QuoteValet Insight™

QuoteValet Insight

Gain insight and have mobile access to your QuoteValet Executive Dashboard, Leaderboard, Inbox, Peer Reviews, and Approvals, anywhere, anytime from any web device like your phone, tablet, or PC.

Psst - are you a business owner or sales manager? Well, listen up, because QuoteValet Insight was built with you in mind, giving you a closer look at your quoting and sales processes!

QuoteValet Insight™: Overview

QuoteValet Insight™ is a browser-based solution that gives users insight into the progress of the company's documents that have been uploaded to QuoteValet anytime, anywhere, streamlining communication and simplifying sales management by bringing both high-level and detailed data to you in a format that's easy to view and collaborate on.

You can log into QuoteValet from a PC, tablet, or phone anywhere an internet connection is available. QuoteValet Insight is mobile friendly, and its interface will adjust automatically based on your device's screen size.

  • QuoteValet Insight Highlights
    This video is a high level overview of what QuoteValet Inight is. QuoteValet Insight is a browser-based solution that gives user’s insight into the progress of the company’s documents that have been uploaded to QuoteValet.
  • QuoteValet Insight "How To"
    Demonstrates how to use and setup QuoteValet Insight.

With the ability to view this information anytime on any web device, you'll have the answers you need at your fingertips in a snap. QuoteValet Insight streamlines communication and simplifies sales management by bringing both high-level and detailed data to you in a format that's not only easy, but also - dare we say it? - FUN to read, use, and share.

QuoteValet Insight™: Features

QuoteValet Insight is chock full of features that will give you a more robust, comprehensive look at your sales processes.

Here's just a taste of what you can expect:

The Executive Dashboard gives you major visibility over quoting and sales processes across the board, from all sales reps. View top-dollar quotes and converted orders; number of quotes sent, accepted, and paid; sales-rep and customer comments; number of customer views on documents; and more.

My Summary is similar to the Executive Summary, but shows only information relating to the currently logged-in user. 

The Status Board displays priority notifications like when an expired quote is viewed, customer questions are posted, quote is accepted, or payment is provided. It also displays the notification count for each sales rep making sure that as a team all notifications are processed. The Status Board is best viewed on a large monitor, and is updated every 60 seconds.  Furthermore, the Leaderboard is a rotating panel displaying the top 10 accepted and outstanding quotes for the week, month, and year.

Part of the Executive Dashboard, the Comparative Analysis is a great way to view sales reps' stats side by side. It gives you a breakdown of your reps' performance based on time-range-specific variables such as number and dollar amounts of both quotes and converted orders.

The Find feature allows you to quickly locate and view any QuoteValet document by searching by its Document Number, Name, and/or Sold to Company name.

The Inbox is equivalent to the QuoteValet inbox within QuoteWerks, but is now a mobile feature with QuoteValet Insight! Here, explore sales reps' quote information, such as dollar value and age, as well as activity: whether quotes have been viewed, accepted, paid, etc. You'll also see which documents have questions or comments posted on/about them.

On the Peer Review page, you can explore information about documents currently being collaborated on. View a document's activity history, make comments about it, send notes to the rep who owns the document, and more.

Real-time Approval updates allow sales managers to work with other managers who may be currently out of the office to ensure a clean, efficient approval workflow. No more redundant authorizations and roundabout e-mails that waste your valuable time!

Subscription Based

QuoteValet Insight is included in your QuoteValet subscription for no additional fee. QuoteValet itself is subscription based, billed in one of the following cycles:
  • monthly (no commitment required)
  • annually (discounted)

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To request more information about QuoteValet, please email sales@quotewerks.com.

QuoteWerks Web was re-branded to QuoteWerks Insight™.