Aspire Technologies, Inc. Releases QuoteWerks Version 24

QuoteWerks soars in 2023, solidifying its position as the leader in the quoting and proposal space

Aspire Technologies, Inc. and the thriving QuoteWerks community achieved unparalleled heights in 2023, cementing their position as the go-to solution for crafting winning quotes and proposals. This year was marked by a relentless focus on customer-driven innovation, resulting in a landmark release packed with features and enhancements that empower businesses to close more deals in less time.

  • QuoteWerks Version 24 Build 1 Release Webinar
    QuoteWerks Version 24 Release Webinar
    In this webinar, QuoteWerks Vice President Brian Laufer introduced Version 24, which includes over 25 new features including Sales Tax, Address Verification, and more.
  • Address Verification
    Address Verification
    Do you manually type Addresses into QuoteWerks? Are the Addresses in your CRM always accurate? Have you ever forgotten to include a Suite number? With the Address Verification feature, these issues are in the past.
  • Auto Address Fix and Sales Tax
    Auto Address Fix and Sales Tax
    Your addresses can automatically be fixed, and the sales tax rate can automatically be retrieved when the contact is retrieved from your CRM using the QuoteWerks Realtime module. You no longer need to remember to re-select and search for the correct Sales Tax Rate.
  • Zip+4 Based Sales Tax Rates
    Zip+4 Based Sales Tax Rates
    Do all of your addresses in your CRM have the Zip code +4 digits (also known as the 9-digit zip code)? In most cases, they do not. This is required to retrieve the most accurate Sales Tax information for the address you are quoting. QuoteWerks can now do this for you.
  • Whole Document Spellcheck
    Whole Document Spellcheck
    QuoteWerks now supports whole document spell check – not just specific fields.
  • Deposit Amount Features
    Deposit Amount Features
    Does your Deposit Amount need to include not only a proportion of the line items but also the sales tax and shipping amount? These can now be included in the QuoteWerks Deposit Amount calculations.
  • Etilize Recent Searches
    Etilize Recent Searches
    Have you ever added items to your quote from Etilize searches but couldn't remember the search terms you used? Your most recent searches will now be available to you.
  • QuoteWerks Web Microsoft Azure SSO
    QuoteWerks Web Microsoft Azure SSO
    Do you use QuoteWerks Web and also have a Microsoft Azure Domain? You can now log into QuoteWerks Web using Single Sign On (SSO) with Microsoft Azure.

Customer-Centric Innovation Takes Center Stage

The QuoteWerks Team was on a mission to listen, learn, and deliver, diligently gathering feedback from customers through forums, events, and everyday interactions. This dedication to understanding their users' needs fueled an ambitious development schedule, culminating in the release of Version 24, brimming with over 130 new features and enhancements in 2023.

QuoteWerks Version 24: A Powerhouse of CPQ Productivity-Boosting Features

  • Streamlined Accuracy: Eliminate errors and ensure address validity with built-in US Address Verification.
  • Effortless Tax Calculations: Simplify tax compliance with Zip+4-based sales tax rates and real-time retrieval.
  • Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry: Auto Address Fix streamlines workflows, while Automatic Realtime Sales Tax Retrieval removes the guesswork.
  • Polish Your Proposals to Perfection: Maintain impeccable professionalism with comprehensive Whole Document Spellcheck.
  • Enhanced Security and Convenience: Streamline access and boost security for web users with QuoteWerks Web Azure SSO.
  • Boost Your Efficiency: Save time and find what you need instantly with Etilize Recent Searches.
  • Greater Control Over Deposits: Unlock greater flexibility and options with expanded Deposit Amount Features.
QuoteWerks Version 24: A Powerhouse of CPQ Productivity-Boosting Features

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

As with every release, Aspire Technologies, Inc. remains committed to continuous improvement. They actively engage with the QuoteWerks community through forums, events, and direct communication. This ongoing dialogue serves as the lifeblood of their development roadmap, ensuring QuoteWerks remains the most powerful and user-friendly quoting and proposal solution on the market.

"This year's success is a testament to the incredible partnership we share with our customers and partners," declared Brian Laufer, Vice President at Aspire Technologies, Inc. "Their invaluable feedback drives our innovation, and we remain dedicated to listening, learning, and exceeding expectations in the years to come. QuoteWerks will continue evolving as the ultimate weapon in any sales team's arsenal."

Ready to close more sales?

Experience the power and potential of QuoteWerks Version 24 firsthand. Visit the QuoteWerks website to learn more about the new features and enhancements, or start your free trial today and see how QuoteWerks can take your sales game to new heights.


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