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Version 4.7 Build 04.02 Summary
16 New, 8 Fixes, and 10 Miscellaneous features Released on 03/09/2012
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New Features - Build 4
 1. Outlook 2010 BCM is now supported!

 2. SugarCRM 6.4 is now supported!

 3. MS CRM 5.0 Live (Passport/Microsoft Hosted) and Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) options are now supported!

 4. Attach File to CRM feature. With this feature you can automatically and manually attach files to your CRM. When emailing a quote to your customer as a PDF file, the PDF file will automatically be attached. When uploading a quote to QuoteValet and Emailing the customer the notification, the PDF file of the quote will automatically be attached. You can manually attach a file to your CRM by right clicking on a file in the Links tab, on the Print Preview window, and also from the Print window Save as PDF option. This makes the PDF version of the quote viewable by any colleagues that have access to the CRM record without having to have QuoteWerks installed. Particularly useful for the service or technical side of the business having access to the details of the job that was quoted. This new feature is turned on by default and can be controlled with the setting "[]Automatically attach PDF sent to customer by E-Mail or QuoteValet to the CRM Account or Opportunity." located on the Print tab of the Tools->Options menu.When using this feature with Autotask, ConnectWise, salesforce.com, you need to attach the quote to an opportunity first. Once the quote is associated with the CRM opportunity, QuoteWerks knows to automatically attach the PDF to the CRM Opportunity. When using this feature with ACT! 2005+, GoldMine, Outlook, Outlook BCM, MS CRM, Maximizer 10+, SugarCRM, and SalesLogix you need to link the quote to a CRM contact first. Once the quote is linked with the CRM contact, QuoteWerks knows to automatically attach the PDF to the CRM contact.

 5. You can now manually associate a picture with a line item in the quote. Previously this would happen only through Etilize or through the picture specified in the product Definition in a product database. This new feature is useful for attaching "one-off" pictures to an item in the quote. There is a "Show/Hide Set Picture Panel" button on the Quote WorkBook. This will display a new panel making it easy to see the current picture and associate a picture with the item. You can also drag a picture file onto the [Select Picture] button.

 6. For MS CRM 4.0 and higher users, when creating an MS CRM quote from QuoteWerks, the MS CRM's quote freight field is now populated with the QuoteWerks Shipping Amount.

 7. For MS CRM 5.0 users, the "Display contact in Contact Manager" button on the SoldTo/ShipTo tab, is now available.

 8. The web browser "quotewerks:" protocol handler introduced with QuoteValet as a way to open QuoteWerks quotes using a URL. Now it has been updated to support all the functionality supported by the QuoteWerks Web Connector, thereby eliminating the need for the QuoteWerks Web Connector. This is particularly beneficial for terminal service users because the WebConnector would need to be setup for each terminal server user on a different manually specified port number, whereas none of this setup will now be required with the new "quotewerks:" protocol handler. The Web Connector is used mostly in conjunction with web based CRM packages like salesforce.com and SugarCRM. It can also be used with any system that can launch a Web Link (URL). Using this feature it is possible to automate QuoteWerks creating a new quote and populating it with information from the web url. To modify existing web urls to work with the new "quotewerks:" protocol handler, simply change "http://localhost:1001/" to "quotewerks://"

 9. On the QuoteValet Dashboard, when it is first loaded, it now defaults to only showing activity for the logged in sales rep vs All activity. This results in faster load up time. Additionally, it will remember the last sales rep selection and use this as the default until QuoteWerks is restarted.

 10. On the options tab of the Open Export Module setup there is now a new "Do not export Heading Lines" option.

 11. The QuoteValet Dashboard window can now be minimized and there is now a Refresh button on the Payments tab (in addition to the F5 key refreshing the list of payments).

 12. The default cc and bcc email addresses are now used in the QuoteValet "Your quote is ready" and "Payment Request" emails.

 13. In the SITE.ini file under the [System] section, you can set the key MaxMRUFiles=15 to show up to 15 of the most recently opened quotes under the File menu.

 14. Holding down the SHIFT key while clicking on the File menu will change the Close menu to be a Close All menu which will Close All open documents.

 15. When exporting a document to a DTF file choosing "Other location", the last folder location selected is now remembered.

 16. ConnectWise 2012.1 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.01]

Misc Features - Build 4
 1. The QuoteWerks User Manual is now a PDF file. It used to be a Word document DOC file. PDF files are much easier to search.

 2. The pipe character "|" was being interpreted as a new line character in the layout designer. For this change to take effect the field must be removed and re-added to the layout.

 3. Updated redemption.dll to version 5.2 for Outlook 2010 BCM.

 4. The main Quote WorkBook has a more flat appearance.

 5. Added new settting to the backend.ini file. Under the [Backend] section, the key SQLForceUNICODE=-1 is used to force QuoteWerks to save to the SQL database in UNICODE format. This is needed in some countries depending upon their language and character sets.

 6. Under the Contacts->Setup Contact Manager menu, for all of the CRMs, the CRM user credentials are now stored in separate ini keys which makes it much easier for resellers to demo QuoteWerks with different CRM systems. Also, the user credentials for all of the CRMs that requires user level credentials can now be specified on the Contacts->Setup Contact Manager menu.

 7. For Etilize users, on the Quote Workbook, when using the Etilize panel to obtain information about line items in the quote, if a line item had "Cisco" for the manufacturer instead of "Cisco Systems", the Cisco item would not be found in Etilize.

 8. The send email packet size was increased from 4K to 32K which results in e-mails sending over 8x faster!

 9. For QuoteValet Payment Processing users, our PayPal PayFlowPro integration now supports some additional fields required for some configurations. [Service Release: 4.01]

 10. If a document is locked, you can now scroll the read only fields on the Notes tab. [Service Release: 4.02]

Fixes - Build 4
 1. For QuoteValet users, when using Etilize, sometimes the auto generated file name for pictures downloaded from Etilize would cause problems when uploaded to the QuoteValet server.

 2. On the Edit Product window, the "Print Line" attribute was being ignored.

 3. On the Product Lookup window, right click menu, the View Item URL was not being displayed if the real-time module was not enabled.

 4. When exporting payments to QuickBooks, the payment method and deposit account mappings were not being used.

 5. UnitOfPricing factor field was not being accounted for when creating products in CRM opportunities.

 6. Would receive error 91 when opening some quotes. [Service Release: 4.01]

 7. When inserting a new text field into the layout designer the word wrapping would not work correctly. [Service Release: 4.02]

 8. When creating a new product in the Product Database the PrintLine attribute was defaulting to false. [Service Release: 4.02]