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Version 5.2 Build 3.19 Summary
13 New, 17 Fixes, and 10 Miscellaneous features Released on 02/14/2017
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New Features - Build 3
 1. MS CRM version 8.2 now supported!

 2. For MS CRM users, only the first 150 users were displayed in user selection windows. Now the first 250 will be displayed.

 3. For MS CRM users, added field contact->parentcustomerid to the list of available DataLink fields.

 4. For MS CRM users, added an "Update MS CRM Opportunity name with Document name" option under MS CRM Setup.

 5. For MS CRM users, the list of opportunity status codes is now retrieved from MS CRM dynamically, rather than from a hard coded list of "WON", "CANCELED", "OUT-SOLD".

 6. GoldMine 2017.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 3.13]

 7. For Dell Premier customers, a region/country dropdown was added in the Dell Punchout Setup. In addition to USA, the following countries were added: Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, and New Zealand. Dell Punchout Ordering functionality is enabled for these countries. [Service Release: 3.13]

 8. For Product Content Subscribers in the UK, Etilize Upsell items are now available on the Etilize Panel. These products will be better products with more features and usually sold for a higher price. With this, you can easily provide Good, Better, Best options on your quotes increasing the chance that customers will choose the higher priced items, increasing your sales. [Service Release: 3.13]

 9. For Product Content Subscribers in the UK, Etilize Similar items are now available on the Etilize Panel. This is particularly useful when the item you searched for is not in stock, you can use this to find a similar product that is in stock. This also provides you with an easy way to see a list of products to Cross-Sell. [Service Release: 3.13]

 10. Added new option on the Misc.General tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu of "On Print window, when saving PDF and default file name exists, automatically suggest unique name". It is useful to turn this off if when saving a PDF you just want a single current PDF of the current quote and not different versions. [Service Release: 3.13]

 11. On the Leasing tab of tools->Options menu, added new default option "Include monthly recurring Amount in Lease Amount". [Service Release: 3.13]

 12. On the Login tab of the User Properties window, there is now a Notes field. Administrators can save notes about each user in this field. [Service Release: 3.19]

 13. On the Product Lookup window, "InternalPartNumber" was added to the Sort by dropdown. [Service Release: 3.19]

Misc Features - Build 3
 1. MS CRM version 3.0 is no longer supported.

 2. For MS CRM users, on the Create Opportunity window, the list of existing Opportunities is now sorted alphabetically.

 3. For Product Content Subscribers in the UK, items that were not found in Etilize, but found in the PartLocator, for Tech Data UK (Computer2000) would be returned with a vendor name of "Computer2000". The vendor name will now be returned as "Tech Data" since that is their new name. [Service Release: 3.13]

 4. The Ingram Micro online ordering window was resized to fit on a 768 vertical height monitor. [Service Release: 3.13]

 5. For MS CRM users, when entering an organization name, it must match the host part of the server url that is supplied. You are now alerted to this. [Service Release: 3.13]

 6. References to QuoteValet Web were changed to QuoteValet Insight to reflect branding change. [Service Release: 3.19]

 7. Updating of RunningInstances table timeout increased from 30 to 45 seconds. [Service Release: 3.19]

 8. DeleteAbandonedInstances increased to 18 minutes. [Service Release: 3.19]

 9. Log files like event.lo, err.log, and debug.log times are now expressed in local with time zone offset displayed. [Service Release: 3.19]

 10. Log file entries now start with the datetime information. [Service Release: 3.19]

Fixes - Build 3
 1. For MS CRM users, when QuoteWerks created the MS CRM opportunity, the Account name was not getting set. Microsoft used to do this automatically, now it requires that the integration explicitly sets it.

 2. For MS CRM users, if Creating a new Opportunity was canceled, would receive an error that the Linked document record could not be created.

 3. For MS CRM users, the user setting of ForecastCloseDate={+15} was not being obeyed when creating a new MS CRM opportunity.

 4. for MS CRM users, when downloading documents through the Merge Remote Documents feature, if a DTF file that was downloaded from MS CRM was corrupt, it would display Run-time error '62' and terminate QuoteWerks.

 5. For MS CRM users, when using the Merge Remote Documents there was an error with version 6.0 and higher which caused the datetime of the attachment to not be in the correct format resulting in error messages about an invalid Year.

 6. For salesforce.com users, if Creating a new Opportunity was canceled, would receive an error that the Linked document record could not be created.

 7. When using the Paste Special wizard to paste data copied from Excel into the clipboard and row had an unpaired double quote symbol that also was the last character in a column, the data would be truncated.

 8. For MS CRM users, When MS CRM was setup with multiple organizations, the wrong Organization URL could end up being used. The Organization textbox has been enabled on the MS CRM Contact Setup window. [Service Release: 3.13]

 9. For Product Content Subscribers, on the Accessories Tab of the Etilize Panel, the Accessory would have a blank description when Etilize did not have a short description for the Item. [Service Release: 3.13]

 10. When choosing the Utilities-> Update Product Database Local Currency Pricing menu would receive Run-time error '5' invalid procedure call or argument. [Service Release: 3.13]

 11. For QuickBooks users, when exporting and when using a custom item name mapping and the item type was empty would receive "Error in SystemSetting_GetEx() You must specify SectionName, AND KeyName values!" [Service Release: 3.13]

 12. For Ingram Micro Australia would receive "getIngramMicroRealtimePricing error 10" message when retrieving real-time pricing and availability for an item that had no physical availability, like Office 365. [Service Release: 3.13]

 13. When printing, when certain printers were selected Would receive error "The selected paper tray 'unknown' was not found in the printer!" [Service Release: 3.13]

 14. When importing products and the source file had part numbers with leading or trailing spaces and the option to "Remove leading && trailing spaces from all field data" was set AND the option was selected to "Update existing products and append new products" existing products would not be found on items that had the leading or trailing spaces and would therefore be added (when they should not be), creating duplicates. [Service Release: 3.13]

 15. When selecting the sort by dropdown on the Product Lookup window, if no grid column was sorted, nothing would happen. [Service Release: 3.19]

 16. For Tech Data Users, in the UK that subscribe to the Product Content Subscription, Tech Data part numbers would not always be returned from Etilize or the PartLocator. [Service Release: 3.19]

 17. When adding a new user on the Utilities->User Maintenance window, you could not log into QuoteWerks Web with that user until you restarted QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 3.19]