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Version 5.5 Build 3.08 Summary
47 New, 18 Fixes, and 4 Miscellaneous features Released on 03/10/2020
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New Features - Build 3
 1. For salesforce.com users, when creating/updating a salesforce.com Opportunity the Contact Role can now be set. [Service Release: 3.04]

 2. For salesforce.com users, a default contact role can be set for the opportunity contact through the Opportunity Setup window. [Service Release: 3.04]

 3. For salesforce.com users, the DataLink now supports salesforce.com Contacts in addition to the Account. [Service Release: 3.04]

 4. For salesforce.com users, the salesforce.com Product Data Source now supports custom fields. If a custom field is named "Manufacturer__c" or "VendorPartNumber__c" these custom fields will automatically be mapped when a new Product Data Source is setup. If you already have an existing salesforce.com Product Data Source, you will need to edit it and manually map these fields. When these fields are mapped, you can also search on those fields on the product lookup window. [Service Release: 3.04]

 5. The Opportunities Dashboard is now resizable! [Service Release: 3.04]

 6. On the Opportunities Dashboard, the last selected User (or group) will now be remembered and also the date range, including a Custom date range from and to. [Service Release: 3.04]

 7. On the Opportunities Dashboard, there are now 2 "Header Field" selections that you can use to filter the Opportunities. You can choose which ever 2 document level fields you would like to filter on. They can be text, number, date, or logic fields and you can do advanced searches like Contains, Greater than or equal, etc. It also remembers, per user, the last fields you searched on and defaults them for next time. [Service Release: 3.04]

 8. For Zoho CRM users, products in Zoho can now be searched through the Product Lookup window in QuoteWerks. You can add this new Product Data Source from the Products->Setup Product Data Sources menu. [Service Release: 3.04]

 9. For Autotask users, you can now enable or disable Impersonation mode under the Settings tab in the Autotask Setup window. [Service Release: 3.04]

 10. For Autotask users, more than two of the same services can now be added to a quote. [Service Release: 3.04]

 11. On Purchasing tab of Purchasing window, added new "Cust PO#" column. [Service Release: 3.04]

 12. Added options "Auto-generate dynamic '(Categories)' folder." and "Auto-generate dynamic '(Item Types)' folder." to the setup of a Native Product database which control if these dynamically generated folders appear in the Product Lookup window for this Product Data Source. [Service Release: 3.04]

 13. For QuoteValet users, on the Open Document window, added right click menu "E-mail QuoteValet customer notification...". This is a fast and easy way to do follow ups and sending the customer a reminder e-mail or follow up e-mail. [Service Release: 3.04]

 14. On the Open Document window, added new right click menu "Display Contact in Contact Manager." [Service Release: 3.04]

 15. For QuickBooks Online users in Australia and UK, added a Purchase Order Tax Calculation option to the 'Vat Tax' Tab in the QuickBooks Online Settings. If this option is set, the setting will be used when exporting Purchase Orders to QuickBooks Online. If the option is not set (left blank), it will be ignored when creating a Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online. [Service Release: 3.04]

 16. On the Purchase orders tab of the Purchasing window, when saving the purchase order as a PDF file, it will now remember (per user) the last folder you selected. [Service Release: 3.04]

 17. On the "Add Shipping rate item" window, the ShipFrom selection list will include each Vendor that is on the quote. This will pull the address information from the Vendor record under the Utilities->Vendor Maintenance menu. [Service Release: 3.04]

 18. On the "Add Shipping rate item" window, added "Our Location" as a ShipTo selection. [Service Release: 3.04]

 19. For UPS realtime shipping rate users, added a new "Use Negotiated Rates" option on the "Add Shipping rate item" window. Use this when you have negotiated non-standard special rates with UPS to return these rates. On this window, you can toggle this option to see the standard published rates vs your negotiated rates. [Service Release: 3.04]

 20. When creating a manual or electronic purchase order on the Purchasing tab of the Purchasing window, if you have specified for the vendor a minimum amount required for free shipping (Under Utilities->Vendor Maintenance), then in addition to displaying this information on the window, it will also now prompt you to proceed if you have not met the minimum. [Service Release: 3.04]

 21. On the Save as Revision window, there is now an [x] Update Expiration Date option. When checked, this will updated the Expiration Date based on the macro that is used to create the Expiration Date when creating a new document. [Service Release: 3.04]

 22. On the Management Reports window, the [Edit] button will now open the Report Properties window and select the Filter tab. [Service Release: 3.04]

 23. On the Management Reports window, added a new [Edit Output] button that will open the Report Properties window and select the Output tab. [Service Release: 3.04]

 24. On the Purchase Orders and Ordered Items tabs of the Purchasing window the extended cost of the item will be displayed in parenthesis if the quantity ordered is greater than 1. [Service Release: 3.04]

 25. When deleting a Purchase Order, from the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing window, it will now also remove the PONumber, OrderDate, and DistributorSONumber from Document Items that were on this PO. [Service Release: 3.04]

 26. On the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing window, there is now a right click menu of "Copy PO Number". [Service Release: 3.04]

 27. When creating a Purchase Order from the Purchasing tab of the Purchasing window, the Document Item that the PO Item came from is updated with the SONumber from the PO. If the Document Item already has an SONumber in it, you will now be prompted to choose if you want to overwrite it. [Service Release: 3.04]

 28. On the Picture tab of the Edit Product window, if you select a picture file, the Print Picture checkbox will now be automatically checked. [Service Release: 3.04]

 29. For QuoteWerks Web users, added an [Open in QuoteWerks Web] button on the Open Document window in QuoteWerks Desktop. [Service Release: 3.04]

 30. For Configurator users, you can now select an item from the "Selected Items" list and press the R key to remove it in addition to clicking on the [] button. [Service Release: 3.04]

 31. For QuickBooks Desktop users, on the Mappings.Items tab there is now an option to choose which field from the QuoteWerks line item that is used for the QuickBooks Item Description. You can choose Description, CustomMemo01, CustomMemo02, CustomMemo03, CustomMemo04, CustomMemo05. [Service Release: 3.07]

 32. Configurations can now include static items that do not have to be retrieved from a product database to be included in a configuration. There is a new "[] Retrieve from Product Database" checkbox. When un-checked, this feature is designed to be used to add Comments, Subtotal, Running Subtotal, Heading, or Section Header lines into your configurations. [Service Release: 3.07]

 33. On the Configurator, Bundles and Add Item Assistant windows the "Under" drop down now has two new options of "" and "" that lets you create these lines from these windows. [Service Release: 3.07]

 34. For Configurator users, when adding an item to the selected items list, the item will be bolded in the available items list to indicate that you have already added it. Additionally the items in the selected items list that were just added in the current step will also be bolded. [Service Release: 3.07]

 35. For Configurator users, if you cancel the configuration process, it will return you back to the Configurations window. [Service Release: 3.07]

 36. For Configurator users, double-clicking on an item in the selected items list will remove it. [Service Release: 3.07]

 37. For Configurator users, pressing the F9 key will move to the next step and pressing F8 will move back to the previous step. [Service Release: 3.07]

 38. For Configurator users, there is now a breadcrumbs display to show you all the steps you have completed, along with your current step. Also, the Step number is more prominently displayed. [Service Release: 3.07]

 39. There is now a new View->Opportunities Dashboard menu and Opportunities icon on the main toolbar. [Service Release: 3.07]

 40. For QuoteValet users, on the QuoteValet Dashboard Inbox, there is now an icon to indicate if a quote has been recalled. [Service Release: 3.07]

 41. Added "Auto-close window" option to the Print window. This will auto-close the window after a print, preview, peer review, approval, or quotevalet operation. This same option is also on the Misc.Printing tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu. Having this option on the Print window will make it easier to turn this option on and off while performing different kinds of activities from the Print window. [Service Release: 3.07]

 42. On the Document Items grid, when pressing ENTER while in a grid cell that is not a memo column, the cursor will be moved to the cell on the row below, similar to Microsoft Excel behavior. Now the contents of the cell will be automatically selected making it easier to type in a replacement value. [Service Release: 3.07]

 43. The Product Data Source Setup window now displays the database file size for sources that are an actual file. [Service Release: 3.07]

 44. For Sugar CRM users, there is now an "Enable SugarIdentity" option on the Contact Manager tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu. This can be controlled per user. [Service Release: 3.07]

 45. There is now a new option of "On item double-click, advance to next configuration step" on the Settings tab of the Configuration Setup window. This option lets you control this behavior per each configuration. This is useful when the configuration only needs to have one item selected per configuration step. [Service Release: 3.07]

 46. ConnectWise 2020.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 3.07]

 47. ConnectWise 2020.2 is now supported! [Service Release: 3.07]

Misc Features - Build 3
 1. On the Purchasing window when saving a PO as a PDF, non-alphanumeric characters are no longer stripped from the default file name. [Service Release: 3.04]

 2. In the Configurator when double clicking on an item, it would add it to the configuration and also advance to the next configuration step. Now when you double-click it will only add the item into the selected items list. This action of a double-click is an intuitive expected standard action of a double click, and this is useful when you need to add more than one item from a configuration step. If you hold down CTRL while double-clicking, it will also advanced to the next configuration step, recreating the original behavior. [Service Release: 3.04]

 3. For Configurator users, the [Add] and [Remove] buttons were moved to the top of the form. [Service Release: 3.04]

 4. The QuoteWerks Product Content subscription (powered by Etilize) is now available for Australia! This subscription provides QuoteWerks users in the IT industry with consumer friendly product descriptions, product images, and marketing descriptions. Without Etilize, QuoteWerks users have to import product information and scour the web looking for product images to download and for product descriptions to include in their quotes and proposals. With Etilize, QuoteWerks searches the Etilize database "from the cloud" by description, keyword, or part number, and returns product matches including customer friendly descriptions, product pictures, and in depth product summaries with marketing and feature descriptions, all of which are easily added into the quote. The pictures are automatically downloaded and saved into the QuoteWerks\Images folder. Currently Etilize will return part numbers for Australian distributors Ingram Micro and Dicker Data. Real-time pricing (cost) and availability will be returned for Ingram Micro, and daily static pricing (cost/list) and availability will be returned for Dicker Data. Accessory and comparison features are not included at this time. [Service Release: 3.07]

Fixes - Build 3
 1. Macros in the TO, CC, and BCC fields in user email templates (vs System Templates) were not being rasterized when selected from the template list on the Send E-mail window. [Service Release: 3.04]

 2. For GoldMine users, if an Goldmine ACCOUNTNO value contained a double quote character, the DataStream Query would return an error. [Service Release: 3.04]

 3. In the Settings Manager, if there were more than 32765 results, a runtime 6 occurred. [Service Release: 3.04]

 4. When setting the Deposit Required percent, you would be able to specify a percent with more than 2 decimals, but after saving change it would format to only 2 decimals. [Service Release: 3.04]

 5. When choosing to Save as PDF from the Preview window, if you entered a file name that already existed, you would be asked two times if you wanted to replace the file. [Service Release: 3.04]

 6. For salesforce.com users, searching by the description on the Quick Lookup would not pop up the Add Item Assistant window if only one item was found. [Service Release: 3.04]

 7. When the cover page message was empty, the <<&COVER_MESSAGE>> macro text in a Word document would remain. [Service Release: 3.04]

 8. When creating a Purchase Order from the Purchasing tab of the Purchasing window, the SoldToPONumber was not getting copied into the POItems.CustomerPONumber field. [Service Release: 3.04]

 9. If backend.ini SQLProvider was specified for TLS 1.2 only support, the qw.dll backend API could not connect to the SQL database. [Service Release: 3.04]

 10. For MS CRM users, converting an opportunity to won in QuoteWerks would create a probability change post on the posts tab of the Opportunity in MS CRM. [Service Release: 3.04]

 11. For Autotask users, the Autotask To-Do was not being assigned to the contact if the 'Link to Contact' checked was checked on the QuoteWerks To-Do window. [Service Release: 3.04]

 12. For API users, DocFunctions.DocumentOpenCount would return 1 even if the first document was not finished loading, especially if a message was delaying it from being completely loaded. [Service Release: 3.04]

 13. For ConnectWise Manage users, ConnectWise made an unannounced change mid-release to the Opportunity API. This resolves the "Could not find member 'isoCode' on object of type 'CurrencyReference'." error received when updating an existing ConnectWise Manage Opportunity. This was introduced in ConnectWise Manage v2020.1.70556. [Service Release: 3.04]

 14. The new UPS "Use Negotiated Rates" feature (released in build 3.04) was still returning non-negotiated rates. [Service Release: 3.07]

 15. For Salesforce, QuickBooks, Peachtree, ConnectWise, Autotask, and Zoho users, the default cost modifier was being applied to the product from these external sources when adding a product through the Product Lookup window. [Service Release: 3.07]

 16. For Autotask users, updating the cost for a service item was not updating the Autotask quote with the new cost price. [Service Release: 3.07]

 17. If the field 'QuoteValetAcceptedOn' was used in a print layout, would receive error "The ValueName 'QuoteValetAcceptedOn' was not found in DHGetEx() or ReturnSystemMacroValue()." [Service Release: 3.07]

 18. If a product database was selected and the option to not auto display all products was set, or if the Native product database auto generated root folder like Manufacturers was selected, and then a search was performed, the grid would show results of blank records. This issue was introduced in v5.5 build 3.07. [Service Release: 3.08]