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    This short video demonstrates how to use QuoteWerks to import Dell Order Requisitions into QuoteWerks and how to setup the integration. You will need to have a Dell Premier account in order to use this integration as well as the Real-time module for QuoteWerks.
QuoteWerks CPQ Integrates with Dell

Dell Premier Integration

The QuoteWerks Dell integration enables Dell Premier Partners with Punchout credentials, the ability to import quotes, create order requisitions, and even place orders with Dell.

Create Winning Quotes and Proposals

Enhance your Dell quoting experience by making QuoteWerks your CPQ solution to streamline the quote and proposal process, giving you a better chance to win every opportunity.

QuoteWerks CPQ enables Dell Premier Partners to integrate the tools and resources Dell provides into a quoting solution designed for speed and efficiency. Instead of wasting time and risking costly errors by manually entering information, QuoteWerks does the work for you — quickly creating professional quotes and proposals for your leads, prospects, and customers.

The QuoteWerks integration with Dell Overview

The QuoteWerks Dell integration enables Dell Premier Partners with Punchout credentials to import Dell order Requisitions from the Dell Premier portal and place electronic orders directly from QuoteWerks. Users can initiate a new Dell order requisition from within QuoteWerks, choose items on the Dell website (or select a quote your Dell sales rep created for you), and then import those items into the QuoteWerks quote. QuoteWerks can then order those items electronically through Dell.

QuoteWerks CPQ and Dell Punchout to create Quotes and Orders

Note: The Dell integration is included in the Corporate Edition with the Real-time Module license. To find out more about what Procurement functionality is included in each QuoteWerks edition, use the QuoteWerks Purchasing, Procurement, and Receiving Comparison Matrix.

If you are not a Dell Premier Partner or do not want to use the Dell Premier Portal Punchout Functionality, QuoteWerks can import Quotes created by your Dell Sales Representative using our Quote Importer.

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