce errors
  • Create workflow rules
  • Save on training costs
  • Increase deal size through upsell and cross-sell


  • Control Markup and Margin
  • Avoid errors in spreadsheets
  • Better visibility into price changes
  • Control over sales-rep discounting
  • Save time and hassle when rolling out pricing changes


  • Ability to move from prospect to customer faster
  • Collaborate and respond more effectively (externally and internally) in the quoting process
  • Reduce Errors
  • Less time spent on creating and revising quotes and proposals

Additional CPQ Resources

Evaluating CPQ Software

Here are some resources to assist you in your evaluation process or when comparing different solutions:

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