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Version 4.7 Build 01.02 Summary
29 New, 21 Fixes, and 7 Miscellaneous features Released on 11/07/2011
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New Features - Build 1
 1. Etilize 2.0 UI redesign and enhancements. Now includes accessories, spec sheets, website links, and support for multiple part numbers for the same item. The Etilize panel is now available on both the Product Lookup window and the Quote WorkBook, making it easy to update existing items on existing quotes with updated Etilize information. Etilize information is no longer just displayed when searching Etilize on the Product Lookup window, the Etilize panel now displays when searching individual product databases including Autotask and ConnectWise products. When searching for Etilize Products from the Product Lookup, you can narrow down the results by Category, Sub-Category, Manufacturer, and you can also limit the results to only items carried by distributors that you have setup real-time pricing for. Pricing is now available from CDW, Newegg, Dell, and Amazon. Etilize product content is now supported for UK Customers. To top it all off the Etilize integration now boasts a 7x speed increase!

 2. USA tax rate lookup by zip code is now included in our real-time module. Tax Rate information includes a breakdown of State, County, and City tax rates. This is a huge time-saver. No more going to the state's website to look them up manually.

 3. Quotes can now require a deposit amount. This is particularly useful in conjunction with accepting a QuoteValet quote and then providing credit card payment for the deposit amount. The deposit amount can be a percent of the total, a fixed amount, based on a line item amount (like a subtotal), or of the sum of all line items matching up to 3 criteria.

 4. QuoteValet 1.3. QuoteValet now accepts payments (deposits, progress payments, final payments, etc.) through over 80 payment gateways including Authorize.net, QuickBooks merchant services, PayPal, and Google checkout. Additionally, for QuickBooks users, payments received by QuoteValet can be imported as a Customer Payments in QuickBooks and automatically applied to the customer that made the payment.

 5. QuoteValet 1.3. QuoteValet customer input integration. Customers can now enter information into fields on the QuoteValet page like CustomText fields from the DocumentHeader or DocumentItems. The customer can directly enter information into these fields or choose from lists. The customer input is then synched back into the quote in QuoteWerks.

 6. For QuickBooks users, you can now create Purchase Orders in QuickBooks. Under the new Tools->Purchasing menu (formerly the Online Orders menu) you have access to all the Order items in QuoteWerks and can easily create QuickBooks Purchase Orders that contain items from multiple orders. Items that do not exist in QuickBooks will be created, and the QuickBooks Purchase Order number will be written back into the line items from the orders. Additionally if using the Online Ordering feature of the real-time module, after the items are ordered you will be asked if you want to create a Purchase Order in QuickBooks for the items you just ordered electronically.

 7. For QuickBooks users, when QuoteWerks creates item definitions in QuickBooks, you can now map fields from the QuoteWerks Document Items to the QuickBooks Item Definition custom fields. This is supported in QuickBooks 2007 and higher.

 8. When exporting Invoices/Estimates/SalesOrders/PurchaseOrders to QuickBooks, you can now map fields from the QuoteWerks Document Header to QuickBooks Invoice/Estimate/SalesOrder/PurchaseOrder level Custom fields. This is supported in QuickBooks 2007 and higher.

 9. When exporting Invoices/Estimates/SalesOrders/PurchaseOrders to QuickBooks, you can now map columns/fields from the Document Items tab to the Custom field columns of the line items on the QuickBooks Invoice/Estimate/SalesOrder/PurchaseOrder. This is supported in QuickBooks 2007 and higher.

 10. For QuickBooks users, QuickBooks custom item fields are now displayed in the QuickBooks product data source and can be mapped to Document Item columns.

 11. When QuoteWerks is creating a new QuickBooks item, there is now an option to specify the Preferred Vendor for this new QuickBooks item.

 12. For QuickBooks users, when creating Inventory and Non-Inventory items, the manufacturer part number from QuoteWerks populates the ManufacturerPartNumber in the QuickBooks Item definition for QuickBooks (SDK 7.0), QuickBooks USA 2008 and higher, QuickBooks AU/UK 2009 and higher.

 13. For QuickBooks users, custom fields for the QuickBooks customer are now all displayed in the results when searching for a QuickBooks contact. Also the QuickBooks customer custom fields can be retrieved into the quote using the DataLink feature.

 14. Added new line type of Summary Line. A Summary Line is similar to a subtotal in that it displays a totaled amount that is not included in the quote calculations. They can be positioned anywhere on the quote and will SUM up all line items matching up to 3 criteria. Very useful for summarizing the different categories of items on the quote like total hardware, total software, total service, etc.

 15. Formulas for Product/Service type line items can now include SUMMING where all line items matching up to 3 criteria are summed.

 16. Added new Line Attribute "Hide Quantity". For items that always have a quantity of 1 like maintenance fees, setting this attribute will hide that quantity from displaying on the printed quote or on the QuoteValet quote.

 17. Added new "Remove Non-Selected Optional Items" option on the Convert to Order window.

 18. The ShippingCost and ShippingAmount fields are now available in the DataLink feature.

 19. For ConnectWise users, when using ConnectWise as a Product Data Source, the product's Manufacturer, Vendor, and VendorSKU of the product is now available.

 20. Added new fields available in the layout designer: "DocumentItems->&QtyTotal_Actual", "DocumentItems->&UnitCost_Actual", "DocumentItems->&UnitPrice_Actual", "DocumentItems->&UnitList_Actual", "DocumentItems->&ExtendedCost_Actual", "DocumentItems->&ExtendedPrice_Actual", "DocumentItems->&ExtendedList_Actual". By default the standard values like DocumentItems->UnitPrice are cleared for particular line item types or when attributes like "HidePrice" are set. These new fields enable you to gain access to their underlying values.

 21. The macro DocumentHeaders->&SalesRepMobilePhone is now available in the layout designer and on cover pages.

 22. Added new macro fields &DH_&SoldToInLineAddress, &DH_&ShipToInLineAddress, &DH_&BillToInLineAddress.

 23. Formula details for line items are now displayed in the status bar.

 24. Added new Edit->Add Heading menu.

 25. QuickBooks 2012 USA/Canada/UK now supported! [Service Release: 1.01]

 26. SugarCRM 6.3 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.01]

 27. On the SoldTo/ShipTo tab, the "Display contact in Contact Manager" button now works with GoldMine! [Service Release: 1.01]

 28. If you attempt to upload a quote to QuoteValet for customer review, and you selected a sales order layout, you will now receive a warning that your upload may contain cost information. [Service Release: 1.01]

 29. On QuoteValet Dashboard Payments tab, added new checkbox "Include previously downloaded transactions". [Service Release: 1.02]

Misc Features - Build 1
 1. The Edit->Add Blank Line and Edit->Add Comment now behave differently. If a line item is selected when either of these menu items are selected, the blank line or comment line will be added below the selected line. If no line is selected, they will be added to the end of the quote.

 2. When non-modal windows are display such as the Open Document, Product Lookup, Email Templates, QuoteValet Dashboard windows, if you minimize the main QuoteWerks windows, these other windows will be cleared from the desktop and re-appear when you restore the main QuoteWerks window.

 3. QuickBooks version 2012 was not listed under the Contacts-> Setup Contact Manager-> QuickBooks selection [Service Release: 1.01]

 4. For MS CRM users, removed hard coded USD $ symbol from the Revenue and Actual Revenue labels on the Sales Opportunity window. [Service Release: 1.01]

 5. In the QuoteWerks Node Installer when choosing to install optional components, if the component is unchecked, it will not uninstall the component. To uninstall these components, use the Windows Add/Remove Programs. When re-running the node install, this will save time by giving you the opportunity to not re-run all the installers for these components if you know they do not need to be updated. [Service Release: 1.02]

 6. QuoteValet integration now auto-reconnects and caches ip address lookups for performance increase. [Service Release: 1.02]

 7. ConnectWise Integration installer now says version "4.x" [Service Release: 1.02]

Fixes - Build 1
 1. For Tech Data real-time users, when some part numbers where not found, would receive a cryptic error message rather than a message simply stating the part number was not found.

 2. When the selected tab was changed behind the scenes, the position of the tab would be changed rather than just bringing it to focus.

 3. If a Quote was duplicated, and then immediately attempted to be uploaded to QuoteValet without saving it first, would receive errors.

 4. For ConnectWise users, would receive runtime error 9 when attempting to create/update an opportunity, and some pick lists were empty.

 5. For ConnectWise users, percent charge and percent discount type line items were not being included as part of the opportunity.

 6. On Windows 7, when sending an HTML email after first printing a quote would hang.

 7. When selecting the FROM email address on the Select Email Address window by double clicking, would receive an error.

 8. When converting line items to a group "on-the-fly" in the quote sheet, or when pasting a line item that was optional with the IsSelected attribute set that was not part of a mutually exclusive group, all the optional items not part of exclusive groups would have their IsSelected attribute removed.

 9. For QuoteValet users, if a document was uploaded to QuoteValet, and then an approval was rescinded by unlocking the document, the approval was not getting rescinded on QuoteValet.

 10. Would receive missing operator error when clicking on the Project No drop down list on the Open Document window if the user did not have rights to view all users documents.

 11. HTML emails with embedded images would not view correctly on iPhone and iPad products.

 12. Error 438 when clicking on Finish tab when attempting to Rehost to SQL. [Service Release: 1.01]

 13. While using Etilize integration, Northamber would not appear in the list of available vendors. [Service Release: 1.01]

 14. When placing an online order with D&H, if the checkbox "After order submitted, don't update Order with real-time ordered price." was not checked, the UnitPrice of the items in the order would be set to 0. [Service Release: 1.01]

 15. You could not use the new Tools->Purchasing menu unless you had a real-time module license. [Service Release: 1.01]

 16. In some search operator lists the "Contains" operator said "ContainsVB6". [Service Release: 1.01]

 17. For QuickBooks, the "I do not charge tax in QuickBooks." setting was being ignored. [Service Release: 1.01]

 18. When the Open Document window is resized, the sales rep search field would get covered by the results grid. [Service Release: 1.01]

 19. On the QuoteValet tab, selecting Acceptance notes and pressing CTRL-C was not copying the selected text. [Service Release: 1.01]

 20. In the Summing line features, if a field to search was customized with a custom label that contained multiple parenthesis characters, would receive an error. [Service Release: 1.01]

 21. Error when attempting to add a new payment gateway. [Service Release: 1.02]