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QuoteWerks’ out of the box features are really good and more than adequate for most users. With the addition of the QuoteWerks Real Time Module’s Tax Rate Lookup, this further enhances the features so that you can double-check for the particular zip code you’re selling to. But what about when you need more tax rate functionality? You’re potentially quoting inaccurate tax and so proving an inaccurate quotation to your prospect. At worst this could mean losing the order or your margin, and at best undermining the trust you’ve built up with your end customer. Either way, it’s not an ideal situation.

We understand that a lot of QuoteWerks Users will ‘solve’ the problem by not quoting tax at all on their quotations, which works around the problem, but does not provide an answer. Maybe your clients and prospects are ‘happy’ for the tax to be calculated downstream and let it ‘all come out in the wash’, but what if your competitors are calculating tax? They’ll be providing the prospects with a full and complete picture which may be preferred against your incomplete quotation.

ConnectIt Avalara Integration for QuoteWerks

We’re very pleased to let you know that we are now able to provide you with the complete solution: with Hilltops IT / ConnectIt Software’s ConnectIt-Avalara QuoteWerks integration for Avalara AvaTax. This new add-on doesn’t just calculate tax amounts based on a zip code with a simple binary “taxable” or “non-taxable” line-item switch: it calculates tax line item by line item down to the 9-digit specific address factoring in all federal, state and county tax rates, plus understands all the more complex rules in certain jurisdictions, such as rules around an item only being taxable once you sell over a certain value over the tax year. With Avalara’s incredibly complete tax calculation engine doing the sums behind the scenes, you can be confident that you’ll be providing your clients and prospects accurate tax information on every quote you send.

Wherever your business is based, ConnectIt-Avalara can help to take the complication and time-consuming effort out of your business’ tax submissions. As an example, Avalara recently performed a study on UK businesses and found that 71% of UK businesses find VAT returns too complex and 24% have been audited for filing their VAT return inaccurately or late in a territory where the tax system has been the same for 50 years.

ConnectIt-Avalara will help you not pay too much tax, and conversely avoid penalties, fines and interest charges from providing inaccurate tax information when you file your return.

ConnectIt-Avalara will help save time downstream in the overall order processing and accounting functions of your business by having the tax calculations completed right from the very first quote your rep sends out.

ConnectIt-Avalara will do the heavy-lifting when calculating tax on your QuoteWerks documents. As Avalara.com say on their website: “we live and breathe tax compliance so you don’t have to”.

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