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Version 4.8 Build 01.05 Summary
17 New, 9 Fixes, and 3 Miscellaneous features Released on 11/14/2012
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New Features - Build 1
 1. QuoteValet Shopping Cart. Create online order forms with the QuoteValet shopping cart. Use them to automate customer re-orders or to receive paid orders from a promotional email blast. The QuoteValet Shopping cart is included, at no extra charge, in your QuoteValet subscription! It is easy to setup and use, simply 1) save/upload the order form, 2) grab the shopping cart URL, and then 3) email the shopping cart URL to your customer or include in your promotional email blast. It's that easy! Orders will appear in your QuoteValet Dashboard. Get used to coming into work each morning to an inbox full of paid orders from your QuoteValet Shopping Cart. The QuoteValet Shopping Cart is great for many uses, but here are two in particular. First, with your established customer base, they probably routinely order consumable items from you, low dollar items that you probably don't make much money on. Use the QuoteValet Shopping Cart to automate this process. You simply setup a Shopping Cart OrderForm template that contains all the items your customer typically orders and then give them the QuoteValet Shopping Cart website URL to go to whenever they need to order these items and from that point on you will simply receive orders in your inbox. No more phone calls and emails trying to identify the correct items to re-order. The other great way to use the QuoteValet Shopping Cart is to create an OrderForm for some kind of item, like a limited time special offer discount, like an HP Server, for example, and you can even set an expiration date on the OrderForm. Then you simple send out an email blast to all your customers pointing them to this Shopping Cart Order Form and simply put, you will have an order waiting for you in your QuoteValet Dashboard from anyone that was interested!

 2. When placing Online Orders, the order is now saved in QuoteWerks and is available under the Purchase Order and Ordered Items tabs on the Purchasing window.

 3. Procurement Tracking. For Online Orders placed through QuoteWerks with D&H, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and Tech Data, realtime order shipping updates are now available. You will receive realtime order status including line item shipping status, estimated ship date, ship date, warehouse fulfillment locations, shipping tracking numbers, product serial numbers, and more - all on a single screen in QuoteWerks. Customers have higher and higher expectations everyday, if they get down to the minute order status updates from large $100 million a year company, they expect it from you too, and with QuoteWerks, you can deliver that! How often do you get a call from your customer like "Where is that server I ordered?". Some companies have to pay a full time person just to keep up with order status requests. With the Procurement Tracking feature, you can spend less time tracking your orders and more time building your business. Not only can you track order status, you can keep track of the actual fulfillment. Sure, you placed the order with 5 items on it, but has it shipped? Did all 5 items ship? Have you actually received all the items? UPS says it was delivered, but you don't have it. Do you have all the items you need for Customer ABC to do the job for them? You submitted one PO, but how many sales orders did the distributor split that into? All of these answers are now provided by QuoteWerks.

 4. For QuoteValet users, there is a new Activity Notifications tab in the QuoteValet setup under the QuoteValet tab of the Tools->Options menu. For key QuoteValet events like when a QuoteValet Mobile quote is created, a quote is accepted, or when payment is made, in addition to the sales rep receiving email notifications, you can specify additional users/email addresses to receive a CC or BCC of the notification. This is especially useful for keeping the accounting department in the loop when payments are received and for keeping sales managers in the loop when quotes are accepted.

 5. For QuoteValet users, uploading a quote to QuoteValet always requires that the customer electronically sign before you can collect payment. Now, if you start with an ORDER type of document in QuoteWerks and upload it to QuoteValet your customer can immediately provide payment without having to first electronically sign.

 6. For QuoteValet Mobile users, volume priced items are now supported.

 7. We have a new FedEx and UPS shipping rates integration enabling you to obtain real-time shipping quotes from your carriers. Use it to calculate your shipping costs, mark them up and pass them through to your customer. Choose from a grid of available services and pricing like Ground, Overnight, Two day, etc. You can also easily give your customers shipping option choices (complete with pricing) such as Ground, Overnight, etc. Requires the realtime module. You will need to have an account with FedEx or UPS to use this feature. The feature is setup under the Shipping tab of Real-time tab under the Tools->Options menu.

 8. Azure product database support. You can now host your QuoteWerks Product Databases in the cloud through Microsoft Azure. If you have multiple QuoteWerks installations and want to keep the product databases up to date, you currently have to get the remote installations to synchronize on a regular basis. With the Azure support, you can just setup one or more QuoteWerks product databases to be hosted on Azure and then all the remote installations of QuoteWerks can simply use that same shared product database so there no longer is a need to synchronize the product database. We've made it really easy to move your QuoteWerks product database up to the Azure cloud, simply right click on a QuoteWerks native product database and choose "Upload/Migrate to Azure". Another great use for this feature is for manufacturers that have dealers or any company that wants to share their QuoteWerks price list with other QuoteWerks users. In this case the manufacturer creates an Azure QuoteWerks product database and then provides their dealers with the read-only credentials to this Azure database. It is that simple. The Corporate Edition is required for the Azure integration.

 9. Our product content subscription (powered by Etilize) now has a new PartLocator service. Distributors add new parts to their websites daily and subscription services have a tough time keeping up with that pace. Now, QuoteWerks provides you with ALL the parts from your distributors D&H, Ingram Micro (USA and Canada), SYNNEX, and Tech Data (USA only). We've negotiated deals with the distributors to host their product data so as to provide our mutual customers with the best experience possible.

 10. With Audit Trail Tracking, key events are recorded creating an audit trail of changes made to the document such as: a) when the document is saved b) who an email is sent from the quote, email address (to/subject/attachments), c) when the document is uploaded to QuoteValet for customer, peer review, approval, mobile template, d) when the document is updated with customers selections from QuoteValet, e) when the document is converted to an order or invoice, f) when the document is exported to QuickBooks or Peachtree, g) when the document approval is requested through QuoteWerks or QuoteValet, and h) when the document is approved through QuoteWerks or QuoteValet. The current date, time, and logged-in user is recorded along with the event. Using the "Audit Trail Transaction Record Macros" option under the Security tab of the Tools->Options menu you can choose what other information from the document you would like to record in the even such as GrandTotal, LineCount, DocStatus, etc. Also on the Security tab is a "Enable Audit Trail Backup files" checkbox. This will create a backup copy of the document (under the \History\AuditTrail folder) every time the document is saved. Under the File->Properties menu you can see the audit trail events and also a listing of the "Audit Trail Backup Files" and "Automatic Backup Files".

 11. For QuoteValet Mobile users, that use ConnectWise, there is now a new Contacts bottom tab where you can choose the ConnectWise contact from your ConnectWise database while creating a QuoteValet mobile quote.

 12. The QuoteWerks Sales Tax Rate lookup service now displays the date the QuoteWerks Tax Table was Last Updated, and also displays the effective date of each of the City, State, County, etc taxes which is very useful in determining exactly when new tax rates have taken effect.

 13. On the Groups tab of the Utilities->User Maintenance menu, there is now a Group Members list that displays the members of each group when selected.

 14. ConnectWise 2012.2 is now supported!

 15. On the Realtime tab of the Tools->Options menu, added a [Test] button for Tech Data, Ingram Micro, SYNNEX, and D&H to test the real-time credentials on their respective tabs. [Service Release: 01.05]

 16. A new Word merging template "MSP Word Proposal.doc" is now included. [Service Release: 01.05]

 17. A new management report "Totals For All Items by Rep" is now included. [Service Release: 01.05]

Misc Features - Build 1
 1. Renamed the "Product Content" tab to "OpenICEcat" under the Real-time tab under the Tools->Options menu.

 2. For MS CRM users, When linking to an existing MS CRM Opportunity, Only the first 20 Opportunities would be returned. Now all Open Opportunities are returned.

 3. For Etilize Users, if the "Remove Manufacturer Part Number from Etilize Description" setting is selected, the Manufacturer Part Number will now also be removed from the Etilize Spec Sheet.

Fixes - Build 1
 1. Text field changes in QuoteValet quote would be applied to the QuoteWerks quote, but not numeric field changes.

 2. For MS CRM users, when integrating with MS CRM Quotes - If the Description of an Item was over 500 characters, the line would not be created in the MS CRM Quote. This would cause the quote totals in MS CRM not to match QuoteWerks.

 3. For MS CRM users, when selecting MS CRM 5, the credentials were not saving on the user preferences form.

 4. On the Edit Product Window, on the Pricing tab, if choosing "Formula Based" for Item Pricing Method, and if the ExtendedList field was selected as the field to base the calculation on, it would be ignored and the ExtendedPrice would be used.

 5. For Outlook BCM users, Home accounts were not being shown for a contact search if a user selected 'Accounts' as their contacts folder and set their address type to 'Home'.

 6. For Tech Data users, when placing online order, if the new "Delivery Confirmation (FedEx Only)" MyOrderTracker option was set, would receive an error "Invalid My OrderTracker event code 'OD'" [Service Release: 01.02]

 7. For Tech Data users, in the Order Status the Tech Data line item status of "BLOCKED" was not being detected. [Service Release: 01.02]

 8. For ConnectWise users, "run-time error '92': For loop not initialized searching ConnectWise product list. Would happen when connection to ConnectWise timed out. [Service Release: 01.05]

 9. For ConnectWise users, "run-time error '91': Object variable or With block variable not set" when selecting a ConnectWise contact that has been deleted from ConnectWise, but is still in the ConnectWise recycle bin. [Service Release: 01.05]