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Version 4.9 Build 02.02 Summary
11 New, 5 Fixes, and 4 Miscellaneous features Released on 12/03/2013
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New Features - Build 2
 1. For ConnectWise users, there is now a ConnectWise Integration Mode of "Primary CRM" and "Not Primary CRM". This lets ConnectWise users use QuoteWerks with a CRM like MS CRM to do all their prospecting and quoting. Then, when the quote becomes an order, at that time, using QuoteWerks, they can create the customer in ConnectWise and have QuoteWerks create the sales opportunity, products, and service tickets, etc in ConnectWise. Since QuoteWerks integrates with all 12 of the leading CRM packages, you could use any of these CRMs with QuoteWerks and then once the quote becomes an order, this functionality would allow you to export to ConnectWise. To use ConnectWise in this mode, you will need to choose ConnectWise on the Contacts->Setup Contact Manager menu, and go into the ConnectWise setup and on the Settings tab, choose the "Not Primary CRM" mode. While in the ConnectWise setup screen, make all the setup changes and click on [Ok]. After doing this, back on the Contacts->Setup Contact Manager window you will need to re-select the CRM that you want to use as the Primary CRM and click on [OK]. Once this setup is complete, a Tools->Export To ConnectWise menu will appear and that menu is used to perform the export.

 2. For ConnectWise users, added support for the ConnectWise [Quote] button on the ConnectWise Sales Opportunity. When clicking on this button, it will create a new quote based on the ConnectWise Sales Opportunity if there is no quote for this opportunity, and if there is already a quote for the ConnectWise Opportunity it will simply open the existing Quote in QuoteWerks. To setup in ConnectWise, on the left menu bar, Choose "Setup", then "Setup Tables". For the Category, choose "Opportunities", then for the "Table" choose "Quote Link". On this screen you can create a Quote Link that is different for each Business unit. Use the following URL string in the Quote Link: quotewerks://quotebutton?Source=ConnectWise&SoldToCMOpportunityRecID={opportunityid}. Also set the option to "Open in new window", and do not click on the [Test] button.

 3. For ConnectWise users, you can now map QuoteWerks fields other than the ManufacturerPartNumber to the ConnectWise Product's ProductID field. The InternalPartNumber, ItemType, and CustomText01-20 are now supported. This mapping is done in the ConnectWise setup, choose the Opportunities tab, then choose the Products sub tab.

 4. On the Purchasing window, in the Purchase Order line item detail, on the Purchase Orders and Ordered Items tabs, there is now an "Add" hyperlink in the Serial Number section that enables you to manually add serial numbers. Also, a "Copy" hyperlink was added in the Serial Number section to copy all the serial numbers to the clipboard.

 5. For Tech Data users, you can import Orders into the QuoteWerks purchasing window that have been placed directly through the Tech Data website or the TD Mobility apps. Once imported, QuoteWerks will track the order status, the tracking numbers, the serial numbers and more enabling you to be able to have access to all your purchases from a single screen. You will know what has shipped, what has not shipped from a single screen. The [Import PO from Tech Data website order] toolbar button is located on the Purchase order tab.

 6. For Tech Data users, the Import SAP Quote feature now remembers the last quote number you retrieved so that you can retrieve it again while still on the phone with the Tech Data sales rep without having to re-type it.

 7. For Peachtree users, you can now export Purchase Orders to Peachtree from the Purchasing window. You can create the Purchase Order in Peachtree straight from the Purchasing window, or if you place online orders in QuoteWerks with the Tech Data, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, or D&H, after the online order is placed, you will be asked if you want to export the online order to a Peachtree Purchase Order.

 8. Added support for CustomText15, CustomText16, CustomText17, CustomText17, CustomText18, CustomText19, and CustomText20 columns on the Document Items tab of the Quote WorkBook.

 9. When adding file links to the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook, you can now select more than one file to link at the same time.

 10. On the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing window, there is now a right click menu "Delete" which can be used to delete a Purchase Order. Typically the only reason to use this is if the order was cancelled. Users with MasterRights will have access to this menu and also users with the access right "NonMasterRightsUser_CanDeletePurchaseOrders".

 11. The following fields are now available for cover pages, layout design, and word merging: "&DH_&PreparedByAddress", "&DH_&PreparedByAddress1", "&DH_&PreparedByAddress2", "&DH_&PreparedByAddress3", "&DH_&PreparedByCity", "&DH_&PreparedByCountry", "&DH_&PreparedByEMail", "&DH_&PreparedByFax", "&DH_&PreparedByFaxA", "&DH_&PreparedByFaxExt", "&DH_&PreparedByFullAddress", "&DH_&PreparedByFullAddressA", "&DH_&PreparedByInlineAddress", "&DH_&PreparedByFullNameOrUserName", "&DH_&PreparedByFullName", "&DH_&PreparedByPhone", "&DH_&PreparedByPhoneExt", "&DH_&PreparedByPhoneWithExt", "&DH_&PreparedByPhoneWithExtA", "&DH_&PreparedByMobilePhone", "&DH_&PreparedByPostalCode", "&DH_&PreparedByState", "&DH_&PreparedByTitle", "&DH_&PreparedByPicture", "&DH_&PreparedByElectronicSignature".

Misc Features - Build 2
 1. When placing online orders most of the distributors only support a 12 char phone number like "407-248-1481". If phone numbers are formatted like "(407) 248-1481" then the number would get truncated, so now the phone number is stripped of punctuation and reformatted to retain as much of the number as possible.

 2. Google Checkout was "retired" by Google by November 20th, 2013, so it is no longer supported by QuoteValet. Learn more at https://support.google.com/checkout/sell/answer/3080449

 3. For ConnectWise users, when creating a Purchase Order, the integration now checks to see if the default business unit and default location have been specified.

 4. Changed the Print/Deliver icon on the main toolbar.

Fixes - Build 2
 1. When using the Edit->Apply Quantity menu when selecting multiple line items and using the "*4" syntax to multiply the selected quantities by 4, it would not multiply correctly.

 2. For SYNNEX users, when obtaining order status would receive error "SYNNEX Order Status Query Error Code='invoiced'"

 3. The Tech Data SAP quote retrieval was not working in certain cases.

 4. For Autotask users, when the manufacturer part number was blank for an item, the default part number for blank manufacturer part numbers was not being used. [Service Release: 2.02]

 5. For ConnectWise users, if the "Add Shipping as a Product (under the opportunity Products tab)" option was set and a field other than the ManufacturerPartNumber was mapped to the Product ID, the shipping item would not be created. [Service Release: 2.02]