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Version 23. Build 4.06 Summary
7 New, 13 Fixes, and 2 Miscellaneous features Released on 04/21/2023
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New Features - Build 4
 1. Added support for Goldmine 2023.2!

 2. Added support for SugarCRM 13.0!

 3. For QuoteWerks Web users, when editing a layout in QuoteWerks Desktop, if the QuoteWerks Desktop Layout file is updated with a newer file from QuoteWerks Web, a backup will be made of the QuoteWerks Desktop Layout file. Backups are located under the \QuoteWerks\Backups folder. [Service Release: 4.01]

 4. Act! v25 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.06]

 5. Act! for web v25.0 is now supported! [Service Release: 4.06]

 6. For Product Content Subscribers (Etilize), we've brought back screen scraping pricing for Newegg and Provantage using next generation screen scraping technologies. [Service Release: 4.06]

 7. On the Configurations window, there is now a right click "Copy Part Number" menu on the Configuration Items list. [Service Release: 4.06]

Misc Features - Build 4
 1. Version checking for the GoogleContacts integration has been disabled. [Service Release: 4.06]

 2. Realtime Shipping Rates for UPS and FedEx were converted to .NET. [Service Release: 4.06]

Fixes - Build 4
 1. For Hubspot users, larger quotes could receive rate limit errors from Hubspot when saving a Deal.

 2. The F2Lookup window list now has focus on loading and pressing ENTER on a selected entry presses the [Select/Replace] button. Also the first entry in the list is now selected by default. [Service Release: 4.01]

 3. On the Product Lookup window when a non Etilize product source is selected, and a product in the grid is selected, and the Product Sourcing Panel is open, and a Non-Etilize/Non-Realtime Product Data Source is selected, and the [Select/Add] button is pressed, the Price of the item in the quote would be 0. [Service Release: 4.01]

 4. If the Misc Access right "CannotDeleteDocuments" was set, the user was still able to use the option to delete previous revisions when Converting the Quote to an Order. [Service Release: 4.01]

 5. For Hubspot CRM users, the CRMOppHeader_CreateUpdate datalink values were not being created on a new Deal. This issue happened as a result of Hubspot updating their API calls for creating and finding a deal. [Service Release: 4.06]

 6. When deleting a Configuration, all the selection containers and selection container items would be deleted but the ConfigurationHeader record did not get deleted. [Service Release: 4.06]

 7. For HubSpot CRM users, when saving to an existing HubSpot deal the owner was set to the first alphabetical entry in the owner's list. [Service Release: 4.06]

 8. For HubSpot CRM users, child companies with no contacts were not being displayed on the Lookup window. [Service Release: 4.06]

 9. In-Use Document Warning had wrong UTC time offset applied to it. [Service Release: 4.06]

 10. For D&H online ordering users would erroneously receive error message about 'warehouse code not found'. [Service Release: 4.06]

 11. For Product Content Subscribers, on the Item Details tab of the Product Sourcing Panel on the Quote Workbook, the Etilize description choices were not loading. [Service Release: 4.06]

 12. The Misc Access Right "NonMasterRightsUser_CanAdministerAnyUsersDocuments" was not letting the user view everyone's documents. [Service Release: 4.06]

 13. For Corporate Edition users, the oEventParms object was not available to the VBScripting code. [Service Release: 4.06]