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Version 5.6 Build 4.06 Summary
27 New, 23 Fixes, and 7 Miscellaneous features Released on 08/11/2021
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New Features - Build 4
 1. When running Management Reports with the DocumentItems table, the &Picture field is now available.

 2. GoldMine 2021.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.06]

 3. For Maximizer CRM users, Maximizer CRM 2021 R2 is now supported. [Service Release: 4.06]

 4. For GoldMine users, there is now an option to have QuoteWerks close the GoldMine opportunity as Won for you when completing the forecasted sale to a completed sale. At that time you can specify the Status and Win reason. Similarly, when converting to a Lost Sale, there is now an option to have QuoteWerks close the GoldMine Opportunity as Lost. [Service Release: 4.06]

 5. For GoldMine users, when manually creating a GoldMine Opportunity through the QuoteWerks "Create/Update Forecasted Sale" window or the "Create/Update Completed Sale" window, if you create a new GoldMine Opportunity, but then choose to cancel the creation of the Forecasted or Completed Sale respectively, you will be warned that you will be orphaning the GoldMine Opportunity you just created, it will not be linked to the QuoteWerks document. [Service Release: 4.06]

 6. For GoldMine users, when the SoldTo is already linked to contact in GoldMine and you try to link a different GoldMine contact to the SoldTo, you will now receive a warning that if you do this, it will orphan an existing records in GoldMine related to this SoldTo (like linked documents, follow up calls, forecasted sales, etc). [Service Release: 4.06]

 7. For GoldMine users, on the Forecasted/Completed Sales tab of the GoldMine Integration Setup window there is now a "Update Goldmine Opportunity Name" option. When selected, the GoldMine Opportunities are renamed when the docno or docname changes. [Service Release: 4.06]

 8. For GoldMine users, on the complete sale window the opportunity status will now default to Won or Lost depending upon the action. [Service Release: 4.06]

 9. For GoldMine users, if you save changes to an order after the Completed Sale was created, the GoldMine Opportunity Closed amount will now be updated. [Service Release: 4.06]

 10. For Zoho CRM users, when searching for a contact, if selecting a contact and the contact address is empty, the address will be filled out with the address from the Account. [Service Release: 4.06]

 11. For HubSpot users, you can now select a Deal Pipeline on the HubSpot Deal window. [Service Release: 4.06]

 12. For HubSpot CRM users, you can now create a new HubSpot CRM Company and Contact record from the QuoteWerks SoldTo/ShipTo tab using the information already entered on the SoldTo/ShipTo tab. For the feature to be enabled, the Contact field cannot already be populated with a contact that was retrieved from HubSpot CRM. Also, the Company, and Contact must be populated. This feature is available on the toolbar above the SoldTo, ShipTo, and BillTo areas of the Quote WorkBook. There is also an Access Right "CannotCreateCRMContact" that you can set if you do not want specific users to be able to use this feature. [Service Release: 4.06]

 13. For HubSpot users, you can now select a default Deal Pipeline on the Deal tab in the HubSpot Integration Setup window. [Service Release: 4.06]

 14. The Product Import wizard now displays an estimated number of total records to be imported and also displays the estimated remaining time until import completion. [Service Release: 4.06]

 15. For ConnectWise Manage users, when retrieving recurring products from ConnectWise Manage, there is a new setup option to choose if the First Payment should be included in the Document Totals. In the QuoteWerks ConnectWise Manage setup, this option is found by navigating to the Product Tab and then to the Product List sub-tab. There check box is named "First Payment Included in Document Totals for Recurring Products". [Service Release: 4.06]

 16. When editing the cell contents in the Document Items grid, pressing CTRL+RIGHT ARROW will move the cursor to the beginning of the next word and similarly, pressing CTRL+LEFT ARROW will move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word. If the entire contents of the cell is selected, this will not happen. [Service Release: 4.06]

 17. On the Misc.General tab of the Tools->My Preferences window, there is now a new option of "Select contents when clicking in grid cell". When this set and you click in a grid cell on the Document Items tab, the entire contents of the cell will be selected. If this is not set, the cell contents will not be selected, and the cursor will appear in the cell at the position you clicked. [Service Release: 4.06]

 18. When Saving a PDF file from the File->Print window, when choosing the option to "Attach to CRM", there is now an option to set the Title for the CRM file attachment. The default Title will be the DocName. [Service Release: 4.06]

 19. From the Print Preview window, when clicking on the "Attach to CRM" toolbar button, there is now an option to set the Title for the CRM file attachment. The default Title will be the DocName. [Service Release: 4.06]

 20. For QuoteValet users, there is now an option on the General tab of the QuoteValet Setup window, for "[] On QuoteValet Page, Auto-Update Totals on changes". [Service Release: 4.06]

 21. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for UK Distributor ProVu Communications ( www.provu.co.uk ) if you have an account with this distributor and credentials are entered into QuoteWerks. Also, this real-time pricing is displayed on the Etilize Panel. [Service Release: 4.06]

 22. Added macro &PaymentOptions_SelectedType. Use this macro to return the Type of payment option that is selected. [Service Release: 4.06]

 23. Added macro &PaymentOptions_LeaseApplicationID. This macro is useful for GreatAmerica Financial customers that submit Lease Applications via QuoteWerks. Use this macro to return the Application ID returned from GreatAmerica when submitting a Lease Application. [Service Release: 4.06]

 24. On the Synchronization tab of the Tools->Options menu, if the "Look for synchronized data in dtf files" is checked, but you have not linked a contact/company to the quote, the "[] Create/update linked document" checkbox on the save window will not be checked and disabled like it normally would be if the quote is linked to a company/contact. [Service Release: 4.06]

 25. On the SoldTo/ShipTo tab toolbar, in addition to the "View Contact in Contact Manager" button there is now a "View Company in Contact Manager" button. [Service Release: 4.06]

 26. On the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook in the Auto-Links area, in addition to the "View Contact in CRM", there is now an additional link to "View Company in CRM". [Service Release: 4.06]

 27. ConnectWise 2021.2 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.06]

Misc Features - Build 4
 1. Renamed DocumentHeaders and DocumentItems ExtraXXX fields to replace the word "Extra" with "Addon", and the ExtraLogic01 field was dropped. These "AddOn" fields are now available in print layouts and reports, also macros like &DH_AddOnText01. These fields are accessible through the QuoteWerks API. These fields are not visible anywhere on the quote, they are meant to be a behind the scenes data storage area for developers. [Service Release: 4.06]

 2. The 'Utilities->Merge Remote Documents' menu was renamed to 'Merge Document Transport Files". Also the 'Utilities->Rebuild CM Transport Files' menu was renamed to 'Rebuild Document Transport Files'. [Service Release: 4.06]

 3. For the last 20 years, QuoteWerks has mostly relied upon the DocumentHeaders.SoldToCMAccountNo field to store the linked CRM contactID value in. Over the years as we have supported newer and different CRMs, it required that we also stored a SoldToCMCompanyRecID value which contained the record id of the CRM Company/Account. This SoldToCMCompanyRecID value has been stored in xml in the DocumentHeaders.DynamicStorageDH field. Additionally for salesforce.com and GoldMine the data stored in these fields is actually reversed. Changes have been made in this build. The DocumentHeaders.SoldToCMAccountNo field has been renamed to DocumentHeaders.SoldToCMContactRecID. There is now a DocumentHeaders.SoldToCMCompanyRecID field. There is now a DocumentHeaders.SoldToCMSecondaryContactRecID field. These same changes were applied to the "ShipTo" and "BillTo" counterpart fields. The "reversed" data for GoldMine and Salesforce.com has been corrected. [Service Release: 4.06]

 4. The MS CRM integration to version of MS CRM earlier than MS CRM 6.0 has been discontinued. [Service Release: 4.06]

 5. For Kaseya BMS users, when Creating/Updating a BMS Opportunity, if the list of available opportunities returned from Kaseya BMS for the Account exceeds 100, a label will appear as a visual indicator. [Service Release: 4.06]

 6. Activated beta testing support for SugarCRM 11.1 [Service Release: 4.06]

 7. For users rehosted to SQL, when importing products into an existing product database, the automatic backup of the existing data will be skipped if the product database has more than 150,000 records. Unfortunately, when a product database table contains this many records, it takes a long time to export all the data out, and the usual method of returning all records and then writing them all out causes "out of memory" issues. As a reminder, this automatic backup is not a replacement for proper full SQL database backups, but rather an extra resource in case accidental changes are applied to a product database. Normally, the backup is a tab delimited text file backup of the database and will be saved to a file with the same base name as the product database SQL table name like "Products_OurProducts" and will have a .bxx file extension. [Service Release: 4.06]

Fixes - Build 4
 1. For UPS realtime rates users, UPS changed their server API URL causing error "Error: ErrorCode: Function: GetShippingRateUPS"

 2. In the management reports, for a DocumentItems table, many "&" macro fields were listed as available which should not have been including &LineNumberXXX fields.

 3. For Goldmine users, when converting a quote to an order and converting the forecasted sale to a completed sale, if the forecasted sale was linked to an Opportunity, the amount would still be displayed in the opportunity as forecasted. [Service Release: 4.06]

 4. For Zoho CRM users, when saving a new quote with 'Offline' selected on the save dialog, if a contact wasn't pulled from Zoho, a Run-time error '91' would occur. [Service Release: 4.06]

 5. For SugarCRM users, if a comma is used as a decimal separator, the value of the opportunity is multiplied by 100. [Service Release: 4.06]

 6. For SugarCRM users, the call status of "Planned" was showing instead of "Scheduled" on the SugarCRM Call form dropdown control. [Service Release: 4.06]

 7. For Autotask users, a QuoteWerks Datalinked Autotask Quote Item field could have the same value set as the previous QuoteWerks line item. [Service Release: 4.06]

 8. When running a management report with the option to export the data would receive an error like "Error opening recordset in ConnOpenRecordset(): QuoteWerks trapped Error (-2147217900) Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'ORDER'." [Service Release: 4.06]

 9. Under the Tools->My Preferences menu, When pasting your password into the Change password box (versus typing it in) would receive error that your password was not valid. Also if you tab back into a password box that has data in it, it will be auto-selected. [Service Release: 4.06]

 10. When editing User Preferences through the Utilities->User Maintenance menu, the "New Document Default Template" would always get changed to the value for the logged in user. [Service Release: 4.06]

 11. When importing a Text file into the QuoteWerks Contact Database, and mapping the First and Last name fields, this information was not getting imported. [Service Release: 4.06]

 12. Setting the default order/invoice literature along with the "Apply this literature to documents that are converted to an Order/Invoice" was not working. [Service Release: 4.06]

 13. When Importing Contacts, if starting the import by loading an Import Template, the Line Delimiter and sample data was not getting set. [Service Release: 4.06]

 14. For Kaseya BMS users, when Creating/Updating a BMS Opportunity, the Drop-down list of available BMS Opportunities to select from included all Kaseya BMS Opportunities associated with the Account. Only Opportunities in the Kaseya BMS Pipeline will be returned. The Pipeline Opportunities are equivalent to Open Opportunities (Not Lost or Won). [Service Release: 4.06]

 15. For QuickBooks Online Users, the available Tax Rate list would be blank in some cases when using a non-period decimal separator such as a comma. [Service Release: 4.06]

 16. For SYNNEX users, when requesting Real-time Pricing and Availability, an error 173 could be returned. TLS 1.2 will now be used when making XML calls to SYNNEX. [Service Release: 4.06]

 17. For Salesforce.com users, changes made in the Salesforce Setup window were not being saved. This issue was introduced in v5.6 b3.36 [Service Release: 4.06]

 18. For MS CRM users, the contact was not being updated for an existing MS CRM Quote when the Sold To contact information was updated on an existing QuoteWerks quote. [Service Release: 4.06]

 19. For ConnectWise Manage users, when QuoteWerks was creating a Contact in ConnectWise and the ConnectWise Manage field used for "Mobile Phone" could not be determined, the contact creation would fail. If there is not a Communication Type in ConnectWise Manage as a "phone type" named "Cell" or "Mobile", the mobile field filled out in QuoteWerks will not be sent to ConnectWise Manage when creating a new contact. This fix will work for ConnectWise Manage v2020.1 and higher. [Service Release: 4.06]

 20. For Etilize users, the "Item Detail" tab was visible on the Product Lookup window and should not have been. [Service Release: 4.06]

 21. For GoldMine users, when searching for a contact and then selecting it, the email address was not being pulled into the quote. [Service Release: 4.06]

 22. In the Product Lookup window, on the Etilize panel, the [Update] button was appearing and should not have. If clicked caused runtime 9 to occur. [Service Release: 4.06]

 23. Blank error messages during new build data conversion. [Service Release: 4.06]