Get Paid with QuoteWerks

Up to eight different payment options!

QuoteWerks supports up to eight different payment options for your quotes. These can include credit card, ACH (eCheck), check, wire transfer, Lease, PayPal, and two custom options.

The payment options enable users to easily customize the text of the options, add a surcharge or discount on the option, set defaults, collect partial payments, and much more!

The payment options provide the flexibility to collect payments easier and faster. Users can specify which payment options to offer to clients and when to offer discounts, surcharges, or multiple payment options.

Get Paid with QuoteWerks

Accept Payments - On Your Terms

QuoteWerks' payment options provide the flexibility and customization your clients need to make it simple to collect payments.

Check out the Payment Options video to see how you can start using this feature today!

Watch Payment Options in action!

Credit Cards

Over 80 Supported Gateways

QuoteValet includes support for over 80 different gateways to ensure you can continue using your current gateway or change to one with a better rate!


Save on the fees you are charged

In addition to Credit Card Gateways, QuoteValet supports over 50 ACH / eCheck payment Gateways.

BNG and ConnectBooster

Automate Getting Your Business Paid

QuoteWerks has partnered with BNG and ConnectBooster to streamline your company's process of receiving payment via QuoteValet. In addition to the supported Gateways, QuoteValet has a more integrated solution with both BNG and ConnectBooster.

Leasing and GreatAmerica

Leasing Integrations or Custom Rate Cards

Built-in lease payment calculation support, including a leasing integration with GreatAmerica Financial Services and Ingram Micro Flexible Payment Solutions. If you do not work with those leasing companies, you can create your own custom lease rate cards to use in QuoteWerks.

Surcharges and Discounts


Surcharges are a great way to recoup the cost of credit card fees on transactions.


Discounts can be used to increase the likelihood a customer selects a particular payment.

Partial Payments

Control What You Get Paid

With QuoteWerks and QuoteValet, you can collect the full amount of an order, down payments/deposits, progress payments, partial payments, and more.

And that's not all...

In addition to these major features, you can also:

  • Set default payment options
  • Change Payment Options at Anytime
  • Customize Payment Option Text
  • Automatically have payment option disabled at certain dollar amount
  • Change payment option order
  • and more!

Get Started

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