Pain Point Webinars

Dive into common business challenges that companies face when creating quotes and proposals

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Do you feel limited and constrained when editing your quotes?

March 31
25 MIN

This webinar demonstrates how you can utilize features in QuoteWerks to quickly and efficiently update your quotes and use shortcuts to cut down on the time it takes to make edits.

Pain Points

Does manipulating the data in your quote sheet leave you feeling constrained and limited? Do you struggle to make quick changes and updates when clients ask for changes? Are you looking for an easier way to make edits and adjustments on the fly?


Learn how to leverage the efficiencies in the Quote Workbook including sorting, cost and price modifiers, drag-and-drop, multi-line updates, select special, and much more!

Is your procurement process too complicated?

January 27
26 MIN

This webinar focuses on how you can easily use the QuoteWerks Purchasing Module to keep track of your procurement process.

Pain Points

Is your procurement process too complicated? Do you struggle to easily track items that have been ordered? Are you easily able to locate shipping dates, tracking information, and serial numbers?


By using the QuoteWerks Procurement Module, you can more easily track your items from ordering to shipping to fulfillment, all in a single location.

Having trouble keeping your team in the loop during the sales process?

November 18
22 MIN

This webinar focuses on how to keep your entire team in the loop during the sales process.

By utilizing QuoteValet notifications, you can ensure your team is notified in each step of the sales process so no clients fall through the cracks.

Pain Points

Do you struggle to keep the team up to date during the sales process? Do the sales reps know when a client posts a comment? Is purchasing aware when an order is ready? Does accounting know there's been a payment made?


Utilize QuoteValet notifications to ensure your team is kept up to date during the entire sales process. From view, to comments, to acceptance, and payments, you can specify who needs to be notified each step of the way.

Need to offer more flexible payment options?

October 22
28 MIN

This webinar focuses on how and why you need to be able to offer flexible payment options for your customers.

By offering multiple payment options such as credit card, ACH, PayPal, and more, you can simplify payment collection for your company and your clients. Learn how to take advantage of the payment options in QuoteWerks to set deposits, set default payment options, utilize surcharges and discounts, how to track partial payments, and much more.

Pain Points

Do you need to offer multiple payment options? Do you struggle to get your customers to pay on time? Is it difficult to request payments or accept partial payments? Do your customers often change how they pay?


Provide flexible payment options. Setup different options for different customers, set defaults, collect deposits and partial payments, and even request payments. Make getting paid easier on you and your clients.

Struggling to get an overview of your sales performance?

September 2
28 MIN

This webinar focuses on the challenges of seeing sales metrics easily and the status of quote and order documents during the sales process.

From managing your sales team, seeing who is performing well, and what customers need to be addressed, finding a simple way to manage all this information can be a challenge. We will focus on QuoteValet Insight and QuoteValet Dashboard.

Pain Points

Do you want to know how your team is doing in their sales process? Wondering how many quotes are open, won or lost? Are you wanting to see sales metrics all in one place?


Get a comprehensive look into your sales pipeline and sales process with the QuoteValet Insight and QuoteValet Dashboard. Get a snapshot of how your sales reps are performing, progress on the company's documents, and get a bird-eye-view on your business!

Spending Hours Retyping Vendor Quote Data Into Your Proposal?

August 19
26 MIN

This webinar focuses on the challenges of entering external data from vendor quotes into your quote or proposal. From copying and pasting data into your quote and finding associated information, importing external data can be time consuming.

We will focus on the Paste Special Wizard, Dell Premier Portal Integration, Tech Data SAP Quote Importer and Ingram Micro Quote Importer.

Pain Points

Do you receive quotes from vendors that you need to retype into your own quote or proposal for your customer? Are you going back and forth from a website copying and pasting data into your quote?


QuoteWerks offers various solution to importing external data into your quote. From the Paste Special Wizard, Dell Premier Portal integration, Tech Data SAP Quote Importer and Ingram Micro Quote Importer, you'll be adding external information in seconds!

Struggling to Standardize Your Sales Reps' Quotes & Proposals?

August 5
21 MIN

This webinar focuses on the challenges of standardizing your quotes and proposals from sales rep to sales rep within your company. From forgetting important documentation, sales reps changing layouts, and quotes looking unprofessional, quote standardization can be difficult.

We focus specifically on the Delivery Window in QuoteWerks to solve these problems.

Pain Points

Do your quotes and proposals look different from sales rep to sales rep? Do your reps forget to add important documentation? Do they edit layouts and does it look unprofessional?


The Deliver Window is the central location to create the output of what your quote will look like. You can ensure that each quote includes pertinent information, have settings in place so that layouts cannot be changed, and that quotes will look the same no matter who on your team is creating the document.

Are You Losing Valuable Time Processing Routine Customer Re-orders?

July 22
19 MIN

Processing customer re-orders requests is not a front line sales activity, yet it takes so much time away from your day. It can be so time consuming with the time it takes to create the order, process the order, and the phone calls and emails in-between. Or maybe you have a promotion you want to share with your customers, but don't want to create a specialized individual dedicated quote for each customer.

We focus specifically on the QuoteValet Shopping Cart to solve these problems.

Pain Points

Do your customers purchase the same items over and over? Does it take a lot of time to process re-orders? Do you have a special promotion that you want to share with your customers, but you don't have the time to create a quote for each company?


The QuoteValet Shopping Cart feature enables you to create online order forms for customers. You can create single or multiple order forms that can be used to automate customer re-orders or receive paid orders from a promotional email blast

Spending too much time sourcing items from vendors?

July 8
22 MIN

Vendor sourcing can be challenging. Sales teams have to search multiple vendor sites to compare pricing, then check stock from each vendor, and finally having to manually re-type that item and vendor information into the quote, while also have the awareness the customer is going to price-check every item. It's more important than ever for your team to offer the best solution for your customer the first time.

We focus specifically on the Real-time Module and Product Content Subscription (powered by Etilize) to solve these problems.

Pain Points

Do you spend hours going to multiple different websites to source products and prices from vendors? Do your customers find better prices online? Are items you quoted out of stock from your vendor and you have to re-source the items? Do you find yourself re-typing product information onto your quote?


With distributor and vendor integrations, the QuoteWerks Real-time Module and Product Content Subscription will make it easier for you to search for in-stock items at the best price. Compare prices against consumer websites, retrieve customer friendly descriptions, product pictures, spec sheets and more with a click of a button!

Obtaining Signed Agreements from Customers Taking Too Long?

June 24
31 MIN

From your proposal getting stuck in SPAM, customers wanting changes in the document, waiting for the customer to print, sign and scan the document back, obtaining signatures can be difficult.

We will focus specifically on QuoteValet to solve these problems.

Pain Points

Do you ever wonder if your customers have received your quote? Are you worried it might have been caught in SPAM? Does your customer simply want changes made, but it takes time to revise and email it back to your customer? Does it take a long time for your customer to print, sign, scan and email your agreement back to you?


Feel confident that your document has been delivered and viewed by your customer with QuoteValet. Create an easy way for your customer to view, revise, ask questions, add documents, accept and make payment to move forward with your agreement.

Sending Quotes & Proposals Full of Errors?

June 10
30 MIN

From sales reps sending quotes with mistakes, sending quotes without management approval, margins too low, or missed items, sending quotes can be difficult.

We focus specifically on on Peer Reviews and Document Approvals to solve these problems.

Pain Points

Do your sales reps send error-filled quotes without management approval? Are you sending quotes with too low margin or incorrect pricing? Do you need more eyes on the document before you send it out?


Reduce errors and misquotes with Peer Reviews and Document Approvals. Peer and management approval workflows ensure every document created in QuoteWerks is accurate and consistent to reduce mistakes.

Trouble Finding and Managing Your Quotes and Proposals?

May 27
24 MIN

From sales rep saving documents in different locations, employees leaving, finding old quotes, and knowing which version of a quote you sent to your customer, managing documents can be difficult.

We focus specifically on finding documents through the Open Window and Document Revisions.

Pain Points

Do you find yourself searching all over the place for quotes and proposals you sent out? Did a sales rep leave and you have no idea what quote he/she sent to your customer? Are you trying to find ways to see what quotes are still active and which ones expired? Did you revise a quote, but forgot to save the original document information?


Find all of your documents in one central location. Easily find your documents with the Open Window and filter by date, sales reps, active quotes, document type, and much more. Easily make multiple revisions of a quote all while saving the original document information.

Chasing Customers for Payment

May 13
19 MIN

We discuss the challenges of collecting payments from customers once the quote or proposal has been accepted.

We focus specifically on how to automate your payment collections.

Pain Points

Are you tired of chasing your customers for payment once they have accepted the quote? Do your customers provide excuses for non-payments? Do you have trouble tracking when you actually receive a payment and what it is for?


Automate payment collections with or without human intervention! Learn how to send out automatic payment reminder emails, offer multiple payment options online, and allow your customers to choose how they want to pay!

Tired of Creating Similar Quotes Over and Over?

April 22
19 MIN

From creating the same quote repeatedly, starting from scratch or your sales reps don't know where to begin, quote creation can be time consuming.

We focus on how to utilize document templates to create quotes in a more streamlined and efficient way.

Pain Points

Do you find yourself creating the same quote over and over again? Your sales reps don't know where to begin, or you want a more standardized way to create quotes and proposals?


Use Document Templates to create quotes more efficiently!