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Version 5.5 Build 4.06 Summary
12 New, 16 Fixes, and 2 Miscellaneous features Released on 04/22/2020
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New Features - Build 4
 1. Support for new Aspire Hosted Database subscription. In the initial offering of our Aspire Database Hosting we partnered with Amazon setting up individual Amazon RDS Instances for each customer. We have now migrated this offering into an internal Azure platform. This enables us to procure the database immediately, lower costs, reduce the pricing, and offer flat rate per user pricing. The new Aspire Hosted Database will be available for immediate use from the moment the subscription is purchased. The Rehost wizard now can automatically connect and rehost to the Aspire Hosted Database, and ip address whitelisting is now automatic and dynamic (no static ip addresses are required). Aspire Hosted Database subscription license count must match QuoteWerks Desktop license count.

 2. The backend.ini now supports the ini entry of SQLEncryptConnection=-1. This can be used to establish an encrypted connection with the SQL server. If the SQL Server itself is set to "Force Encryption" then an encrypted connection will be automatic.

 3. The System tab of the Help->About menu now displays the "SQL Provider" and "SQL Encrypt Connection" settings.

 4. The nsetup.exe has a new option to "Install Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client". This SQL Provider needs to be used to establish TLS 1.2 only SQL Database connections. Also, the installers of sqlClient2012_32bit.msi and sqlClient2012_64bit.msi are now installed in the QuoteWerks folder so they can be run separately at any time. Once this is installed on each machine that is running QuoteWerks, the backend.ini can be modified with these entries: SQLProvider=SQLNCLI11 and SQLEncryptConnection=-1 to fully activate a TLS 1.2 encrypted connection.

 5. On the Product Data Sources window, there is now a right click "Manually Disable/Enable Link" menu. This is useful when there is a temporary issue in connecting to a product source. Normally you can manually disable a link when you edit the product data source, but when the product data source is not available, you are unable to edit the entry preventing you from accessing the "Disable product data source" checkbox. Also the Status column was widened to better display disabled status text.

 6. The Product Price History window now displays Average Cost and Average Price of the item.

 7. For SugarCRM users, SugarCRM 10.0 is now supported. [Service Release: 4.01]

 8. For Maximizer CRM users, v18.0 (2020 R1) is now supported! [Service Release: 4.04]

 9. When closing a quote that you made changes to that has previously been uploaded to QuoteValet and has already been Accepted or Lost in QuoteValet, you would be asked if you wanted to close the quote without having uploaded the changes to QuoteValet. Since it is not possible to save changes to QuoteValet once the quote has been Accepted or Lost, you will now receive a message stating so, instead of a message asking if you want to save the changes to QuoteValet. [Service Release: 4.04]

 10. Added new "Delete 0 Quantity Items from the document" button on the Document Items grid toolbar. This will delete Product/Service items and if a Group Header has a quantity of 0 it will delete the Group Header and all the Group Members. [Service Release: 4.06]

 11. When editing a Grouped Bundle or Grouped Configuration, the Picture File selection box now has a [Clear] button. [Service Release: 4.06]

 12. When selecting a picture for a Grouped Bundle or Grouped Configuration, it will now default the "PrintPicture" attribute to Yes. [Service Release: 4.06]

Misc Features - Build 4
 1. Renamed option "Print all Spec Sheets by default." to "Select all Spec Sheets for Print on initial Print" on the Misc.Printing tab of Tools->My Preferences.

 2. Microsoft discontinued Microsoft Outlook Business Contact Manger (BCM). The last year Outlook BCM was supported was with Outlook 2013 (7 years ago). QuoteWerks has removed the Outlook BCM integration.

Fixes - Build 4
 1. When clicking the Select All button on the Spec Sheets or Literature tab of the Print window, it would add duplicates into the Print Selections list.

 2. When duplicating a document that had spec sheets, the duplicate document would have duplicate Spec Sheets in the Print Selections list.

 3. For SugarCRM users, re-saving an Opportunity was setting the estimated close date to today's date.

 4. For Salesforce users, when updating an existing Opportunity, the Default Contact Role was being applied instead of keeping the previously selected Contact Role.

 5. For Salesforce users, the contact role and contact name were not being populated when choosing an existing opportunity on the Opportunity window.

 6. When duplicating a document, the Links on the Links tab would not appear until a Print operation was performed.

 7. For SugarCRM users, when searching on the Contact Lookup window with 'Also display Account Contacts' checked, only 1 contact search result was showing. [Service Release: 4.01]

 8. If the License Manager had an "X" License Key that had a subscription for QuoteWerks Desktop and did not have a Real-time subscription you would receive an erroneous error stating that the QuoteWerks Desktop subscription expires on December 30, 1899. [Service Release: 4.01]

 9. When rehosting to the Database provided through the QuoteWerks Database Hosting (Aspire hosted) subscription, the database client authorization was not allowing a connection to the database. [Service Release: 4.02]

 10. When creating purchase orders from the Purchasing window, if you specified an SO Number to write into all the line items, it was not working and if the line item already had the same SO Number you would be asked if you want to replace the SO Number with the same SO Number. [Service Release: 4.02]

 11. When an existing installation was on an Access backend and then updated to build 4.02, and then rehosted to the new QuoteWerks Database Hosting (Aspire hosted) database, upon restart would receive an "Aspire Hosted Database Client Authorization" Tenant Account Credentials Error. [Service Release: 4.03]

 12. For SugarCRM users, the expected closed date field can only be set if the SugarCRM instance supports Revenue Line Items and the quote has line items or if the SugarCRM instance does not support Revenue line items. [Service Release: 4.04]

 13. You can no longer upload changes to a QuoteValet quote if it has been 'Accepted by Proxy' Or 'Closed as Lost'. [Service Release: 4.04]

 14. When a document that was uploaded to QuoteValet was Converted As Lost, the dh.QuoteValetStatusCode field was not getting updated. [Service Release: 4.04]

 15. When opening a quote that has been uploaded to QuoteValet that has already been accepted, QuoteWerks will not check QuoteValet for updates for this document unless Payment Processing is enabled and the the quote is not fully paid. This is done to speed up the opening of older closed quotes. In this scenario, if you then went to the print window the QuoteValet button would still be enabled even though it shoudl not be. Now, in this scenario, when the print window is opened, QuoteValet will be checked to get the information it needs. [Service Release: 4.04]

 16. If you had uploaded a quote to QuoteValet and then instead of the customer accepting it on QuoteValet you choose File->Convert to Order, and the option to preserve the existing quote was set, then when you later opened the order, it would still allow you to re-upload this accepted order to QuoteValet. [Service Release: 4.06]