Support Testimonials

QuoteWerks Technical Support is second to none. See what some of our customers have to say:

"I wanted you to know that out of all products I have that run my business and all companies I do business with, I have never experienced more professional customer service on every level--all the time--each and every time I call QuoteWerks my issues are resolved. In addition, getting an expert on the phone within minutes is impressive. Typically, you work with 1st level CS people, then they escalate an issue and time is wasted and lost with nearly every company I have ever dealt with. With QuoteWerks, time is money and it is obvious that you get that as issues are resolved quickly and accurately!!!

One a scale from 1 to 10 - QuoteWerks is a 14. I would recommend this product to anyone!!!!!"
- Jon McMahan - KTR Associates, LLC

"Your technical support rocks! You just saved me a whole weekend which I can now spend with my family - it is a bank holiday here."
- Robin Koffler - Redbows Ltd

"Just wanted to drop you a line with a report about your support team. I am a industry veteran that has been in frontline support for 15 years and now I work as a Sales Executive. I have enjoyed using QuoteWerks for the past 6 years and do my best to have it used where ever I work, usually in non supported configurations. (ie MAC CPU via Parallels). I am writing to you today to let you know that your support team is one of the best I have interacted with. Even with me being in a un supported environment your team is always willing to help me get through my issues. I would particularly like to call Michael Williams out for going above and beyond to help me in my times of need. Coming from support I recognize that most people are quick to condemn, and not very quick to say thank you. Please pass a BIG THANK YOU on to your support team from myself and the rest of the team at Media Distributors. We appreciate having a software vendor like you supporting us."
- Doug Cavaliere - Media Distributors

"Too often you hear from customers with a variety of complaints; this by no means is one of those e-mails. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for one of your employees for his technical assistance.

Yesterday I was assisted by Michael who guided me through a connectivity issue my company was experiencing that was creating a bottleneck with our productivity. This issue was resolved in less than fifteen minutes thanks to his expertise. The manner in which it was handled was a good example of outstanding customer service and it was a delight to experience. Keep up the good work!"
- Veronica Martinez, Sales Development Specialist - Philips Lumileds Lighting

"Let your CIO know that I agree with your statement that your support is second to none. I have not needed support very often but, when I do the response time is very quick. My issue is treated with urgency and a solution is found in very little time. Thanks again."
- Adam Twite, Network Administrator - Loffler Companies, Inc.

"Justin, YOU are the best! Cindi is back up and running... We can't thank you and Michael enough for all your help these last couple of days. It has been a pleasure working with you. "
- Crystal Orphanopoulos & Cindi Bontempo - Aspectrics, Inc.

"We very much enjoy the ease of working QuoteWerks and your product support staff is the BEST!"
- Erika Leipold  - PromotionsXpress, Inc.

"Thanks Rob. That was a huge help and exactly what i was looking for. I appreciate the help; you probably saved me 5 hours of frustration right there." See Posting on Forum
- Ryan Padova - Padova Technologies, Inc.

"I'm extremely impressed, both with your product as well as with you and your colleagues! You have an outstanding product and an equally outstanding support staff! Thanks for all the help!"
- Joel Pollet, Sales Account Manager - Prism Engineering

"Thank you, Michael. I appreciate your prompt and knowledgeable reply! QuoteWerks support has always been great to work with."
- Stan Stramel - Computech Business Solutions, Inc.

"Michael, everything worked like a charm! Thank you and your support team for all of the help. It has been one of the best experiences I've ever had with a tech support department in terms of knowledge, willingness to help and ease of getting to a tech in the first place."
- Cory Forseth, Systems Analyst - Netux Sollutions, LLC

"I REALLY appreciate your help and the client is happy that it was a quick time to resolution."
- Karen Rankin  - Actability

"I have called several times now for support on setting up our QuoteWerks program with ACT. The last two times I have called I talked with Mike Krzenski and both times he has been outstanding. He has answered my questions thoroughly, quickly and politely even when the question was simple or seemed stupid.

In this day and age it is hard to find a real person to talk to in support and if you do they typically do not speak very good English. I appreciate the fantastic support and the ability to talk with a professional English speaking technician.

Keep up the good work. "
- Cary Bergeron, IT Manager - Fiberlok / High Voltage Graphics

"WOW! That’s awesome and very sweet of you. It may have only been 20 minutes for you – but probably a whole day for me to try and figure it out. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve been AMAZING at problem solving for us.

Now if I could get our database consultant to be as efficient!"
- Natalie Grant - Friend and Johnson

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we appreciate all the work and effort of two of your employees. They have worked extremely hard to help us through some QuoteWerks issues and have always maintained a helpful and professional attitude. These are the kinds of people that make working with QuoteWerks worthwhile!"
- Carlos Lovato, Sales Manager - Media Specialists/VSA

"Rob, you're a life saver. Thanks very much  ...
Very impressed with the fast response... "
- Rod Corkum, Accountant - Backman Vidcom

"Thank you again for your help. I don't know if you remember, but you helped me tremendously with my evaluation of Quotewerks and quite frankly it was your exceptional customer service that was the one biggest deciding factors in choosing Quotewerks...while I was also evaluating several other quote software... I see now that your exceptional customer service continues after the sale as well. Something you don't see too often!"
- Bill Isett, Janes Power Systems