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Version 5.4 Build 3.15 Summary
22 New, 20 Fixes, and 5 Miscellaneous features Released on 03/12/2019
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New Features - Build 3
 1. Zoho CRM integration! The integration with Zoho CRM includes the ability to search for contacts, create/update Deals, and upload quote attachments to Zoho CRM. DataLink is supported. You can attach files to the Zoho Deal from the PDF Preview window, the Links tab, and the Print window. There is a button on the SoldTo/ShipTo tab to display the contact in Zoho CRM, and also a link on the links tab that you can click to view the Zoho Deal in Zoho CRM. Additionally, emails sent from QuoteWerks are logged in Zoho CRM history. The Professional or Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks is required to integrate with Zoho CRM. [Service Release: 3.05]

 2. ConnectWise 2019.2 is now supported! [Service Release: 3.05]

 3. In ConnectWise Manage 2018.4 and higher, the ManufacturerPartNumber field length for Catalog Items (Products) was increased in ConnectWise from 30 characters to 50 characters. The ManufacturerPartNumber field length in QuoteWerks is 40 characters. when QuoteWerks creates new Catalog Items (Products) in ConnectWise Manage, the Manufacturer Part Number will be populated with the QuoteWerks 40 character ManufacturerPartNumber. Of note, the QuickBooks Item Name field length is 31 characters. [Service Release: 3.05]

 4. SugarCRM 8.3 is now supported! [Service Release: 3.05]

 5. There is a new "Documents Bar" on the main QuoteWerks window. Each open document is represented on this Documents Bar. When you click on the "bar button" it will bring that document to focus. If you have lots of open documents, you will get little arrows on the right to pan through them. You can also use CTRL-TAB to cycle through the list of open documents, and also use the Window->Tile and Window->Cascade menus to interact with the open documents. [Service Release: 3.05]

 6. Document Side-by-Side feature. While holding the CTRL key and clicking on a second document on the Documents Bar, it will position and size the two documents side by side. Holding down CTRL-SHIFT and the clicking will maximize the QuoteWerks window and then position and size the documents. [Service Release: 3.05]

 7. Under the Misc tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu you can now set the AutoSave interval per user. The new default is 4 minutes. [Service Release: 3.05]

 8. For Outlook users, when using the DataLink for more than one DataLink field, the contact record would be searched for repeatedly for each field, now the record is searched for once and all the fields are retrieved from it. [Service Release: 3.05]

 9. Added option "Auto Display All OrderedItems On Purchasing Window" on the Misc tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu. [Service Release: 3.05]

 10. Effective April 1st 2019 Ingram Micro now requires all xml queries to be sent using the TLS 1.2 protocol. .NET Framework 4.5 or higher is now required to use the Ingram Micro integration with QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 3.05]

 11. Added macro &SYS_TodaysDateB which will be formatted like "March 13, 2019". [Service Release: 3.07]

 12. For MS CRM users, bi-directional data linking is now supported for MS CRM Quote Items. Field information can be copied from the QuoteWerks Line Item into the MS CRM Quote Item and then fields can also be copied from the MS CRM Quote Item into the QuoteWerks line item. [Service Release: 3.08]

 13. You can now select multiple bundles to add to the quote at the same time from the Products->Bundles menu. [Service Release: 3.10]

 14. The QuickBooks Desktop Export window now opens in non-modal mode meaning it can remain open allowing you to use the normal QuoteWerks functionality while it is open including opening documents, etc. If a document you are exporting is open, it will prompt you to save it, or if it does not need to be saved, it will just close it automatically and re-open it automatically after the export process. [Service Release: 3.10]

 15. For QuickBooks Desktop users, if the option to "[ ] Convert grouped items to single item" is not set on the Mappings.Items tab of the QuickBooks Setup window, the description of the Group Header line will be inserted as a comment line above the group member lines when exported to QuickBooks. [Service Release: 3.10]

 16. For QuickBooks Desktop users, when exporting to QuickBooks, if the option to "[x] Convert grouped items to single item" was set on the Mappings.Items tab of the QuickBooks Setup window, the descriptions of all the group member line items will be appended to the description of the single Group Header line that is exported to QuickBooks. [Service Release: 3.10]

 17. The Configurator will now prompt for a quantity after all the configuration selections have been made. There is also a user level setting "Prompt for Configurator Quantity" that can be changed on the Misc tab of the under the Tools->My Preferences menu. [Service Release: 3.10]

 18. When a document template is opened the text " - TEMPLATE" will now appear in the Title bar to indicate it is a template. Also the Document Type indicator will display, for example, "QUOTE TEMPLATE". [Service Release: 3.10]

 19. When a QUOTE type document is opened and it is past the expiration date of the quote the Document Type indicator will be red instead of grey. [Service Release: 3.10]

 20. When using the Document Purge Wizard, if a document has been accepted on QuoteValet, it will now be deleted from the database, but will be left on QuoteValet and will not display message boxes about this. If the document was uploaded to QuoteValet, but not accepted, both the document in the database and the document on QuoteValet will be deleted. [Service Release: 3.12]

 21. For Tech Data Online ordering users, added new shipping methods of "FedEx International Economy", and "FedEx International Priority". [Service Release: 3.15]

 22. For Tech Data Online ordering users, you can now select "VENDOR DIRECT" as a warehouse. [Service Release: 3.15]

Misc Features - Build 3
 1. Updated redemption to include support for Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019. [Service Release: 3.05]

 2. All HTTP calls are now using System.NET.HTTP.HTTPClient. [Service Release: 3.05]

 3. For Autotask users, when QuoteWerks creates Account Notes in Autotask for the QuoteWerks Web URL or QuoteValet SalesRep URL, the Account Note Action Type will now always be "Opportunity Update". Depending on the Autotask setup, the Action Type may have been set as "Call" prior to this update. [Service Release: 3.05]

 4. Removed the outdated Utilities->Activity Scheduler menu and window. [Service Release: 3.07]

 5. On Open document window, when clicking on the [Delete] button while holding SHIFT and you have Master Rights, it will allow you to delete the QuoteWerks document, but leave the document on QuoteValet. Useful when restoring the document from a DTF file. [Service Release: 3.07]

Fixes - Build 3
 1. For Maximizer CRM users, the Lookup Column Settings were not being saved. [Service Release: 3.05]

 2. For ShareWerks Users, when clicking the Test button on the User Preferences window, a double error message could appear with the second message being blank. [Service Release: 3.05]

 3. When selecting spec sheet, product picture, sales rep picture, and sales rep signature picture files located under the QuoteWerks installation folder, the installation folder of the path would not be stored to make it possible to synchronize the files out to remote installations that had different installation folder paths. In certain cases, if QuoteWerks was run from a UNC path, but then the user chose the file under the QuoteWerks folder, but used a drive mapping when selecting the file instead of the UNC pathing, the installation folder would be stored resulting in synching problems. Now QuoteWerks checks to see if the selected UNC and drive letter paths are pointing to the same folder. [Service Release: 3.05]

 4. For Sage 50 (Peachtree) users when there is a super large number of Customers in Peachtree (like 13,000) would receive "out of string space" and/or "out of memory" errors. [Service Release: 3.05]

 5. Updated the SYNNEX Sys_SYNNEX.dbt file to increase the ManufacturerPartNumber length from 30 to 40. To apply this change, you will need to remove the SYNNEX product data source and then re-add it. [Service Release: 3.05]

 6. For Product Content Subscribers, when clicking on the Etilize Button on the Purchasing Window, you would receive an Error "object not an array". [Service Release: 3.05]

 7. For ConnectWise Manage Users, when creating a new timeless Activity from QuoteWerks, the ConnectWise Manage API would apply a random time range and reminder. To get around this issue, we now make a second call to clear this. [Service Release: 3.05]

 8. To use the [Discuss in ShareWerks] feature, you can only invite users that have access to view the document and that have an email address specified in QuoteWerks. If a user was part of a group and that group was given document rights to view the document, but not their specific user name, then they would not appear in the list of users that could be invited. [Service Release: 3.05]

 9. For users with Outlook set as the Contact Manager, if the Advanced Outlook Features were disabled, an error would be displayed saying that you must first associate the quote with a contact to attach a file. [Service Release: 3.05]

 10. For Great America realtime leasing and Ingram Micro Lease-It! leasing users, would receive error object not instantiated error when clicking on the [Get Lease Payments] button on the Lease Payment Calculator window. [Service Release: 3.07]

 11. For QuoteWerks Web users when changing the connection settings on the QuoteWerks Web Setup window would receive error about Method not allowed. [Service Release: 3.07]

 12. For MS CRM users, an empty description field in a QuoteWerks line item would cause a runtime error when attempting to create the MS CRM Quote Items. [Service Release: 3.08]

 13. For MS CRM users, when a Document name contained an ampersand character, when re-saving a quote it would change the "&" to "&". [Service Release: 3.08]

 14. When in demo mode, on the License Manager window and entering multiple License Keys, only the last License Key would be retained. The Redemption Code feature was affected the same way. Also when in demo mode if a Primary License Key was entered and not registered at the same time, the next time QuoteWerks was run, that License Key would not be applied to the licensing system. [Service Release: 3.12]

 15. For Etilize users, Etilize changed how they respond when an image is not available for a product resulting in "Error in DownloadEtilizeImage() HTTP Post Error 404" [Service Release: 3.15]

 16. When the Document Side-by-Side feature was used, if you clicked on the quote form to change the selected document, the CTRL-clicked on the previously selected document in the Documents Bar would receive an error that you could not compare the same quote to itself. [Service Release: 3.15]

 17. For QuickBooks users, when exporting, if received message " One of the documents you have selected to order is from a document 'XXXXX' that is currently open. You need to save and close this document before you can proceed.", if you clicked OK, save and close document, go back to QuickBooks Export window that is still open, export button was still disabled. [Service Release: 3.15]

 18. For Zoho users, UK Zoho users were receiving a token refresh error in QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 3.15]

 19. when the Document Side-by-Side feature was used and the vertical scrollbar of the main window was visible it would cutoff the vertical scrollbar of the right-most document. [Service Release: 3.15]

 20. When pressing CTRL-TAB to cycle through the open documents on the Documents Bar, in certain conditions would cycle out of order. [Service Release: 3.15]