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Version 5.3 Build 1.14 Summary
59 New, 39 Fixes, and 9 Miscellaneous features Released on 11/27/2017
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New Features - Build 1
 1. ConnectWise 2018.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.04]

 2. ConnectWise 2017.6 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.04]

 3. ACT! version 20 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.04]

 4. Sage 50 Accounting 2018.1 US Edition (Peachtree) is now supported! [Service Release: 1.04]

 5. SugarCRM 7.10 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.04]

 6. Updated the User Interface with a new flat look! [Service Release: 1.04]

 7. The QuoteWerks Help system is now fully online rather than having a local copy of the Help File. This speeds up installation time significantly and updates to the Help Documentation are instantly seen by customers. [Service Release: 1.04]

 8. Line item quantity linking. With this feature you can setup a quantity link between line items. Simple select a line item that you want to drive the quantity of other line items, and the hold down the CTRL key and select all the other line items that you want to have their quantity affected by the quantity of the Parent item. Then click on the [Set Dependent Quantity] toolbar button above the Document Items grid. You will be prompted to enter the relative quantity multiplier. So, for example, you can use this so that for each car sold, it requires 4 of the tire items. Once you setup this dependent quantity, when you change the quantity for the car line item, the quantity line item with the tires will automatically be changed to the quantity of cars times 4. If you manually change the quantity in a line item that is setup as a quantity child it will remove the quantity link. If all the quantity children line items are deleted, the quantity link will be removed. When selecting a line item that has a parent or child quantity link information about the quantity link will be displayed in the status bar area. Also you can select a quantity parent or quantity child line item and click on the "Highlight Dependent Quantity Parent" or "Highlight Dependent Quantity Child" Grid Toolbar button menu to highlight them in the quote for you to see. [Service Release: 1.04]

 9. SimpleLabor feature. There is now a Simple Labor tab on the Edit Product window. Here you can enter basic information about the labor for the item including quantity, description, cost, price, manufacturer part number, item type, and tax code. When the product is added to the quote, this simple labor information will be added as an additional line item below it. This labor line item will be quantity linked to the product item so as you change the quantity of the main item, the simple labor item quantity will automatically change with it. If you need to enter more information for your labor item, you will need to just create a regular item and then set it as a required item with the quantity linked. There is a [Convert] button on the Simple Labor tab which will convert this simple labor information into a regular product item and make it a required item of the item. When importing products, you can import the Simple Labor information into the product with the fields: &LaborData.LaborQuantity, &LaborData.LaborDescription, &LaborData.LaborUnitCost, &LaborData.LaborUnitPrice, &LaborData.LaborTaxCode, and &LaborData.LaborLineAttributes. Since a Simple Labor item is not really an item, but rather fields of data in a host item, you cannot refresh pricing of the labor item once it is on the quote. [Service Release: 1.04]

 10. Section Header feature. You can now create sections (similar to tabs) in your quote. Simply choose the Edit->Insert Section Header menu. While simple they are also powerful in that SubTotal lines normally reset once they encounter another Subtotal line. Now, they will also reset when they encounter a Section Header line making it possible to do subtotals within the Sections. Also, the Summary Line now has the new feature to be able to display values from any Section Header line like, for example, the Monthly Recurring Amount total for all the items within a specific section. [Service Release: 1.04]

 11. Summary lines now have a new option to obtain their value from a Section Header line item field which make it easy to show Section Totals of monthly recurring and upfront amount on separate lines at the bottom of the section. Section Header Summary Lines can also display section totals from not just their own section that they are located in, but from any section in the quote. You can even use the TOTALING Summary Line to add up values from multiple sections and display that in a summary line. A percent discount line item can be used below a Summary Line item, but only if the Summary Line does not reference the section that the Percent discount line itself is in. [Service Release: 1.04]

 12. On the Opportunity Dashboard you can select a user to see the opportunities related to that user. Now, you can select a group and see all the opportunities for all the users in the selected group! While the logged in user can select a group, the logged in user will only see opportunities that they have access to see. If the Misc Access right of "CannotViewOthersDocuments" has been set for the logged in user, then no groups will appear in the list. [Service Release: 1.04]

 13. On the Open Document Window, the SalesRep and Prepared by search fields now have Groups as options in addition to sales rep names and . When a group is selected, the logged in user will only be able to see documents that they have rights to view. [Service Release: 1.04]

 14. Added new Dynamic Notes memo field on the Notes tab. This field also has a new [Insert User/DateTime stamp text] button making it really easy for users to enter notes into this field that are stamped with who typed the note and the date/time the note was entered. Also the Introduction, Closing, Purchasing, and Internal Notes fields all resize with the window size now. [Service Release: 1.04]

 15. QuoteValet templates now have access to more data macros like &SoldToLastName, &SalesRepInlineAddress, &LineAttributeHidePrice, &LineAttributeHideQuantity, &LineAttributeGroupMember, &LineAttributeOption, &LineAttributeSelectedOption, &RecurringRevenueMonthly, &LineTypeSummaryIsTotaling, &LineTypeSummaryIsSectionHeader, and more. [Service Release: 1.04]

 16. For QuickBooks Online Users, in the QuickBooks Online Setup, there is now an option on the Items tab that enables all Accounts to be returned when creating a new item in QuickBooks Online instead of being limited to the accounts that are documented in the QuickBooks Online API documentation. This is recommended for advanced users in specific instances only. If the wrong account is selected, an error will be returned when attempting to create a new product in QuickBooks and the document creation will be stopped. [Service Release: 1.04]

 17. For Autotask users, when setting up the integration for Autotask, there is now one master Autotask API user used for the entire QuoteWerks site instead of entering a separate login for each user in QuoteWerks. The API Credentials are entered on the Contacts->Setup Contact Manager menu. Each user will still need to enter their Autotask login email address under Tools->My Preferences. This is used to default the Owner and Assigned To values in drop down lists. [Service Release: 1.04]

 18. For Autotask Users, when saving an Autotask Quote, the eQuote is now set to active. [Service Release: 1.04]

 19. For Autotask Users, there can now be 2 of the same Service Item on an Autotask Quote. Previously, there was a limit to one unique service item. Any additional Service Items will be added as Cost Items to the Autotask Quote and the user will be notified of this in QuoteWerks to avoid any errors. [Service Release: 1.04]

 20. Added new DocumentItems columns "RecurringRevenueMonthly", "RecurringRevenueMonthlyWithTax", "RecurringRevenueWeekly", "RecurringRevenueWeeklyWithTax", "RecurringRevenueQuarterly", "RecurringRevenueQuarterlyWithTax", "RecurringRevenueAnnual", and "RecurringRevenueAnnualWithTax". [Service Release: 1.04]

 21. You can now set the "Exclude Line" attribute for section header, subtotal, running subtotal, percent discount, percent charge and group header lines. [Service Release: 1.04]

 22. There is now a Required Items tab on the Edit Product window. From there you can select an existing item to make it a required item of the item being currently edited, or you can create a new product that will be a required item for this item. This makes it much easier to manage required for individual products. A list of all items that have required items setup can be viewed from the Products->Required Items menu. [Service Release: 1.04]

 23. There is now an Optional Items tab on the Edit Product window. From there you can select an existing item to make it an option of the item being currently edited, or you can create a new product that will be an option for this item. This makes it much easier to manage optional items for individual products. A list of all items that have optional items setup can be viewed from the Products->Optional Items menu. [Service Release: 1.04]

 24. Required Items now have the option of "Link quantity to parent item". When this is set, as the parent item quantity is changed, this required item quantity will change also respecting the relative quantity between the parent item and the required item. Manually changing the required item quantity on the quote will disconnect the link if desired. [Service Release: 1.04]

 25. Optional Items now have the option of "Link quantity to parent item". When this is set, as the parent item quantity is changed, this Optional Item quantity will change also respecting the relative quantity between the parent item and the Optional item. Manually changing the Optional item quantity on the quote will disconnect the link if desired. [Service Release: 1.04]

 26. A Required Item, Bundle Item, and Selection Container Item now have a new line type option of Running Subtotal. [Service Release: 1.04]

 27. Bundles can now include static items that do not have to be retrieved from a product database to be included in a bundle. There is a new "[] Retrieve from Product Database" checkbox. When un-checked, this feature is designed to be used to add Comments, Subtotal, Running Subtotal, or Heading lines into your bundles. [Service Release: 1.04]

 28. Added a StyleCode 30 char text field column to the Document Items tab. This is a multi-purpose field that can be used to enter codes that you can design the FPC print layout to look for, giving you more control of the print layout output. Based on the codes, different sections can be activated in the layout when certain conditions are met, changing what the output looks like. [Service Release: 1.04]

 29. Added a Profit Margin column to the Document Items tab of the Quote WorkBook. Also DocumentHeaders.&ProfitMargin for print layout. Also <<&DI_&ProfitMargin>> in a Word document. [Service Release: 1.04]

 30. On the Product Lookup window, when searching with data in the ManufacturerPartNumber, VendorPartNumber, Manufacturer, or Keyword text boxes, the text in the text boxes will be automatically cleaned before the search is started. Any encapsulating quote symbols, leading or trailing space, and any carriage return and/or line feed characters will be removed. This is very useful when copying and pasting from PDF files, excel, websites, etc. This feature is also on the Quick Lookup bar on the main quote window. [Service Release: 1.04]

 31. The "Make PDF read-only" option on the Save PDF File window will now default to the Tools->My Preferences "Make PDF read-only option. This "Make PDF read-only" option primarily controls making the Deliverable PDF File that is generated when you email a quote or upload it to QuoteValet a read-only PDF. [Service Release: 1.04]

 32. Added option "Enable double-click to bring up F2 Lookup in text boxes." under the Misc.General tab of the Tools->My preferences menu. You can uncheck this if you want the dbl-click action in a text box to do the normal action of selecting a word. [Service Release: 1.04]

 33. Added [Move to Top] and [Move to Bottom] buttons on the View->Customize Columns window and the Customize Product Database Columns window. [Service Release: 1.04]

 34. Product Lookup window enhancements. The description and Manufacturer Part Numbers fields are now the top two fields, the description search field is wider, and the ItemType is now also displayed as a search field with a drop down list. [Service Release: 1.04]

 35. In the Product Import Wizard mapping, pressing a letter will select the first mapping starting with the letter pressed. The list of fields in the text file to map to also have the same new behavior. Also the spotlight search has been added to both the mapping selection list and the text file field list. [Service Release: 1.04]

 36. When selecting a Summary Line in the quote, the details of what is being summed will be displayed in the status area. [Service Release: 1.04]

 37. when items are selected to be added to a bundle, now as each item is added to the bundle, you are prompted with the Edit Bundle Item window so you can choose options for each bundle Item. [Service Release: 1.04]

 38. On the Purchasing tab of the Purchasing window, you can now search by DocNo. [Service Release: 1.04]

 39. On the Ordered Items tab of the Purchasing window, you can now search by DocNo. [Service Release: 1.04]

 40. On the Purchase Orders tab of the Purchasing window, there is now a right click option of Print..." [Service Release: 1.04]

 41. For SQL users, all Memo fields in the datbase have been converted from NTEXT to nvarchar(MAX) for better performance and also because the next version of SQL will discontinue the NTEXT field type. Only SQL Server 2005 and higher support nvarchar(MAX) fields so we have discontinued support for MS SQL versions earlier than 2005. [Service Release: 1.04]

 42. GoldMine 2018.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.05]

 43. Formula lines, Deposit Amount can now base their calculations on the UNitCost and ExtendedCost fields. [Service Release: 1.05]

 44. Summary lines can now total up the ExtendedCost field, and also reference a section header ExtendedCost field. [Service Release: 1.05]

 45. ACT! for Web version 20 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.07]

 46. Added new web browser "quotewerks://updatedocument" protocol handler. This is a great way to automate QuoteWerks actions from a web browser hyperlink like updating fields in a quote with information. You can use it to update fields in the currently open QuoteWerks document, or you can instruct QuoteWerks to open a specific quote and then populate certain fields with data. Use the parameters FindByRecGUID or FindByDocNo to open a specific quote. If neither of those parameters are passed the currently open document will be updated. Example: quotewerks://updatedocument?FindByDocNo=AAAQ1001&SoldToCompany=abccompany&CustomText01=Blue [Service Release: 1.08]

 47. On the Open Document window, there is now a right click menu for "Change DocStatus...". With this you can select multiple documents and change their DocStatus in a batch. [Service Release: 1.08]

 48. On the Open Document window, the right click menu option "Convert to Lost..." now works when multiple quotes are selected. [Service Release: 1.08]

 49. There is now an "Unlink Dependent Quantity" menu on the Toolbar button menu. You can use this to select a line item and unlink it from the quantity parent. [Service Release: 1.11]

 50. For ACT! users, when converting an existing opportunity to a closed opportunity the opportunity line items are now re-created. Also when the ACT! opportunity has been re-opened and the Quotewerks Order is re-saved, QuoteWerks will update the ACT! opportunity including all the line items. [Service Release: 1.11]

 51. For API Users, added new DocFunctions.DocumentAddFileLink method [Service Release: 1.11]

 52. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 is now supported! [Service Release: 1.11]

 53. Added 2 more highlight colors (Pink and Blue) for a total of 7 highlighting colors. [Service Release: 1.12]

 54. You can now change the labels of the Highlighting colors. For example, instead of the label "Yellow" you could rename it to "Needs Review" so that the colors have meaning to users. You can set the label names in the Settings Manager with the settings: SystemSettings\System\HighlightColor1Label SystemSettings\System\HighlightColor2Label SystemSettings\System\HighlightColor3Label SystemSettings\System\HighlightColor4Label SystemSettings\System\HighlightColor5Label SystemSettings\System\HighlightColor6Label SystemSettings\System\HighlightColor7Label [Service Release: 1.12]

 55. When selecting multiple files to add to the Links tab, there is now an [OK for All] button. [Service Release: 1.12]

 56. When looking up a contact under Contacts->Lookup and you click the User for [All] option, the contact lookup window will now close. [Service Release: 1.12]

 57. Under the Utilities->License Manager menu the QuoteValet, QuoteWerks Web, and QuickBooks Online integration subscription details are now displayed. [Service Release: 1.12]

 58. On the Tenant Account tab under the Tools->Options menu, there is now a [Validate Subscription] button for QuoteValet and QuoteWerks Web. [Service Release: 1.12]

 59. Added Misc Access rights CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_CustomText01 through CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_CustomText24, CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_CustomNumber01, CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_CustomNumber02, CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_CustomDate01, CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_CustomDate02, CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_CustomNumber01, and CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_CustomNumber02. [Service Release: 1.14]

Misc Features - Build 1
 1. The QuoteWerks Web Connector has been removed from the installer options. You can still run it by manually setting up a shortcut to run it during Windows startup. The Web Connector app is located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\QuoteWerks\QWWebConnector.exe [Service Release: 1.04]

 2. The PrimaryContacts table used for the built-in QuoteWerks Contact database. Now has a RecGUID text field in addition to the numeric ID field. The RecGUID value is now retrieved into the SoldToCMAccountNo field when a contact is selected for the quote. Previously the numeric ID field would be retrieved into the SoldToCMAccountNo field. All existing numeric ID values have been copied into the new RecGUID field and any new Contacts created or imported will now populate the RecGUID field with a GUID. [Service Release: 1.04]

 3. When selecting single line item on the Document Items tab that has a negative profit amount, the Profit Margin value on the Totals for selected items will show the profit margin instead of 0%. [Service Release: 1.04]

 4. For ConnectWise Users, when requesting existing ConnectWise Opportunities for a contact, the Statuses of "Lost", "Closed", and "Won" will be filtered from the request if they are closing statuses in ConnectWise. This could increase the speed of the Opportunity request. [Service Release: 1.04]

 5. For Autotask Users, the QuoteWerks Autotask Integrator ID is now supplied to Autotask when QuoteWerks communicates with Autotask. [Service Release: 1.04]

 6. For ConnectWise Users, added additional debug information to error messages from ConnectWise regarding inactive items. [Service Release: 1.04]

 7. Re-ordered the field tabbing order on all the online ordering windows. [Service Release: 1.04]

 8. For SYNNEX users, updated for change in SYNNEX warehouse location from "Olive Branch, MS" to "Southhaven, MS". [Service Release: 1.05]

 9. For Dell Premier Partners that place Dell Orders via QuoteWerks, the Ship To Email Address max length on the order has been increased from 30 characters to 255 characters. [Service Release: 1.14]

Fixes - Build 1
 1. Required Items can now include static items that do not have to be retrieved from a product database to be included in a list of Required Items. There is a new "[] Retrieve from Product Database" checkbox. When un-checked, this feature is designed to be used to add Comments, Subtotal, Running Subtotal, or Heading lines as required items. [Service Release: 1.04]

 2. For Autotask Users, the Autotask User list including Assign Tos and Owners would include all Autotask User types including API users. API users are no longer returned. [Service Release: 1.04]

 3. If a summary line was in group, when the quote was first opened the summary line would be 0.00, but once a numeric change was made to the quote would recalculate correctly. [Service Release: 1.04]

 4. For QuickBooks Desktop users, when receiving items from QuoteWerks, would sometimes receive error message "Creation of ItemReceipt record in QuickBooks for Vendor 'XXXX' failed. QuickBooks is reporting that this PO Item is already fully received! This can occur if you have already received the item against the QuickBooks PO from within the QuickBooks application itself." [Service Release: 1.04]

 5. For ConnectWise Users, when creating a ConnectWise Purchase Order, there was an issue with ConnectWise Warehouses that contained a comma. [Service Release: 1.04]

 6. For ConnectWise Users, when receiving PO Items in ConnectWise that are serialized with a Quantity greater than 1, an error would be returned "Serial number count must equal the UOM conversion quantity" and the item would not be received in ConnectWise. [Service Release: 1.04]

 7. On the File Links tab of the Quote WorkBook, the list of templates in the New button drop down would in rare circumstances not be sorted by name. [Service Release: 1.04]

 8. For ConnectWise users, when creating products in ConnectWise, an error would be occur if the QuoteWerks field mapped to the ConnectWise Product Identifier contained a Carriage Return (Cr). [Service Release: 1.04]

 9. For GoldMine users, when converting a quote to an order, a QuoteWerksDocument Detail record was getting created even if the original quote did not have a QuoteWerksDocument Detail record. [Service Release: 1.04]

 10. When setting the background color of a section in a print layout and the section contained a memo field that grew in size expanding the section, the background color would only be applied to the original size of the section. [Service Release: 1.04]

 11. When duplicating a document and choosing the "Remove Line Item SONumber, PONumber, OrderDate, and TicketNumber" option, the TicketNumber was not being removed. [Service Release: 1.04]

 12. For MS CRM users, sometime would receive error about "Unmatched organization". [Service Release: 1.04]

 13. For QuickBooks Online users, the list of tax rates was not being populated for some users of the international version of QuickBooks Online. [Service Release: 1.04]

 14. If the QuoteWerks\Resources\Templates folder was empty, QuoteWerks would freeze when loading a new or existing quote. [Service Release: 1.04]

 15. For Etilize users, when adding an Etilize item to the quote, and Etilize did not have an image for the item, a message box would be displayed with an error. Etilize made a server-side change that caused this error to be displayed. [Service Release: 1.04]

 16. When duplicating a document that contained QuoteValet videos, the videos were not in the duplicated document. [Service Release: 1.04]

 17. For QuickBooks Online Users, when selecting a tax code to use with QuickBooks Online, active and inactive tax codes would be available to select. Only active tax codes will be shown with this update. [Service Release: 1.04]

 18. For Autotask users, when searching Autotask Products, only the first 500 results would be returned from Autotask for the query (including Inactive products that would not be shown). Each Autotask request is limited to 500 results. With this update, the first 50,000 results will be returned with a products search (including Show All). [Service Release: 1.04]

 19. For API users, when using DocFunctions.SetDocumentHeaderValue with "ShippingCost" or "ShippingAmount" the document would not recalculate automatically so you needed to run DocFunctions.DocumentRecalculate. [Service Release: 1.04]

 20. In the layout designer, the date/time formatting options for date fields that contained time information was not being obeyed. [Service Release: 1.05]

 21. When editing a product, on the Optional Items tab, and adding an item, would receive error "SQL Execute Error in SQLConnExecuteWithRecordsetReturn() QuoteWerks trapped Error (-2147217900) Invalid column name 'PartNumber'." [Service Release: 1.05]

 22. For ConnectWise Users using ConnectWise version 2018.1 and higher, ConnectWise fixed the issue with Custom Fields on a ConnectWise Opportunity and the ConnectWise REST API. With this ConnectWise fix in place, QuoteWerks will now update the Custom Fields on a ConnectWise Opportunity meaning they will no longer be reverted back to default when QuoteWerks updates the Opportunity. [Service Release: 1.05]

 23. For QuoteValet users, when a customer selects options on QuoteValet that changes the quote total, if integrated with a CRM, the DTF file and Linked document attachment will be updated in the CRM, and you will be prompted to update the CRM opportunity if a CRM Opportunity has been created for the quote. This applies to ACT!, and ACT! for Web. [Service Release: 1.06]

 24. On the Purchasing tab of the Purchasing window, clicking on the Quantity, UnitCost or ExtendedCost column now sorts correctly. [Service Release: 1.06]

 25. The Medic Utility version was still version 5.1. [Service Release: 1.06]

 26. For QuickBooks Desktop users, when loading the QuickBooks Desktop setup window would receive error "Invalid property value" [Service Release: 1.06]

 27. For ConnectWise Users using ConnectWise version 2018.1 and higher, when updating a ConnectWise opportunity could receive the error "value is not a possible response" when there are custom fields on the ConnectWise Opportunity. Custom Fields on a ConnectWise Opportunity can not be written as a blank value using the ConnectWise 2018.1 Rest API. QuoteWerks will ignore Custom fields on the Opportunity that are blank or not set. [Service Release: 1.06]

 28. For fresh installations of version 5.3 when saving would receive error "SQL Execute Error in SQLConnExecuteEx() QuoteWerks trapped Error (0) No value given for one or more required parameters." [Service Release: 1.07]

 29. On the Purchasing window, when clicking on the Etilize button would receive error "Run-time error '450': Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment" [Service Release: 1.08]

 30. For Professional Edition users, synchronizing documents from the master to remotes, when a document was deleted from the master it was not synchronizing the deletion down to the remote. [Service Release: 1.11]

 31. When synchronizing documents from remote installations, if a quote was converted to an order with the option to not preserve the quote, both the quote and the order would end up becoming separate documents during the synchronization process. [Service Release: 1.12]

 32. The entries in the synchronization log would always indicate that the document was being synched from the Master to the Remote and never from the Remote to the Master. [Service Release: 1.12]

 33. For Autotask users, when creating a purchase order in Autotask, QuoteWerks would return an error stating there were no active warehouse locations when only one warehouse location exists in Autotask. The purchase order would not be created. [Service Release: 1.14]

 34. For QuickBooks Desktop users, when loading the setup screen would receive error 380. [Service Release: 1.14]

 35. For Ingram Micro online ordering users, Would receive error "OrderResponse:This order contains item(s) where the End User details are required by the Vendor. Please complete the details on the 'End User' tab and resubmit the order." when they had been completed. [Service Release: 1.14]

 36. In the Paste Special Wizard would receive error "Invalid column reference! Paste Special mapping references a mapping of 'X' for the field 'X', but there are only '0' column(s) of data in row X of post scope data" when the StartRow specified was higher than the total number of rows to be imported. [Service Release: 1.14]

 37. For Dell Premier Partners, the ShipToEmail Address is now a required field when placing an online order with Dell. [Service Release: 1.14]

 38. When converting a quote to an order and the option "Preserve Quote when converting to Order or Invoice" was not set, the RecGUID for the document is no longer changed. [Service Release: 1.14]

 39. In the layout designer if you applied the word wrapping attribute and variable number of lines attribute was set, the border and background color settings would be ignored. [Service Release: 1.14]