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Version 24 (Build 1.04) 
December 12, 2023

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Setting Up Microsoft Single Sign On for QuoteWerks Web

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Sign in to using an Admin account.

Select Azure Active Directory/Microsoft Entra ID

Select App registrations



Click +New registration.

The Register an application page opens.


Enter a Name that makes it clear what the app will be used for (such as "QuoteWerksWeb SSO").


Under Supported account types, click the Accounts in this organizational directory only (your local organization name) radio button.


Under Redirect URI (optional) set the scope to Single-page application and the address to

Click Register. A dialog will pop up to let you know that you successfully created the app, and the page for the new app will open.


Right below the Display name, you will see the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID. Copy these strings into a notepad for pasting them into the QuoteWerks Web SSO Configuration page


In QuoteWerks Web, navigate to Options --> Security -->Single Sign On.   Check the box to Enable Single Sign On, and then paste your Tenant ID and Client ID from the previous step into the appropriate fields.


To allow users to use SSO, you will need to add their Object ID from Microsoft to their Login.  If you do not add the information to the user’s setting, they can still log in using a QuoteWerks Username & Password.


First, navigate to Azure Active Directory > Manage > Users or Microsoft Entra admin center > Identity > Users

Click the name of the user you wish to map. The profile page will open.

Copy the Object ID


Switch to QuoteWerks Web and navigate to Setup --> Users --> Select the user you wish to enable SSO for and click Edit or double-click the Username


In the Single Sign On area, paste the user’s Object ID copied from Azure\Entra

Click OK.  


This user will now be able to use Single Sign On in QuoteWerks Web.  


Repeat the last three steps for all users you wish to enable Microsoft SSO with QuoteWerks Web for.