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Version 5.5 Build 2.03 Summary
4 New, 7 Fixes, and 1 Miscellaneous features Released on 01/08/2020
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New Features - Build 2
 1. For Zoho CRM users, QuoteWerks now supports follow up calls for a Deal. [Service Release: 2.01]

 2. For QuickBooks Online users, the Purchasing Description field is now available in the QuickBooks Product Data Source in the Product Lookup when using QuickBooks Online as a Product Data Source. [Service Release: 2.01]

 3. For ConnectWise Manage users, while in the ConnectWise Manage Setup, the Data Mapping windows are now resizable. [Service Release: 2.01]

 4. SugarCRM 9.3 is now supported! [Service Release: 2.03]

Misc Features - Build 2
 1. For ConnectWise Manage users, when creating a Recurring Forecast on a ConnectWise Opportunity, if the Recurring Start Date is before the Expected Close Date, QuoteWerks Will now increase the Start Date to the Expected Close Date of the Opporutnity. Also, if the Recurring Revenue is $0.00 for the Recurring Forecast, QuoteWerks will increase the Recurring Revenue to $0.0001 to account for a ConnectWise API issue that does not permit $0.00 recurring forecasts or products. These changes match the same behavior as when adding recurring products to a ConnectWise Opportunity. [Service Release: 2.01]

Fixes - Build 2
 1. For Maximizer CRM users, the DTF file was being removed from the DTF directory after the quote was saved. [Service Release: 2.01]

 2. For Zoho users, the DTF file was being removed from the DTF directory after the quote was saved. [Service Release: 2.01]

 3. For ConnectWise Manage users, the "Include Shipping in ConnectWise Opportunity" option in the ConnectWise Setup would not be saved and would always be "False". [Service Release: 2.01]

 4. For salesforce.com users, attached files saved to an opportunity were having an '.dtf' extension added to the end of the file name. [Service Release: 2.01]

 5. For Act! users, when converting to order, the Opportunity name would not get updated in ACT!. [Service Release: 2.01]

 6. On management reports window, if clicked on [Output to CSV],and then clicked cancel, the window would stop responding. [Service Release: 2.01]

 7. When a new document was created, if a default layout was specified by a user by right clicking on a layout on the Layout.Primary tab of the Print window and choosing 'Set as default' and that default layout was missing, the default fpc of "Quote_Galaxy.fpc" would be used instead without any warning. Now an error message is shown and the document will default to not having a layout. [Service Release: 2.03]