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Version 5.4 Build 6.02 Summary
10 New, 22 Fixes, and 2 Miscellaneous features Released on 05/15/2019
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New Features - Build 6
 1. E-Mail templates can now include TO, CC, and BCC email addresses. These email addresses will be appended to the email addresses in these fields when the template is used. [Service Release: 6.01]

 2. E-Mail Templates have the ability to specify and include TO, CC, and BCC email addresses in the e-mail template. Now there is an option to control if these email addresses replace the existing email addresses in the e-mail, or just get appended to the list. [Service Release: 6.01]

 3. On the E-Mail Template Manager window, there is now a Save & Close button you can use to quickly change a template, then Save & Close the window in one click. This is also available for saving a Snippet. [Service Release: 6.01]

 4. For QuoteValet users, added new Activity Notifications under the Activity Notifications tab in the QuoteValet setup under the QuoteValet tab of the Tools->Options menu. For the QuoteValet events "Customer Intends to Pay", "Payment Failed", "Comment Posted by Customer", "Comment Posted by Sales Rep" and "Expired Quote Viewed".In addition to the sales rep receiving these email notifications, you can specify additional users/email addresses to receive a CC or BCC of the notification. This is especially useful for keeping the accounting department and sales managers in the loop. [Service Release: 6.01]

 5. For Zoho CRM users, you can now clear out a user's saved credentials in QuoteWerks. [Service Release: 6.01]

 6. Added macros &APP_LoggedInUserCustomText01 and &APP_LoggedInUserCustomText02. [Service Release: 6.01]

 7. The list of macros to insert into an E-Mail template is now sorted. [Service Release: 6.01]

 8. In the Send E-Mail window you can now choose which user's templates appear in your list of E-Mail templates to choose from. There is a new "" option in the email template selection drop down that you can use to manage this list. [Service Release: 6.01]

 9. Maximizer CRM v17.3 now supported! [Service Release: 6.02]

 10. Maximizer CRM v17.2 now supported! [Service Release: 6.02]

Misc Features - Build 6
 1. On the Send Email window, dbl-clicking on the To, From, CC, and BCC text boxes will now just highlight the text instead of displaying the F2 lookup list since the Email address selection button displays a window that lets you choose from 'Manual Recipient List' which is the same as the F2 Lookup list. [Service Release: 6.01]

 2. The SMTP and MailMessage controls were updated. [Service Release: 6.01]

Fixes - Build 6
 1. On the Send Email window, the drop-down list of templates now groups all the Public email templates together and they are listed below the logged in users email templates in the list. [Service Release: 6.01]

 2. For GoldMine users, when sending an Email and choosing the Plain Text option, and choosing to log the sent email in GoldMine history, the plain text message was not being saved with the history record. [Service Release: 6.01]

 3. When sending an email and choosing the Plain Text option, and also performing a spell check, the email body would be changed to HTML code. [Service Release: 6.01]

 4. For MS CRM users, some custom opportunity fields were causing QuoteWerks to display an XML error message when loading the Opportunity window. [Service Release: 6.01]

 5. For MS CRM users, some fields with apostrophes would cause QuoteWerks to crash [Service Release: 6.01]

 6. For MS CRM users, when when loading opportunity window, if a field contained an apostrophe character, the opportunity window would freeze. [Service Release: 6.01]

 7. For Zoho CRM users, would receive an error message if they tried to rename a document that did not have an opportunity attached. [Service Release: 6.01]

 8. For Zoho CRM users, would receive an error message if they tried to save a quote that was saved earlier with a blank amount filled out for the quote line item. [Service Release: 6.01]

 9. If the access right of CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DH_SoldToPriceProfile was set, and you tried to use the DataLink to populate this field, it would not populate. [Service Release: 6.01]

 10. If a user had the right of "CannotModifyTemplates" and a template was open, the auto-save would save changes. [Service Release: 6.01]

 11. In a fresh demo installation, when opening the sample quote would receive error about DocRecGUID. [Service Release: 6.01]

 12. If the Access right "CannotManuallyModifyFieldValue:DI_ManufacturerPartNumber" was set, and you tried to change any other column value on the Document Items grid would incorrectly receive the error saying you did not have the rights to change the column value. [Service Release: 6.01]

 13. In F2Lookup the list was sorting case sensitive. [Service Release: 6.01]

 14. When sending an email via SMTP that had a line that started with a period, the attachment would be corrupted. [Service Release: 6.01]

 15. When submitting an electronic order with Amazon Business that had multiple line items on the Purchase Order, the order would appear to be submitted successfully, but the order would not actually be placed with Amazon Business. [Service Release: 6.01]

 16. The Most Recently Used (MRU) list of templates was not getting updated. [Service Release: 6.01]

 17. On the Customize E-Mail Templates window, switching between different templates would repeatedly load the list of macros to insert into an E-Mail template, causing duplicate entries to appear. [Service Release: 6.01]

 18. If "Use 8-bit encoding" setting on E-Mail.Misc tab of Tools->My Preferences was unchecked, and a Plain Text format was selected, the email would be sent with no email body. [Service Release: 6.01]

 19. When the Misc Access right of CannotViewOthersEmailTemplates was set, would receive error "Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'ORDER'" when the Send E-Mail window was loaded. [Service Release: 6.02]

 20. For MS CRM users, closing an opportunity could have CDATA saved in the name. [Service Release: 6.02]

 21. For Zoho CRM users, if no business types were defined for Zoho Deals, woudl receive error when a user attempted to create a new Deal. [Service Release: 6.02]

 22. For Sage 50 (Peachtree) users, the DataLink was not working. [Service Release: 6.02]