Over Half of IT Services Companies Expanded Supplier Ecosystems in Past Three Years

New Report Underscores Growing Challenges in IT Procurement and Increasing Value of Sales Automation Tools

Aspire Technologies, Inc., the pioneering developer of QuoteWerks - sales quoting and proposal software, released its 2023 Trends in IT Procurement Report this week. This year's study included responses from nearly 400 IT services professionals on current and past technology purchasing activities, the use of sales and automation tools, and experiences with pricing, availability, and logistics.

A few notable industry statistics from the report include:

  • 56% of IT companies have increased their number of active suppliers since January 2020 (pre-pandemic)
  • 42% of survey respondents procured between $25,000 and $100,000 in hardware and supplies over the past 12 months, with 49% securing more than $100,000 in that period
  • 39% identified the ability to determine product availability as the largest challenge, while supply chain concerns affected 19% of providers (a nearly 30% drop for 2022)

2023 QuoteWerks Trends in IT Procurement Report

The 2023 survey results suggest that, despite the easing of disruption in the last few years, IT providers are still encountering a number of challenges in acquiring goods and services for their clients.

"The procurement ecosystem for technology professionals continues expanding to address the mounting demands of business clients and the growing complexity of the solutions they sell, implement and support," said QuoteWerks Vice President Brian Laufer. "Providers are increasingly adopting sales automation and quoting tools to overcome those challenges and reduce the timelines for closing new deals."

QuoteWerks conducts this annual survey to improve and validate its development roadmap. The growing changes and challenges in the procurement space led to the development of VendorRFQ by the QuoteWerks team which centralizes vendor communication. Additionally, feedback from the greater IT services community helps their team identify new or shifting trends. This year's results illustrate the dynamic nature of product and services procurement and the rising value of automation.

"The high adoption rate of new technologies in the sales process underscores the importance of innovation today," said John Lewe, President of Aspire Technologies, QuoteWerks' parent company. "IT services companies that integrate quoting tools with sales, procurement, and business management platforms are realizing how beneficial automation can be to their bottom lines, employees, and customers."

Download a free copy of the 2023 QuoteWerks IT Procurement Report here.


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Brian Laufer
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