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Version 4.7 Build 08.09 Summary
22 New, 10 Fixes, and 9 Miscellaneous features Released on 09/13/2012
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New Features - Build 8
 1. When sending email, there is now a new "Hide TO Recipients from each other" option and you can also address to the email to recipients by selecting vendor email addresses from the Utilities->Vendors list. These seemingly innocuous features are very powerful. With these you can now create an RFQ and choose multiple vendors to email the same RFQ to and the email will be sent to them individually addressed to each of them separately from you, and they will not see the other vendors that the RFQ has been emailed to. This is a real advantage over using Outlook to do this. If you send this kind of email from Outlook it will be sent to "undisclosed recipients" rather than an individual person. The workaround most people use is to send the email to themselves from themselves and BCC the vendor. This does not look professional and is often caught by spam filters. Of course, in Outlook you can just manually create a separate email for each vendor and attach the PDF RFQ, but that is a lot of work that this feature now eliminates.

 2. For GoldMine users, when using the new "Hide TO Recipients from each other" option, each sent email is logged in GoldMine (if the email address is found in GoldMine) as if it was sent from GoldMine.

 3. On the Send Email window, a count of the number of email recipients in the TO, CC, and BCC boxes is now displayed next to their respective label.

 4. On the Send Email window, you can now paste a list of email addresses from the Windows Clipboard into the send email TO, CC, and BCC recipient text boxes. Simply copy the list of email addresses into the Windows Clipboard, then hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the [Select Recipients] button. This will take any list of email addresses that are each on their own line and convert them into a comma delimited list of recipients and paste into the recipient box. Of note, the import will eliminate duplicate email addresses, and will ignore lines of data that do not contain an "@" symbol.

 5. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for Westcon Group. Westcon Group includes Comstor, Collaboration, and Vodaone, and is available on the Etilize Panel.

 6. For Etilize users, Arbitech, Blue Star, Digitek, EET, Supplies Network, and Northamber pricing & availability is now available on the Etilize Panel if you have accounts with these distributors.

 7. For Etilize users, the QuoteWerks Price Modifier can now be mapped to an Etilize Category Name. If no Category is mapped, the default price modifier will be used. As an example, this allows you to markup software and hardware differently.

 8. For Etilize users, on the Etilize Panel Accessory tab, you can now double-click on the distributor real-time pricing option to add the item to the Workbook.

 9. For online ordering users, if all the items selected for ordering come from the same order, the SoldTo/ShipTo/BillTo address from that order will be available for selection when ordering.

 10. For Ingram Micro online ordering users, there is now a "Ingram Micro Default" ShipVia option.

 11. For Ingram Micro online ordering users, you can now select the warehouse to ship each line item from.

 12. With the new Vendor Import Wizard you can import vendor information into the Utilities->Vendor Maintenance list using the new [Import] button.

 13. On the Accounting tab of the Tools->Options menu, there is a new "Selected Accounting Integration" option. The accounting integrations to both QuickBooks and Peachtree are activated when using the Professional or Corporate Editions of QuoteWerks. With this option you can now specify which integration you use, after which QuickBooks or Peachtree toolbar buttons, etc will be removed depending upon your selection. Also on this tab are now setup buttons for both integrations. Also after placing an electronic order, this will control if you are prompted to export the PO to QuickBooks.

 14. Windows 8 is now supported.

 15. There is now a new "QuoteWerks Light Blue" user interface skin. It has a more flat look to it with nice clean form edges. We know you'll like it… we do! You can change your QuoteWerks skin under the Appearance tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu.

 16. Windows 2012 Server is now supported! [Service Release: 08.06]

 17. You can now disable a product data source under the Products->Setup Product Data Sources menu. [Service Release: 08.06]

 18. When creating a new QuoteWerks contact database contact, the customer tax rate will default to the default document tax rate specified on the Documents tab under the Tools->Options menu. [Service Release: 08.06]

 19. Distributor realtime raw error messages are now displayed when hovering over the distributor price listing in the Etilize panel if there was an error retrieving the realtime pricing. [Service Release: 08.06]

 20. QuickBooks 2013 USA, Canada, and UK now supported! [Service Release: 08.09]

 21. The Send E-Mail window has been re-designed. There is now an option to send the e-mail in either "Regular E-Mail" or "Mass E-Mail" mode. When sending the e-mail in "Mass E-Mail" mode, the recipients will not see each other's email addresses or names. This replaces the old "Hide TO Recipients from each other" checkbox. [Service Release: 08.09]

 22. When sending emails you can now control where/how the email is logged in your CRM. For ACT!, ACT! for Web, GoldMine, Maximizer, and MS CRM you can choose to log the sent email under the CRM record for the SoldTo contact. Previously this would happen behind the scenes automatically, whereas now you have more control over it. For GoldMine and MS CRM you can choose to log the sent email under the E-Mail recipient contact record in GoldMine or MS CRM respectively. [Service Release: 08.09]

Misc Features - Build 8
 1. For Etilize users, real-time distributors will not appear in the Etilize Panel unless you are in demo mode or you have setup real-time credentials.

 2. For Etilize users, the older Tech Data USA part numbers will no longer be displayed. This helps to switch over to the new Tech Data part number format.

 3. The QuoteValet MSI installer no longer checks for .NET 3.0.

 4. On the Purchasing window, whatever items are selected before the Vendor drop down is changed will be reselected in the new results.

 5. For SYNNEX online ordering users, the current list of warehouses has been updated.

 6. Now detects Windows 8.

 7. For Tech Data users, when using Online Ordering, the ShipToCity field length was increased from 12 to 35.

 8. Windows versioning now accounts for Windows 8 Domain controller detection. [Service Release: 08.06]

 9. For Sage ACT! for Web users, beta support is activated for version 2013. [Service Release: 08.06]

Fixes - Build 8
 1. The title of the Product database field Item URL was incorrectly titled "Item Type".

 2. On the Quote WorkBook, if multiple lines of data was in the Windows Clipboard and then CTRL-V was used to paste the text into a single line text box, the extra lines of data would not be truncated.

 3. For QuickBooks and QuoteValet users, when exporting a credit card payment to QuickBooks would receive error "35601 element not found". This issue was introduced in build 6.12. [Service Release: 08.01]

 4. When placing Tech Data online order would sometimes incorrectly receive error Assigned ID could not be located. [Service Release: 08.06]

 5. For Tech Data realtime users, if there is a Tech Data SKU related pricing error, it no longer reports "data not in expected format". [Service Release: 08.06]

 6. On Vendor Maintenance window, pressing ESC key would start the import wizard. [Service Release: 08.06]

 7. For realtime vendors that do not have a "host" product database, like the newly added Westcon, on the Add Item Assistant window, you can now get realtime pricing & availability. [Service Release: 08.06]

 8. In some cases, Westcon would not appear in the Etilize list. [Service Release: 08.06]

 9. For MS CRM 5.0 users, the Contact Manager tab under the Tools->My Preferences menu was not appearing. [Service Release: 08.09]

 10. The shortcut for the QuoteWerks User Manual in the Windows Start menu was pointing to the old qw4man.doc file instead of the newer qw4man.pdf. [Service Release: 08.09]