How MSPs Can Prepare a Sales Pitch to Close More Deals

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are growing in large part due to them selling profitable managed services. While there is plenty of room for growth, how you prepare your sales pitches can make a difference in the number of deals you close. However, before you create an awe-inspiring sales pitch, there are some things you need to know.

How MSPs Can Prepare a Sales Pitch to Close More Deals

Before you create a sales pitch

Before you sell a managed service, you first need to build a relationship with the customer. Making this type of relationship can lead to long-term sales. Here are some tips you need to follow before you create a sales pitch:

Find the decision-maker

You can spend a lot of time talking to an end-user, but if they're not the decision-maker (i.e., the person that writes the checks), it could end up being a big waste of time.

Ask the right questions

Asking open-ended questions can provide insights into the problems that your customer is having. They can also help start a conversation about the real issues your customer is having.

Some questions you might want to ask are:

  • How have technology outages impacted the bottom line of your company?
  • What are some technology concerns that cause you to lie awake at night?
  • What cybersecurity problems do you have currently?
  • How much did you spend repairing network and IT equipment last year?

Sell the benefits of your service, not the features

Remember to sell the benefits of your service and not the features. You want to use the benefits of your services because they will keep the customers' attention better than simply telling them the specifications. Addressing the problems they are currently having and telling them how your solution will solve those problems can make a huge difference.

Focus on the solution, not the deliverables

Along those same lines, remember to focus on the problems that you're solving for the customer and not the deliverables. It would be best if you remembered that selling is not about you, it's about your customer's needs. If you don't take the time to connect the benefits with their specific pain points, you're forcing the customer to do this work, which will frequently cause you to lose the deal.

Price appropriately

You may have spent a lot of time building trust with your customer. However, if you overprice your services, you can quickly lose that trust. On the other hand, if you undercharge the customer, you could end up with nightmare customers who perceive the services that you offer as lower quality. Instead, it would be best if you strived to provide exemplary service at the right price.

Tips for creating a winning sales pitch

Keep it brief

Let's face it, the longer you make your proposal, the less likely a customer is to read the entire thing. We all know that attention spans are decreasing, so keeping your proposal short will increase the likelihood of it being read. To do this, you want to make every word count. When you edit your proposal, you want to cut out any sections or phrases that aren't needed.

Customize your templates

Remember that everyone wants to feel like they're heard and valued. You want to customize each template, so the prospects feel like you understand their problem.

Faster quotes with templates

Speed can often be a determining factor in the sales process. The time a prospect waits for a quote can allow them to look at other potential vendors. While looking at several vendors, they may choose to go with the first company that provides them a quote. This is where templates can help you speed up the quoting process.

Show you understand them

This is an excellent opportunity to show that you understand the problem they're facing better than anyone else. Then you explain how you can solve the problem better than your competitors.

Price high to low

When you create your proposal, price the items from highest to lowest. When you start with the most expensive item and then work your way down, you avoid escalating what was probably an initial adverse reaction to the price. If you start with the lowest price and work your way up, the prospect will get more defensive as they progress through the proposal.

Make sure the quotes are accurate and timely

As an MSP, you will frequently face challenges with pricing and availability. This was particularly true during the beginning of the pandemic and still continues today. This is why ensuring the quote is accurate and timely and reflecting current availability and pricing from vendors is essential.

Close more deals

Following each of these steps can help you prepare a sales pitch that will close more deals. It's important to remember to focus on the customer's needs and how your solution benefits them.

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