Pain Point Webinars

Dive into common business challenges that companies face when creating quotes and proposals

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Trouble Finding and Managing Your Quotes and Proposals?

May 27

From sales rep saving documents in different locations, employees leaving, finding old quotes, and knowing which version of a quote you sent to your customer, managing documents can be difficult.

We focus specifically on finding documents through the Open Window and Document Revisions.

Pain Points

Do you find yourself searching all over the place for quotes and proposals you sent out? Did a sales rep leave and you have no idea what quote he/she sent to your customer? Are you trying to find ways to see what quotes are still active and which ones expired? Did you revise a quote, but forgot to save the original document information?


Find all of your documents in one central location. Easily find your documents with the Open Window and filter by date, sales reps, active quotes, document type, and much more. Easily make multiple revisions of a quote all while saving the original document information

Chasing Customers for Payment

May 13

We discuss the challenges of collecting payments from customers once the quote or proposal has been accepted.

We focus specifically on how to automate your payment collections.

Pain Points

Are you tired of chasing your customers for payment once they have accepted the quote? Do your customers provide excuses for non-payments? Do you have trouble tracking when you actually receive a payment and what it is for?


Automate payment collections with or without human intervention! Learn how to send out automatic payment reminder emails, offer multiple payment options online, and allow your customers to choose how they want to pay!

Tired of Creating Similar Quotes Over and Over?

April 22

From creating the same quote repeatedly, starting from scratch or your sales reps don't know where to begin, quote creation can be time consuming.

We focus on how to utilize document templates to create quotes in a more streamlined and efficient way.

Pain Points

Do you find yourself creating the same quote over and over again? Your sales reps don't know where to begin, or you want a more standardized way to create quotes and proposals?


Use Document Templates to create quotes more efficiently!