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Version 23. Build 1.14 Summary
46 New, 37 Fixes, and 5 Miscellaneous features Released on 11/28/2022
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New Features - Build 1
 1. QuoteWerks Web now has a Setup->CRM Integrations area and the ability to completely setup the ConnectWise integration from within QuoteWerks Web. Also there is a Setup->Users area which has a full implementation of the user maintenance; you can add, edit and delete users, complete with all the security settings. QuoteWerks Web now has support for multifactor authentication including support for top Authenticator Apps (Google, Microsoft, etc.) and also Duo Push verification via the Duo Mobile App. QuoteWerks Web can also now run Reports with the Export option. [Service Release: 1.03]

 2. GoldMine version 2022.4 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.03]

 3. SugarCRM version 12.2 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.03]

 4. Sage 50 Accounting 2023 (Peachtree) is now supported! [Service Release: 1.03]

 5. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for USA Distributor ADI ( www.adiglobal.com ) if you have an account with this distributor and credentials are entered into QuoteWerks. Also, this real-time pricing is displayed on the Product Sourcing Panel. [Service Release: 1.03]

 6. The Product Content Subscription now has PartLocator support for BlueStar Canada. We've negotiated an arrangement with BlueStar to host their product data so as to provide our mutual customers with the best experience possible. [Service Release: 1.03]

 7. The Product Content Subscription now has PartLocator support for ADI USA. We've negotiated an arrangement with ADI to host their product data so as to provide our mutual customers with the best experience possible. [Service Release: 1.03]

 8. For QuoteValet Users, you can now have a custom Alias/CNAME in the QuoteValet URL. So, instead of www.quotevalet.com, the URL could be yourcompany.quotevalet.com. This feature is helpful, so your customers that are not familiar with QuoteValet will see your company name in the URL. This setting is on the General Tab of the QuoteValet Setup. [Service Release: 1.03]

 9. Replace has been added to the Edit->Find feature. You can select the Edit->Find menu (or press CTRL-F) which launches the find window and sets the Find Column to which will search all the columns. While on that window you can choose to just search a single column. Alternatively, you can CTRL click on the column heading to search that specific column. You can search for things like, search for lines with a profit margin less than 10, search for lines with an empty cell, search for dates greater than specified date. When the search is run, it will find and highlight the first match, then you can successively press the [Find Next] button to highlight the next match. As matches are found, this is also a great opportunity to press the highlight button to set a highlight color for the row the match is on. [Service Release: 1.03]

 10. You can now clone Required Items, Optional Items, and Substitute Items. [Service Release: 1.03]

 11. The Expires field (ExpirationDate) on the Sale Info tab of the Quote Workbook now contains a time portion. This is useful for specifying that a quote expires at 5pm on a certain day. This changed is also supported in QuoteValet. You can specify the default expiration number of days and time on the Documents.General tab under Tools->Options menu. In the time text box if you enter, for example, +5:35 then it will add 5 hrs and 35 minutes to the current time. Without a + symbol the time will be a fixed time. [Service Release: 1.03]

 12. Text Library. For Memo fields, the F2lookup now lets you store a text library of large chunks of text that are searchable enabling you to easily compose your statements of work, terms and other text intensive composition. Additionally the F2lookup now has a separate column that can contain a description of the value for reference purposes. As a result of these changes you no longer need to use the //in the F2Lookup value to include a description, but when importing a list of values from the F2lookup window you can use the // to import the description for the value. The F2Lookup can do more than store static text. See the help file about these F2 Lookup functions: SALESFORCE_MACRO, QW_MACRO, RUNAPPANDRETURNCLIPBOARD, REQUESTDDEVALUE. [Service Release: 1.03]

 13. Data Manager for Advanced Import, Export, and Mass updating under the Utilities->Data Manager menu. You can now Import/Export Bundles, Configurations, Required Items, Optional Items, Substitute Items (BCROS). You can also Import/Export Contacts and Vendors. This new advanced Export will save the DataSet in a CSV file format with the column headings. This enables you to easily open up this file in excel and make changes. Then you reverse the process and Import this file. No mapping is required. The option to backup your data before the Import is available (and highly recommended). This is an advanced feature that you must be very careful with. In addition exporting data, changing it in Excel, and then importing the changes, you can also just export out a formatted CSV file that only has the column headings in it so that you can enter new data to import. You can do this with Bundles, Configurations, Required Items, Optional Items, and Substitute Items. Import and Export activities are recorded in the Event Log for audit trail tracking. The use of the Data Manager is restricted to users with MasterRights and also the Misc Access Rights of "NonMasterRightsUser_CanExportFromDataManager", and "NonMasterRightsUser_CanImportFromDataManager". All the BCROS entities now have RecGUID, CreatedOn, and LastModifiedOn fields making it easy to see which records were recently imported in case you made a mistake when importing new records you know which records you would need to delete to undo your error. [Service Release: 1.03]

 14. The Data Manager also has a Mass Update tab. Currently you can use this to increase prices by a percentage for all Fixed Price products in a Native product database. [Service Release: 1.03]

 15. On the Flowchart tab of the Edit Configuration window there is now a [Find] button. This will do a contains search of the Selection Container Names. When a match is found, it will ensure the node is visible, highlight it in yellow, and ask if you would like to find the next occurrence. You can also press CTRL-F to initiate the Find. [Service Release: 1.03]

 16. Purchase Orders now have a POConfirmed field. Often customers email a purchase order to a Vendor, but have not yet received confirmation of the receipt of the purchase order from their vendor. There is also a "Non-Confirmed POs" filter on the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing window so you can easily see which Purchase Orders have not been confirmed so you can ping the vendor about it. [Service Release: 1.03]

 17. PO Items now have an ETADate field so that you have a place to store and stay on top of the Estimated Time of Arrival of the Purchase Order items as your vendor gives you updates. To manage this field, there is now a right click "Update PO ETA..." for a Purchase Order. This will update the ETA date to the same date for all the items in the PO. For more granular control, the right click menu for a PO Item, has a "Change ETA.." menu. With this you can update the ETA date for and individual PO Item. You can use this with manual orders and online orders. [Service Release: 1.03]

 18. PO Related HTML templates now have new macros available which are &POI_&TrackingInfo?, &POI_&ETADate, and &POI_&SerialNumbers. [Service Release: 1.03]

 19. On the Purchase orders tab of the Purchasing window, there is a new right click menu "E-mail Internal PO Status...". You can use this to email status information about the purchase order internally. The HTML template and email can be fully customized and including tracking and serial numbers. On the E-Mail Template Manager window, there is a new button [Edit SYS_PurchasingInternalPOStatus HTML]. Additionally on the Templates tab, under the owner of (System) there is a new email template of "SYS_EmailPurchasingPOInternalStatus". [Service Release: 1.03]

 20. On the Purchase orders tab of the Purchasing window, there is a new right click menu "E-mail PO status to customer(s)...". You can use this to email status information to your customers about the items ordered for them on the Purchase Order. The HTML template and email can be fully customized and including tracking and serial numbers. On the E-Mail Template Manager window, there is a new button [Edit SYS_PurchasingCustomerOrderStatus HTML]. Additionally on the Templates tab, under the owner of (System) there is a new email template of "SYS_EmailPurchasingCustomerOrderStatus". Since your Purchase Orders can contain items from different customers, this feature will send each of those customers status updates on only their items on the Purchase order related to them. There is also a grid toolbar button for this action in addition to the right click menu. [Service Release: 1.03]

 21. On the Purchase orders tab of the Purchasing window, building on the new right click menu "E-mail PO status to customer(s)...", there is a toolbar button "E-mail PO status to customer(s) for all updated POs". This is very powerful. With this you can update ETA dates, and receive inventory of multiple Purchase Orders, and when you click this button emails will be sent out to all customers that are affected by the PO changes you made since the last time you clicked this button! This is a huge time saver and reduces many of the "where is my order?" type of questions you receive by email and phone from your customers. [Service Release: 1.03]

 22. The Tools->Export Items to Excel menu will now format the Excel columns with the data type that the data is. Previously, all the columns were just formatted as "General". [Service Release: 1.03]

 23. For Product Content Subscribers, there is a new checkbox on the Product Content Subscription tab of the Real-time Setup Window labeled "Do Not Download Product Images from Etilize". This option is helpful for those users that do not include Etilize Pictures on their quotes and proposals. If this option is checked, when retrieving an Etilize products, the Etilize picture will not be downloaded. This will save network space and time retrieving products from Etilize for those users. [Service Release: 1.03]

 24. On the E-Mail Template Manager window, on the Templates tab, under the owner of (System) there is a new email template of "SYS_EmailDistributorNonStandardPricing" enabling you to customize the email that is sent after an Online Order when you have specified non-standard or discount pricing that you have previously negotiated with your distributor sales rep. [Service Release: 1.03]

 25. The Tools->Export Items to Excel menu will now format the Excel columns with the data type that the data is. Previously, all the columns were just formatted as "General". [Service Release: 1.03]

 26. SoldToEmail, ShipToEmail, and BillToEmail columns are now included in the Open Document window results grid. This is useful for doing a search and then exporting the list to your favorite email blasting service to send out notifications to your customers or leads. Examples like which customers purchased an HP server in the last year and send them an email about a new limited time discount. Or which customers have you sent a quote to in the last 6 months, etc. [Service Release: 1.03]

 27. When looking for a field or macro to insert into a layout, insert into a email template, insert into a text box, select as a filter field, etc there is now a lookup button that you can click on to do a contains search to quickly locate the field that you are looking for. [Service Release: 1.03]

 28. The times stored in the QuoteWerks databases and dtf files were always stored in the local time. Starting with v23 the date/time values (including the AddOnDate01) stored in the database will always be stored in UTC time. For most users they will not have to do anything differently. If you externally read or write to the QuoteWerks database directly you will need to account for this change in UTC time. If you use the QuoteWerks API, when reading a value it will be in local time, and you can pass local time into the API, the conversion to UTC only happens at the instant of the time value being saved into the database. In the v6.0 upgrade all time values in the databases will be changed from local to UTC. [Service Release: 1.03]

 29. The CustomDate fields could store a time component, but when exiting the field, QuoteWerks would always format as a date, stripping out the time. Now, if there is a time component in the CustomDate, it will be preserved. [Service Release: 1.03]

 30. Management Reports now have a Category field to make it easier to organize different types of reports. [Service Release: 1.03]

 31. Management Reports now track LastModified, LastModifiedBy, CreatedOn, and CreatedBy so you know who created and last modified your reports. [Service Release: 1.03]

 32. Various backups (like when importing products, etc) are now stored in the \QuoteWerks\Backups folder. Each day a backup is made a new folder will be created in the \Backups folder like "2022-09-25", and then any backup files created that day will be stored in that folder. The file name will contain the data type and the time in UTC 24 hour format. For a SQL backend, the backup feature for contact and vendors import now stores the backup data in the \Backups folder as (described above ) which is in a different location and format that previously used. If is the Access backend, the backup is saved as contacts.b01, vendors.b01, etc. [Service Release: 1.03]

 33. Added a button on the 'Other Realtime' tab of the Real-time Setup to Collapse or Expand the List of Other Real-time Vendors, making it easier to navigate to the vendor you are looking for in the long list. [Service Release: 1.03]

 34. In the Settings Manager, you can now control the height of the rows on the Document Items tab per user. The range is 285 to 1425. The default is a single row at 285. The setting is UserSettings\UserConfig\QuoteSheetRowHeight=285 [Service Release: 1.03]

 35. For Autotask users, Products will now map over the Period attribute from QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 1.03]

 36. Added support for new SYNNEX warehouse "Chicago, IL". [Service Release: 1.03]

 37. The Active Quotes panel indicator is now red if the quote is expired, and the currently open quote is indicated with a cyan color background. [Service Release: 1.06]

 38. On the Company tab of the Tools->Options menu you can now specify a CompanyLogo, CompanyPicture1, and CompanyPicture2. You can use these in the layout designer as Application->CompanyPicture1, etc to insert them into all your layouts. Then with a single change of the file in this area, all the layouts will have this new picture. This is especially useful, for example, to insert a picture of a sales special in your layouts, and you can make one change and the sales special image will change in all the layouts that it was used in. Can also be used for displaying pictures of Awards, Events, Graphical Tag lines, a picture of your business location, and more. [Service Release: 1.09]

 39. You can now change the column width and column order for the columns on the F2Lookup window. You can also click on the column headings to change which column is sorted and in which sort direction. All these selections are remembered per user. [Service Release: 1.09]

 40. You can now change the column width and column order for the columns on the Zoom window. You can also click on the column headings to change which column is sorted and in which sort direction. All these selections are remembered per user. [Service Release: 1.09]

 41. On the Zoom window, the []Show Text Library checkbox last state is now remembered per user. [Service Release: 1.09]

 42. Added new option under the Tools->My Preferences Misc.General tab of "Use Windows Dialog for Preview Window Save As PDF". [Service Release: 1.09]

 43. Added new option under the Tools->My Preferences Misc.General(more) tab of "For memo fields (Except documentItems), F2 key / double click brings up: Zoom Window/F2Lookup Window" [Service Release: 1.09]

 44. When running the QuoteWerks installer to update an existing installation of QuoteWerks, the installer updates the QWOS.dll and QWServices.dll in the Common Files folder to perform installation services. If you choose to cancel the installation after starting it, you would be left with those newer updated files which if newer than your previous installation would cause your previous installation not to run. The installer now automatically restores those older files so you can continue to use the currently installed version of QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 1.09]

 45. Microsoft SQL Server 2022 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.11]

 46. For Goldmine users, when e-mailing a PO from the File->Print window, there is now an option to "Log sen e-mail in CRM Under e-mail Recipient record". [Service Release: 1.11]

Misc Features - Build 1
 1. The "E-mail tracking number(s)..." right click menu for a Purchase Order has been removed as the new right click menus of "E-mail Internal PO status..." and "E-mail PO status to customer(s)..." are more robust and both include the tracking information. The PO Item right click "E-mail tracking number(s)..." has also been removed for the same reason. [Service Release: 1.03]

 2. The SalesLogix Integration has been discontinued in QuoteWerks v23 (November 2022). You can continue using the SalesLogix integration with QuoteWerks as long as you do not update to QuoteWerks version 23 or higher. [Service Release: 1.03]

 3. The Report definition .rcf files have been moved into a Reports table (stored in the REPORTS.MDB database if access backend). This was a necessary step for reports to be accessible in QuoteWerks Web. Since the RCF file data is now in a database, you cannot simply attach an RCF file to send to QuoteWerks technical support, or to receive reports from technical support. To address this, there are now right click menus in the Reports list of "Import Report from DataSet File..." and "Export Report from DataSet File...". You can also set Misc Access rights for these actions of "CannotImportReportsDefinition" and "CannotExportReportsDefinition". The command line /r option for running a report will now accept the RecGUID for the Report instead of the old RCF file name, for example, "/r E39B8128AA9D46999385FAB16C4FF598.rcf,1". You can obtain this using the [Generate Command Line Option] button on the General tab of the Edit Report window. For Remote users, when synchronizing there is now a Reports Data Group option in addition to the Reports File Group, both will need to be selected to rollout the complete report data (database record and fpc file) to a remote. [Service Release: 1.03]

 4. The QuoteWerks Contact Database contact record now requires that you enter a Company name. [Service Release: 1.03]

 5. If you attempt to select file larger than 150K for Sales Rep Picture, Sales Rep Electronic Signature, CompanyLogo, CompanyPicture1, or CompanyPicture2 will receive a message alerting you that you need to reduce the file size before you can use it for performance reasons. You can significantly speed up the creation of print output and QuoteValet uploads by not using unnecessarily large images. Often images native size can be 10 inches wide which gets resized visually by the software to only 2 inches wide on the screen, but the file data itself is for 10 inches. The solution is to resize the file to be closer to the actual size you want and then use that which will increase your performance. [Service Release: 1.09]

Fixes - Build 1
 1. On the File->Import window when you selected the file type dropdown, the expected file types would not be displayed. [Service Release: 1.03]

 2. When exporting a native product database in the tab delimited format, the quote character was not getting doubled up, so if you opened it up in Excel the data would appear in the wrong columns for rows affected by this. [Service Release: 1.03]

 3. When cloning a user that had OAuth tokens like Maximizer Web, Zoho, HubSpot CRM, MS CRM, or OAuth SMTP, these tokens would be copied to the cloned user causing login problems for the source user. [Service Release: 1.03]

 4. On the Purchase orders tab of the Purchasing window, if you right clicked on a PO and choose to Cancel PO, the POItems status was not getting changed to Canceled. [Service Release: 1.03]

 5. Every year when Daylight savings changes happened in the fall, there was a problem where any documents changed within a time differential inside the daylight savings shift, like 35 minutes later when Daylight savings is a one hour shift backward. When the DTF file was opened, it would incorrectly think the DTF file was newer. This is now corrected with the change to store all date/times in the databases in UTC. [Service Release: 1.03]

 6. On the Product Lookup window, when right clicking and choosing compare, then selecting product databases to compare and clicking the OK button would receive "Subscript our of range" error. [Service Release: 1.03]

 7. For some of the grids, the Export to Clipboard button was not exporting the last column. Also, if the grid was in a horizontal scrolled position, it was only exporting columns starting with the first currently visible column on the left. [Service Release: 1.03]

 8. With QuoteWerks as your contact manager, under Contacts->Setup Contact Manager, if you clicked the [Export Contacts] button, then clicked Cancel, it would continue anyway. [Service Release: 1.03]

 9. For Act for Web users, PostalCode was not being displayed on the lookup window. [Service Release: 1.03]

 10. For Act for Web users, product names over 256 characters in length were causing an error. [Service Release: 1.03]

 11. For ConnectWise Manage users, when exporting a QuoteWerks Purchase Order to ConnectWise Manage with a PO number longer than 11 characters, a warning would appear saying that it is too long for ConnectWise Manage. [Service Release: 1.03]

 12. For Zoho CRM users, when saving to a Deal and attaching a Quote, if a part number has parenthesis an error will occur. [Service Release: 1.03]

 13. For Act for Web users, the link to the Act Opportunity on the QuoteWerks Links tab was redirecting some users to the Act for Web home screen instead of the Opportunity in Act. [Service Release: 1.03]

 14. For Zoho CRM users, the loading of the Deal window in QuoteWerks when creating or updating a Deal was longer and longer to open. [Service Release: 1.03]

 15. When a product had a required items and one of those items was missing, on the prompt to find a replacement or skip, if you clicked [Skip] would receive 'type mismatch' error. [Service Release: 1.03]

 16. Error Invalid Key when opening a quote that had a file link in it that had a file extension that was only numbers. [Service Release: 1.03]

 17. For salesforce.com users, when saving a PDF and choosing the option to "Attach to CRM", when the option "Use SalesForce Files instead of Attachments" is unchecked, the file extension of the file will now be added to the File title when it is uploaded to salesforce.com. Without this extension, in salesforce.com when you would try to download and save the file, there would be a blank file extension. [Service Release: 1.03]

 18. When cloning a Product in a Native Product Database, the Created date was not getting changed. [Service Release: 1.03]

 19. The feature to host a QuoteWerks Native Product database on Microsoft Azure needed to be updated to support latest Azure. This is a great feature to use if you have remote installations all installed locally on laptops, for example, and they can all search for and edit a centralized product databases that will always be up to date with no needed to synchronize the product database down locally to the laptop. [Service Release: 1.03]

 20. If a subscription was cancelled, QuoteWerks would not honor the remaining days left in the subscription period. [Service Release: 1.03]

 21. Issue in the UK with a time zone offset of "+00:00". Would cause error about invalid date uploading quote to QuoteValet. [Service Release: 1.03]

 22. Fresh installations of v23 were missing the CreatedOn fields in the QWContacts and Vendors tables. [Service Release: 1.04]

 23. For ADI Users, would receive the following error when communicating with ADI with valid credentials: 401{"ReturnCode":99,"ReturnMessage":"Unauthorized client. (API header authentication failed!)"} [Service Release: 1.05]

 24. For MSCRM users, updating an existing Opportunity's Status Reason on the QuoteWerks Opportunity window would not up save the change to MSCRM. [Service Release: 1.05]

 25. For API users, using .LineItemSetValue() to set some item fields in the first line of a new document and then using .AddLineItemToDocument(), the first line is overwritten instead of a new line added. [Service Release: 1.05]

 26. When using the Edit->Find, and searching, for example, the UnitPrice field, when the Find came to a line type of Subtotal, Running Subtotal, Percent Charge, Percent Discount, or Summary Line would receive Run-time error '13' Type mismatch error. [Service Release: 1.05]

 27. Error: This Version.Build of QuoteWerks requires the QWMSCRMInt6.dll with a .InterfaceVersion=53. An InterfaceVersion=54 was detected. [Service Release: 1.06]

 28. If you clicked on the Zoom button next to a Memo field and then displayed the Text Library and then clicked on the New button to create a new text library value, a large and small value text box would appear when only one should appear. [Service Release: 1.09]

 29. Under the Tools->Options menu, on the Documents.General tab, if the Due Date and Expires days fields were originally blank, the were now defaulting to 0 instead of blank, causing issues. After this fix is applied you will need to remove the 0 from these fields leaving them blank again. [Service Release: 1.09]

 30. On the F2Lookup list window, the placement codes of ; and % where being stripped out of the value in the list. [Service Release: 1.09]

 31. In the SaveFile dialog, when using the button to bring up the Windows file selection dialog, if you chose a file that already existed, it would ask you at two different times if you wanted to overwrite the file when it should have only asked once. [Service Release: 1.09]

 32. ForADI Realtime Users, the Customer Suffix for ADI could not be set in the Realtime Setup. For ADI customers with a suffix other than 000, an authentication error would be returned when requesting pricing from ADI. [Service Release: 1.09]

 33. For QuickBooks Online users, when the integration setup option is set to sync received payments to QuickBooks Online, the payments were exported to QuickBooks Online, but not marked as exported in QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 1.09]

 34. On the Zoom window when double clicking a Text Library item, and the Zoom text box was empty, it would insert a blank line. [Service Release: 1.09]

 35. In rare situations, when adding items in a listview grid could receive an Overflow error. [Service Release: 1.11]

 36. When deleting a Configuration Selection Container would receive errors about 'ContainerID' field. [Service Release: 1.14]

 37. When the option to Preserve Quote (or Order) when converting to Order was not set, the DTF file for the quote/order should have been deleted but it was not. Also when running the Merge Document Transport Files process and QuoteWerks was first installed before v23 build 1.14 and either of these options are not set, you will be warned that "it will errantly add these DTF documents of (not preserved quotes) into your database which is not what you would want" and to contact technical support on how to proceed. [Service Release: 1.14]