How to Identify the Best Proposal Software

Creating a proposal that is on brand and has the appropriate level of detail can be challenging. Imagine creating one using traditional tools like Word or Excel. As a part of the process, you have a variety of tasks, such as making sure you use the latest pricing and services. Once you send the proposal using traditional documents, you wait impatiently to find out if the proposal was viewed and whether or not it was accepted.

A better option? Use proposal management software.

How to Identify the Best Proposal Software - QuoteWerks

Proposal Management Software

Proposal management software helps with the whole proposal process, including creation, organization, presenting, and approval. Creating a proposal can be a time-consuming process. Not every sales team has an endless workforce that is able to constantly create proposals. For this reason, the process should be as efficient as possible.

Proposal management software offers the following benefits:

  • Quicker proposals out the door: Prebuilt templates help you to create proposals faster, allowing you to take advantage of more opportunities.
  • Streamlined proposal process: Creating a proposal using Word or Excel can be a complex and challenging process. You can save time by streamlining your proposal process in one system that allows you to can create, approve, and then distribute your proposals.
  • Centralized proposals: Having all your proposals stored in one place gives you and your team easier access and the ability to find any proposal with a simple search.

Software Selection

When selecting software, there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Identify the problem: Determine your needs and verify they are aligned with the goals of your business. What problem are you trying to solve with your new software?
  2. Get people involved: New proposal software will affect various members of your workforce. While they don’t have to be a part of every conversation, these team members need to know their opinion is important and is considered in the process.
  3. Consider the long-term ramifications of the purchase: You need to consider the growth of your company when you select software. This is especially true for software that can impact the number of deals you can win. The software you choose will need to be able to adapt as your company grows.
  4. Know your requirements: Before you start to contact software vendors, it’s essential to understand your requirements. However, be careful not to over-engineer the list. If your list becomes too long, you might remove viable solutions simply because they do not match your long list of requirements.

Identifying the Best Proposal Software

Identifying the best proposal software for your business can be an overwhelming process. Here is a list of nine suggestions you may want to include in your requirements.

1. Integrate with existing software

Will the software integrate with existing systems? For example, you may need a proposal system that can integrate with your CRM and accounting systems.

2. Branded templates

Using prebuilt templates can help you fill out forms faster and make sure the proposal stays on brand. Most proposal software will have this feature. Does it include additional documents such as contracts, terms and conditions, and statement of work?

3. Easy to learn and use

Is the software easy to learn and then use? Do they offer technical support you can rely on? Are there tutorials, training, and user support in case you need them?

4. User interface

Does the software have a clean and easy-to-use user interface? Can you look at the screen and understand how to do the basic functions of the software?

5. Standardize pricing

Produce bundles, item lists, and templates that will allow you to standardize product and service offerings using standardized pricing.

6. Workflows

Use workflows to simplify your proposal creation and make sure nothing falls through the cracks

7. Receive electronic signatures

Send an electronic version of your proposal. This will provide your client with a way to sign, accept, and make payments electronically.

8. Centralized storage for your proposals

Store all of your proposals in one location. Quickly search all of them to find the proposal you need using sales rep, company, date, etc. One example of this type of centralized storage can be found in QuoteWerks award-winning proposal software.

9. Notifications in real-time

Know when your clients touch your proposal – when they view, comment, accept, or make payments.

Select the Best Proposal Software for Your Business

Identifying and then selecting the best proposal software for your business can provide a variety of benefits. It will reduce errors, improve the approval process, and make sure the right people see every proposal to ensure they are accurate and consistent.

Request a demo of the QuoteWerks proposal management software today.

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