QuoteWerks 2022 Trends in IT Procurement Report

The Report provides Insight into Obstacles and Opportunities for Channel Companies

QuoteWerks published its 2022 Trends in IT Procurement report this week, explaining the benefits and challenges falling on the shoulders of MSPs, ITSPs and other professional services companies in the channel. The study provides a snapshot of the current buying activities in the technology community, the benefits of automated solutions, and concerns with product sourcing and logistics.

As product availability has dwindled and prices have spiked, ITSP's dependence on supplier relationships to procure equipment for their customers has increased. Almost 50% of respondents listed supply chain or sourcing delays as their biggest hurdle in the quote and proposal creation process. Other notable pain points were product availability (19%), obtaining prices from vendors and distributors (9%) and creating configurations or determining what to quote (10%).

QuoteWerks 2022 Trends in IT Procurement Report

QuoteWerks Vice President Brian Laufer says the answer to industry setbacks and challenges is converting to modern business technology that supports automation. "We are a strong proponent of IT procurement and automation. Combined, it becomes easier than ever to source products and solutions from a supplier community that is more diverse — despite the challenges introduced by COVID-19 and ongoing supply chain shortages and disruptions."

Half of the survey respondents currently work with at least four distributors. Almost 20% of MSPs, VARs and other IT providers have at least six suppliers to source from. Additionally, 39% of ITSPs use three suppliers. The numbers indicate that procurement opportunities have boomed for today's ITSPs with the rise of online marketplaces and vendor-direct websites that aid in the management of logistics and purchases. Digital transformation, changing customer requirements, supply chain challenges, Pricing, product availability and delivery problems also contribute to ITSPs' procurement expansion.

"This report gives channel company leaders perspective, allowing them to keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Knowing the status of the arena in which we are operating is the foundational first step towards corrective action. Many IT service providers are overwhelmed with obstacles to fluid business operation, but there are certainly opportunities and solutions available. This is one of the many reasons we developed VendorRFQ.," said John Lewe, President, Founder, and Lead Developer of QuoteWerks.

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