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Current Release: v5.5 build 2.03 (released 01/23/2020) update center

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November 5, 2019

QuoteWerks Version 5.5 Release


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Change Quantities on QuoteValet

Allow Customers to Change Quantities on QuoteValet

You can set per line item if a customer can change quantities on QuoteValet. This will allow the Customer to change the Quantity of specified line item(s) while viewing the quote on QuoteValet. Linked quantities on the quote will also follow these adjustments. As an example, if the customer increases the quantity of an item, the services associated with that item will also be adjusted accordingly.
QuoteValet Customer Uploads

QuoteValet Customer Uploads

QuoteValet now supports the ability for customers to upload files to the QuoteValet Quote. This is helpful when customers such as municipalities need to upload a signed PO from their accounting department. This is also helpful when you have specific site documents or photos that need to be associated with the document. SalesReps also have the ability to upload files via the salesrep facing view of the QuoteValet document.
Multi-Factor Authentication

QuoteWerks Web Multi-Factor Authentication

When enabled, the user will be sent an authentication text message before they can login to QuoteWerks Web.
ConnectWise Manage Project Support

ConnectWise Manage Project Support

When winning a ConnectWise Opportunity, QuoteWerks can now convert all items or specified items (like project phases) on the Opportunity to a new or existing Project in ConnectWise Manage.
CRM Updates

Accounting, CRM and PSA Support Updates

Support for ConnectWise 2019.5, SugarCRM 9.2, Goldmine 2019.1, and QuickBooks Desktop 2020 USA and Canada.

Deposit based on multiple factors

You can now collect a deposit on more than just one category of line item. As an example, you can now collect a deposit based on 100% of Services and 50% of Hardware. The deposit can still be a fixed amount, percentage of the overall document, or based on a single factor.
Bundle Enhancements

Grouped Bundle and Configuration Enhancements

Grouped bundles can now have a specified Unit Price override instead of just adding up the prices of the items contained in the bundle. Grouped Bundles and Configurations can now have Custom Fields and a picture.
Custom Fields

More Custom Fields

The Quote WorkBook now has CustomMemo01, CustomMemo02, CustomMemo03, and CustomMemo04 to the Custom tab. Products now have 3 additional Custom Memo fields.
August 5, 2019
Build Release: v5.4 Build 7.06. Some Highlight features are Product Content Subscribers can filter by in stock recently, see List Price, and Etilize items in Bundles and Configurations now include List Prices. This release also includes a completely re-written Act! integration adding the ability to link to existing opportunities, bi-directional Datalink, creating contacts, and more. See the complete list of features.
May 15, 2019
Build Release: v5.4 Build 6.01. Some Highlight features are enhancments to email templates, Zoho CRM, and more. See the complete list of features.
May 7, 2019
Feature Spotlight: Quote Amazon Sourced Products and Place Orders with Amazon Business

Search and build quotes for products available on Amazon Business within QuoteWerks Product Lookup. You can easily see pricing and product information, and if the item is Business Prime eligible.

QuoteWerks integrated purchasing makes it easy to create Purchase Orders and send them directly to your Amazon Business account. You will receive an email confirmation from Amazon Business once your order has been confirmed and received by Amazon Business. You can also check your order status through your Amazon Business account.
April 3, 2019
Build Release: v5.4 Build 4.11. Some Highlight features are Amazon Business Integration, SugarCRM 9.0 Support, and more. See the complete list of features.
April 1, 2019
Feature Spotlight: Documents Bar and Side-by-Side Documents

The new QuoteWerks Documents Bar will display any current open documents (up to 10) and enable you to switch between documents by simply clicking on the document name. You're also able to cycle through the documents using the keyboard shortcut of CTRL+TAB keys.

Holding down the CTRL key and clicking on a document on the documents bar will position the current document and the document you clicked on next to each other making it easy to compare or copy and paste between two documents. Holding down CTRL+SHIFT and clicking on a document on the documents bar will do the same, but will also maximize the main QuoteWerks window.
March 22, 2019
Build Release: v5.4 Build 3.12. Some Highlight features are Zoho CRM Integration, Documents Bar, Document Side-by-Side, Autosave interval setting, and more. See the complete list of features.
January 29, 2019
Build Release: v5.4 Build 2.02. Some Highlight features are SugarCRM bi-directional Datalink, Purchasing Enhancements, Autotask link to QuoteWerks Web Documents, and more. See the complete list of features.
November 26, 2018
QuoteWerks Find

Search and Find

Search line items in the quote to quickly find specific descriptions, prices, quantities, missing price modifiers, and much more. Filter by a specific column to search only that column in the document.
QuoteWerks Group Price Override

Group Price Override

Manually override the automatically calculated Grouped Price price to provide a "cleaner" looking price for the group simply by typing in the new amount. This is useful when, for example, your grouped bundle total is $5,043.23 and you would like to present it to the customer as a "cleaner looking" $5,000.00".
Quotewerks Sort

Sort and Organize

Sort line items on the Document Items tab in the currently open document by ascending or descending, sort items in a group. Sort a selection of contiguous or non-contiguous line items.
QuoteWerks Bi-Directional DataLink Support

Bi-Directional DataLink Support

For Autotask, MS Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM and ConnectWise Manage users you can now use the DataLink feature to write information from QuoteWerks into the CRM/PSA opportunity such as notes, custom text information, and much more.
QuoteWerks Integration with ShareWerks

Integration to ShareWerks

This new web-based collaboration tool streamlines communications for each document in a single location. Users can post comments, add documents, invite specific users, and much more.
Quotewerks Sort

CRM and PSA Support Updates

Support for ACT! 21, Maximizer CRM 2019, Sugar CRM 8.2, ConnectWise 2018.6, and Microsoft SQL Server 2019.
Quotewerks Payment Type Surcharges and Discounts

Payment Type Surcharges and Discounts

Support for up to seven different payment options (Credit Card, eCheck (ACH), Check, Wire Transfer, and two custom options). Customize text of the options, add a surcharge or discount, set default payment options and much more!
QuoteValet Updates

QuoteValet Updates

New "Dismiss All" button for the inbox, new "View QuoteValet Users" button on the Logged In Users window, and ability to receive email notifications indicating total number of times a customer has viewed a document.
Microsoft Word Macro Document Support

Microsoft Word Macro Document Support

DOCM files are supported in the Deliver window for QuoteWerks. These can be used for creating Cover, Literature, and Layout documents that utilize Microsoft Word Macros.
Stripe Payment Support for QuoteValet

Stripe Payment Support for QuoteValet

The payment gateway Stripe is now a supported merchant for QuoteValet users. Users can now set Stripe as their payment gateway to collect payments for their QuoteWerks documents via QuoteValet.
Shipping Enhancements

Shipping Enhancements

Added column for extended shipping amount, an option to use extended shipping amount column, an option to set shipping price for items in a product database, and ability to save a shipping template in the FedEX and UPS integration.
View QuoteValet License Allocation

View QuoteValet License Allocation

QuoteValet users can now see which users are currently using QuoteValet licenses and in QuoteValet Insight you can see which users tried to log in, but could not because no licenses were available.
Quotewerks Sort

New Zoho Integration

QuoteWerks now supports Zoho CRM! This integration enables users to search for contacts, create and update deals, upload quote attachments into Zoho CRM, and full DataLink support.
Quotewerks Sort

Documents Bar and Side-by-Side Documents

The new QuoteWerks Documents Bar will display any current open documents (up to 10) and enable you to switch between documents by simply clicking on the document name. You're also able to cycle through the documents using the keyboard shortcut of CTRL+TAB keys.

Holding down the CTRL key and clicking on a document on the documents bar will position the current document and the document you clicked on next to each other making it easy to compare or copy and paste between two documents. Holding down CTRL+SHIFT and clicking on a document on the documents bar will do the same, but will also maximize the main QuoteWerks window.
Quote Amazon Business Products

Quote Amazon Sourced Products and Submit Orders with Amazon Business

Place electronic orders directly with Amazon Business from QuoteWerks! Search for items in the Amazon Business product source and place orders for those items through the QuoteWerks Purchasing Window directly with Amazon Business.
Email Template Improvements

Email Template Improvements

Email templates now include To, CC, and BCC options for the templates. Users are also able to select other users’ templates, making it easier than ever to share email templates across departments and similar job roles.
New QuoteValet Activity Notifications

New QuoteValet Activity Notifications

Activity notifications have been expanded to include more actions from QuoteValet including Payment Failed, Customer Intends to Pay, Comment posted by Sales Rep, Expired Quote Viewed. Keep everyone in the loop with activity notifications!
Updated Act! Integration

Act! Integration - New Features!

The ACT! integration has been completely re-written to add new features such as linking all attachments and follow ups to the opportunity, the ability to rename any activity created by QuoteWerks, ability to integrate with ACT! while ACT! is not running, and many more.
Enhanced Etilize Integration

Enhanced Etilize Integration

The QuoteWerks Product Content Subscription (Etilize) now offers an "In Stock Recently" checkbox to limit only items that have had stock within the last 24 hours. Additionally, the integration has been upgraded to return results faster as well as two new columns on the Etilize search window (List High and List Low).
September 10, 2018
Build Release: v5.3 Build 6.06. Some Highlight features are ConnectWise Opportunity Ship To / Bill To Support, QuickBooks Online Payment Receipts, and more. See the complete list of features.
August 14, 2018
Announcement: QuoteWerks Web - Salesforce.com Integration

QuoteWerks CPQ hybrid Cloud Quoting Solution This update includes:
  • Salesforce.com Contact Search
  • Salesforce.com Opportunities
  • Salesforce.com Products
QuoteWerks Web is accessed by your favorite web browser and includes many of the great features in QuoteWerks Desktop, including a full support with QuoteValet and Etilize. Users will also have access to their existing documents, products and services, layouts, and more!

Learn more about QuoteWerks Web

August 8, 2018
Build Release: v5.3 Build 5.07. Some Highlight features are Maximizer CRM On-Premise, Open Document search by any item field, Expanded Find Quoted Item functionality, Additional Custom Fields for Products, and more. See the complete list of features.
June 14, 2018
Build Release: v5.3 Build 4.09. Some Highlight features are Improved Payment Options, QuoteValet ACH, Submit Credit Application support for GreatAmerica and Ingram Micro Lease-IT!, Reckon Accounts Desktop, Print Layout file name generation, and more. See the complete list of features.
June 11, 2018
Feature Spotlight: Payment Options

Use Payment Options on your documents to easily collect payments from your customers through QuoteValet. By utilizing Payment Options you can simplify how customers can pay you and offer a variety of payment options.

You can specify that a % or fixed amount surcharge or discount be applied to the quote when that particular payment option is selected. Useful, for example, in charging the customer a 3% surcharge if they pay by credit card, or a 3% discount if pay by check, or a $15 fee if pay by wire transfer. There is also an option to automatically disable a payment method, for example, credit card when the quote total is over, for example, $3000.
May 4, 2018
Build Release: v5.3 Build 3.20. Some Highlight features are Maximizer CRM Live, ConnectBooster Payments, Additional Custom Fields on the Workbook, Line Item ExtendedShippingAmount, Email address selection options, and more. See the complete list of features.
April 26, 2018
Announcement: QuoteWerks Web - Autotask Integration

QuoteWerks CPQ hybrid Cloud Quoting Solution This update includes:
  • Autotask Contact Search
  • Autotask Opportunities
  • Autotask Products
  • Autotask Services
QuoteWerks Web is accessed by your favorite web browser and includes many of the great features in QuoteWerks Desktop, including a full support with QuoteValet and Etilize. Users will also have access to their existing documents, products and services, layouts, and more!

Learn more about QuoteWerks Web

March 20, 2018
Announcement: QuoteWerks Web - ConnectWise Manage Integration

QuoteWerks CPQ hybrid Cloud Quoting Solution This update includes:
  • ConnectWise Contact Search
  • ConnectWise Opportunities
  • ConnectWise Products
  • ConnectWise Tickets
QuoteWerks Web is accessed by your favorite web browser and includes many of the great features in QuoteWerks Desktop, including a full support with QuoteValet and Etilize. Users will also have access to their existing documents, products and services, layouts, and more!

Learn more about QuoteWerks Web

January 23, 2018
Build Release: v5.3 Build 2.02. Some Highlight features are API enhancements, ConnectWise functionality, Item Attributes, multi-select print elements,and more. See the complete list of features.
November 27, 2017

QuoteWerks Version 5.3 Release

See the complete list of features

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QuoteWerks Simple Labor

Simple Labor

Include labor charges with line items! Link a labor charge as a line item to a parent item so that when the parent's item is changed, the labor quantity automatically changes with it.
QuoteWerks Section Headers

Section Headers

Easily organize your quote into sections to breakdown your quote into project phases, physical locations, item categories and more. Separate the document into visually appealing and easy to read sections with automatic subtotals.
QuoteWerks Line Item Quantity Linking

Line Item Quantity Linking

Link item quantities to each other using the Set Dependent Quantity feature. You can link a parent item to one ore more child items and when the parent's quantity is changed, the child items will automatically be updated to keep the original quantity ratio.
Updated Summary Lines

Updated Summary Lines

Summary Lines can now display subtotals from sections in addition to totaling items. This is especially useful for displaying totals from a particular Section Header such as monthly, annual, etc. recurring revenue items.
Required and Optional Items on Edit Product Screen

Required and Optional Items on Edit Product Screen

Create and edit required and optional items directly from the Edit Product Window, simplifying using required and optional items in a more intuitive and efficient manner.
Dynamic Notes

Dynamic Notes

When logging notes in the Dynamic Notes field, your username and time-stamp is automatically inserted. This makes it easier than ever to collaborate and leave notes on the document and know exactly when and by whom the note was added.
Opportunity Dashboard - Groups and All

Opportunity Dashboard - Groups and All

The QuoteWerks Opportunity Dashboard now displays all of the opportunities for a particular group of users, in addition to individual users. This provides an easy way to quickly report on all open, closed/won, and lost opportunities in the team's sales pipeline without having to run complicated reports.
QuoteWerks Open Document Window Group Filter

Open Document Window - Group Filter

Searching for documents in QuoteWerks is now easier! Find documents by drilling down by a particular group or specific rep that prepared the document in QuoteWerks.
QuoteWerks Required and Options Items' Quantities Linked to Parent

Required and Options Items' Quantities Linked to Parent

Required and Optional items now support the link quantity feature so they can also be linked to the master item.
QuoteWerks Static Items for Bundles and Required Items

Static Items for Bundles and Required Items

Build Bundles and Required Items without having to create the items in the Product Database. Users can now add items to bundles and required items without having to first create the item in the product database.
QuoteWerks new Flat UI

New Flat UI

We've refreshed the interface of QuoteWerks to have a more modern look and feel with new icons.
August 23, 2017
Announcement: QuoteValet Mobile Refresh - August 2017

This update includes:
  • Autotask contacts support
  • An interface refresh
  • Support for ConnectWise REST API
  • UI issue fix when scrolling through multiple templates
QuoteValet Mobile is a template driven mobile quoting option for tablets. From your tablet you can utilize an already created template from QuoteWerks and create a quote on site for a customer. Learn more about QuoteValet Mobile
August 12, 2017
Feature Spotlight: QuoteValet Videos

QuoteValet supports videos for any document uploaded to QuoteValet. Your YouTube videos can be displayed on the QuoteValet document. Single or multiple videos can be displayed for a document as well as videos for individual line items. QuoteValet also supports default videos for every type of document (quotes, orders, invoices) created in QuoteWerks so users do not have to remember to manually include videos on documents.
August 8, 2017
Build Release: v5.2 Build 8. Some Highlight features are QuickBooks Online, Windows Authentication Login, QuoteValet Video Support, and more. See the version 5.2 Announcement.
New Video: How to Use Agreements in ConnectWise.
July 1, 2017
Tip: Did you know that you can drag and drop items in the Quote Workbook?
June 6, 2017
April 17, 2017
Build Release: v5.2 Build 3. Some Highlight features are International Dell Punchout Integration, Etilize UK Upsell and Similar Items, Leasing Enhancments, and more. See the version 5.2 Announcement.
February 14, 2017
New Video: Version 5.2 Release Webinar.
January 26, 2017
Build Release: v5.2 Build 2. See the complete list of features.
November 11, 2016

QuoteWerks Version 5.2 Release

See the complete list of features

QuoteWerks CPQ Security Enhancements

Licensing and Security Enhancements

Administrators can now force user logouts, especially useful when a user locks their machine and leaves for the weekend or when admins want to install updates. Users can see what other users are currently logged in and licensing events are now recorded such as login and logout events.
QuoteWerks CPQ integrates with Dell

Dell Premier Punchout Orders - Credit Card Payment

Dell Premier Partners with Punchout credentials placing orders with Dell can now use credit card for payment in addition to terms.
QuoteWerks CPQ makes it easy for you to quote leasing options

Leasing Enhancements

There is now an option on the Lease Payment Calculator window to "Include Monthly recurring in lease payment" and more options to control the display of the leasing options on your quote.
QuoteWerks CPQ integrates with Ingram Micro Leasing

Real-time leasing integration with Ingram Micro

Calculate your Ingram Micro Lease-IT financing options with a click of a button through the new QuoteWerks Ingram Micro Lease-IT Integration.
QuoteWerks CPQ integrates with ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise REST API Integration

New ConnectWise integration utilizing the ConnectWise REST API. Additionally, support added for ConnectWise 2017.5, 2017.4, and 2017.3.
QuoteWerks CPQ Automation

QuoteWerks Commands

Create, edit, and customize system settings by running multiple commands simultaneously to automate changes inside QuoteWerks.
QuoteWerks CPQ Etilize Enhancements

Exclude Etilize Results

Limit specific items from the Etilize search result for any items that have been discontinued, are outdated, or you simply don't sell.
QuoteWerks CPQ has a visual layout designer

Layout Designer Upgrade

Ensure your QuoteWerks documents are fully branded! Customize your QuoteWerks Layouts with the exact text color used for your documents in QuoteWerks and never worry about branding again.
QuoteWerks CPQ has Appoval Processes

Track Approvals

In QuoteValet Insight, you can see all documents that are approved, not approved, or pending approval on the Approvals tab.
QuoteWerks CPQ Emails Purchase Orders (POs)

Purchasing Enhancements

Modify the HTML PO template that is used when emailing or saving a PO as a PDF from the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing Window. You can easily modify the email template itself that controls what the email looks like.
QuoteWerks CPQ integrates with Quickbooks Online and Desktop (QBO)

QuickBooks Online

QuoteWerks now integrates with QuickBooks Online in addition to QuickBooks Desktop! This integration enables users to export their QuoteWerks documents to QuickBooks Online as Estimates, Invoices, and Sales Receipts, includes item support, purchase orders, and much more!
QuoteWerks CPQ and QuoteValet integrate with Google / YouTube

QuoteValet Video Support

YouTube videos are supported for QuoteValet documents and individual line items! Share single or multiple videos on a document to help explain the line items in the document, introduce new offerings, or simply provide more information about your company.
QuoteWerks CPQ with QuoteValet has online shopping cart functionality

Multiple Shopping Cart Templates

Users can now have more than one QuoteValet Order Template used by the QuoteValet Shopping Cart. When uploading a new Order Form template to QuoteValet you can choose which of the available Order Form Templates to use.
QuoteWerks CPQ supports Windows Authentication (LDAP)

Windows Authentication Login Support

Automatically log-in users into their QuoteWerks installation using their Windows login information. This feature enables any user to auto-login into QuoteWerks without having to remember their password for QuoteWerks.
November 3, 2015

QuoteWerks Version 5.1

See the complete list of features...

QuoteWerks CPQ has Autosave

Auto Save - Don't Lose Your Work

Life happens. Network and Internet connections disconnect. Windows Update reboots your PC overnight. You get so engrossed in your work and you forget to save. QuoteWerks Auto-save protects your work.
QuoteWerks CPQ enables you to control your output

Control Your Output Like Never Before

The printing system has been significantly enhanced. You can now have primary and multiple secondary layouts. You now can control the order in which all of the print elements are assembled to create the final presentation to your client.
Compare Products with QuoteWerks CPQ and Etilize

Matrix Style Product Comparison for Etilize Users

Easily compare products sourced from Etilize. Then, quickly de-clutter and remove comparison results that are not available from your distributor(s) and/or not in stock.
QuoteWerks CPQ can create Etilize Favorites

Etilize Favorites

Save commonly quoted items from Etilize in a My Favorites folder.
Create Etilize Bundles with QuoteWerks CPQ

Etilize Support for Bundles and Configurations

Create and add items from Etilize to Bundles and Configurations.
Email Purchase Orders (POs) via QuoteWerks CPQ for the items you quote

Email Purchase Orders from QuoteWerks Purchasing

Combine partial or complete won orders to create a single Purchase Order for your vendor. Deliver the PO via an inline email or save as a PDF.
QuoteWerks CPQ can automate Microaoft Word

Streamlined Microsoft Word Merging

Word Merging no longer requires Microsoft Word to be on your computer and the time it takes to generate the Word document has been reduced from minutes to seconds.
QuoteWerks CPQ integrates with Tech Data SAP Quotes

Tech Data Quote Management

View, search, open, and import Tech Data created quotes into QuoteWerks.
Export Reports with QuoteWerks CPQ

Management Report Exporting

Export Management Reports to delimited text files (CSV or .txt) and select which fields to export.
QuoteWerks CPQ Scripting

Run Scripts from Custom Menus

You can now run a script on demand by clicking on a custom menu. Scripts can perform custom actions on the currently open QuoteWerks document.
November 7, 2014

QuoteWerks Version 5.0

See the complete list of features...

QuoteWerks CPQ Dashboards

QuoteWerks Opportunities Dashboard

Sales reps have the ability to track their progress with quota in the current month and historically. Managers have the ability to see all of their sales reps metrics in one place. Gain insight into the top selling products, quarterly progress, stage of quotes, and more!
QuoteWerks CPQ Links


Use dynamically generated auto-links to quickly navigate to entities linked to your quote like contacts, opportunities, tickets, and activities.
Search QuoteWerks CPQ Product and Services Databases

Multiple Product Database Search

Search across multiple product databases, including QuoteWerks, ConnectWise, QuickBooks, and more.
QuoteWerks CPQ and GreatAmerica are Partners for creating Leasing Quotes

Leasing Integration

Built-in lease payment calculation support, including a leasing integration with GreatAmerica Financial Services.
Find out how ConnectWise Manage works with QuoteWerks CPQ

ConnectWise Sales Orders

QuoteWerks now converts sales opportunities to ConnectWise Sales Orders.
Dell and QuoteWerks CPQ have a partnership

Dell Integration

The QuoteWerks Dell integration enables Dell Premier Partners with Punchout credentials, the ability to import quotes, create order requisitions, and even place orders with Dell.
October 8, 2013

QuoteWerks Version 4.9

See the complete list of features...

QuoteWerks CPQ - QuoteValet

QuoteValet Insight

Gain insight and have mobile access to your QuoteValet Executive Dashboard, Leaderboard, Inbox, Peer Reviews, and Approvals, anywhere, anytime from any web device like your phone, tablet, or PC.
QuoteWerks CPQ Scripting - VB

QuoteWerks Scripting

QuoteWerks now has built-in VB scripting in the Corporate Edition which enables you to write code to extend the functionality of QuoteWerks. Do special validations, check for combinations of items, and more.
QuoteWerks CPQ has Multi-Level Undo

Undo / Redo

QuoteWerks is the only quoting software with multi-level Undo and Redo. There are 10 levels of undo. Sometimes the simple things are the best.
QuoteWerks CPQ has dashboards

QuoteWerks Dashboard

The QuoteWerks Dashboard gives a high-level overview of your total dollar amount and number of quotes and orders from the current month, last month, and two months ago. You can also see quotes expiring within the next week and even handle ConnectWise quote-request notifications.
QuoteWerks CPQ has Purchasing Solutions

Purchasing Sourcing

When selecting items for purchasing, you can obtain current pricing and availability and change vendor sourcing with the Product Content Subscription right before placing your order, ensuring that you order from the lower price vendor that has stock.
Google Contacts and QuoteWerks CPQ for Contact Management (CRM)

Google Contacts

Use your Google Contacts as a CRM source in QuoteWerks.
Electronic Purchase orders with QuoteWerks CPQ

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders can be created in QuoteWerks that are electronic orders or manually created.
View Active Quotes in QuoteWerks CPQ

Active Quotes Panel

When creating a new quote and selecting the contact you are creating the quote for, any active quotes for that contact will automatically be displayed in the Active Quotes Panel. This ensures that a colleague hasn't already created a quote for the prospect.
QuoteWerks CPQ and Tech Data

Real-time Tech Data SAP Quote Retrieval

As a result of the collaboration between QuoteWerks and Tech Data, QuoteWerks retrieves quotes created by Tech Data sales reps directly from Tech Data's internal SAP system.
QuoteWerks CPQ and ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Solutions

Place Electronic Orders with QuoteWerks and have the Purchase Orders flow seamlessly to ConnectWise. Use your CRM for Quoting and ConnectWise for Orders. Initiate a new quote from a ConnectWise (Mobile) Opportunity.
November 14, 2012

QuoteWerks Version 4.8

See the complete list of features...

QuoteWerks CPQ and QuoteValet Shopping Carts

QuoteValet Shopping Cart

Create online order forms with the QuoteValet Shopping Cart. Use them to automate customer re-orders or receive paid orders from a promotional email blast.
QuoteWerks CPQ Procurement

Procurement Tracking

Our complete Distributor Integration retrieves your pricing & availability, places electronic orders and tracks your shipments, serial numbers, & receiving.
QuoteWerks CPQ Cloud Database - Microsoft Azure

Azure Cloud Hosted Product Database

Our new Microsoft Azure integration enables you to host your QuoteWerks Product Databases in the cloud.
QuoteWerks CPQ Part Locator


It can be tough keeping up with all the new parts on the distributor websites. Now, QuoteWerks provides you with ALL the parts from D&H, Tech Data, Ingram Micro, & SYNNEX with the Product Content Subscription.
QuoteWerks CPQ Negotiated Pricing

Negotiated Pricing

You have the flexibility to override the standard real-time price with your special negotiated price when submitting an online order.
QuoteWerks CPQ Shipping

FedEx & UPS Integration

Our shipping integration with FedEx and UPS enables you to obtain real-time shipping quotes from your carriers, & serial numbers.
QuoteWerks CPQ Audit Trail

Document Audit Trail

Audit Trail Tracking provides the history of key event changes to the document, who changed it and when.
QuoteWerks CPQ Haas Quoting - Hardware as a Service

Recurring Groups

Grouped Bundles on the quote can be converted to a single recurring monthly revenue amount. All of the individual items in the bundle are totaled and then you can set an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and a Term like 24 months at a 20% APR. This feature can be used for Hardware as a Service (HaaS) quoting.
QuoteWerks CPQ Rounding Quoted Prices

Price Rounding

Present rounded prices to your customers. Easily round your prices when calculating from cost or list.
QuoteWerks CPQ Tech Data

Import Tech Data Sales Rep Quotes

Import the Price Quotation spreadsheet your Tech Data sales rep emails you in a single click. Another QuoteWerks Original.
November 17, 2011

QuoteWerks Version 4.7

See the complete list of features...

Collect Credit Card Payments from Customers

QuoteValet 1.3 now includes Credit Card processing. Collect deposits, progress payments, balances, and payments flow seamlessly into QuickBooks. QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks. QuoteValet is a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects. QuoteValet is an additional Subscription.

QuoteValet Mobile

The QuoteValet add-on subscription for QuoteWerks gives you the flexibility to create quotes on the go. QuoteValet Mobile enables you easily create quotes on your iPad or any HTML5 compatible tablet or browser. Imagine being able to create quotes in minutes and email it to your customer while still in your customer's office.

Use your Payment Gateway

QuoteValet 1.3 payment processing is available for over 80 gateways including QuickBooks Merchant Services, Authorize.net, PayPal, and more.

Up sell with Ease

Etilize 2.0 now presents spec sheets and accessories, enabling you to up sell your customers, generating more revenue.

Etilize UK

Etilize 2.0 adds support for UK QuoteWerks users in IT and AV industries!

No More Wasting Time Looking Up Sales Tax Rates

Tax Rate Lookup service is now included free in the Real-Time Module. Retrieve sales tax rates for your customer's zip code & city.

Enhanced QuickBooks Integration

The QuickBooks integration now creates Purchase Orders, Payments from QuoteValet 1.3 flow seamlessly into QuickBooks, and QuickBooks Custom fields (estimates/invoices/sales orders/POs, items, etc) are now supported.

Mass Email

Send the same email out to multiple recipients without the recipients being able to see each other's email addresses or names.

Associate Pictures with items "on-the-fly"

You can now manually associate a picture with a line item on the Documents Items Tab of the QuoteWerks workbook. Previously, this would only happen through Etilize or through associating a picture in advance in the product database.

Automatically attaches PDFs in your CRM/PSA

QuoteWerks now attaches a PDF of your quote/proposal automatically to your CRM. This new feature is supported in all of our native CRM/PSA integrations, which include: ACT!, Autotask, ConnectWise, GoldMine, Outlook, Outlook BCM, MS CRM, Maximizer 10+, salesforce.com, SalesLogix, and SugarCRM.

New Inbox Tab on QuoteValet Dashboard

The new Inbox tab on the QuoteValet Dashboard is designed to help you stay on the top of all your pending quotes by providing one place to see all new notifications. The inbox tab will display only new notifications, giving you the flexibility to see all important notifications in one place.

Enhanced QuoteValet Reporting

The QuoteValet reporting functionally has been enhanced and can be found on the new Reporting Tab on the QuoteValet dashboard. The QuoteValet Reporting allows you to filter your pending quotes to easily see new opportunities and keep track of details. The QuoteValet document activity history is now color coded to easily distinguish between customer and sales rep activities.