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QuoteWerks Help
Version 24 (Build 2.04) 
April 17, 2024

Using the Data Manager, you can Import & Export a variety of data sets.




Exchange Rates

Lookup Items

Optional Items

Pricing Profile Names

Pricing Profiles

Price Modifiers


Required Items

Substitute Items



This advanced Export will save the DataSet in a CSV file format with the column headings. This enables you to easily open up this file in excel and make changes. Then you reverse the process and Import this file. No mapping is required.  In addition exporting data, changing it in Excel, and then importing the changes, you can also just export out a formatted CSV file that only has the column headings in it so that you can enter new data to import.

The use of the Data Manager is restricted to users with MasterRights and also the Misc Access Rights of "NonMasterRightsUser_CanExportFromDataManager", and "NonMasterRightsUser_CanImportFromDataManager".

The Data Manager can also be used to quickly do a price increase of Fixed Price items in QuoteWerks Native product sources.


Important:   This is a very advanced feature! Small mistakes can cause major problems in QuoteWerks.


Note:Do not export data from one Build of QuoteWerks, then update QuoteWerks, and then try to import an older DataSet File, as using the Data Manager to update existing items is only meant to be done in the exact same version & build of QuoteWerks.