QuoteWerks Additional Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install QuoteWerks?

To install QuoteWerks you need to run the "qwsetup.exe" file. This file can be downloaded from our website.

I have QuoteWerks installed, where do I begin? How do I begin?

After QuoteWerks has been installed you can run QuoteWerks by double clicking on the desktop short-cut icon or by going to the Start | Programs | QuoteWerks folder and select QuoteWerks. You will then be prompted to "Enter in License Key" or "Continue in Demo Mode." Select "Continue in Demo Mode." Next you will be prompted to run through the "QuoteWerks Setup Wizard." Answer the questions according to your needs.

How do I setup other workstations/computers/users to access QuoteWerks

To setup another computer to use QuoteWerks is very easy. Simply navigate via your My Computer icon to the QuoteWerks folder. The QuoteWerks folder may be on your server (Q:\Apps\QuoteWerks) or on another computer’s C-Drive (C:\Program Files\QuoteWerks). Once you have located the QuoteWerks directory you need to run the "nsetup.exe" file. We call this file the node installation setup. This is the setup file used to configure the files required to run the shared copy of QuoteWerks. You can run the node installation file on as many computers as you need. Your license count will determine how many users can actually use the program at the same time. For more information, please refer to Chapter 10 of the QuoteWerks manual.

How do I create a short-cut for QuoteWerks on my Desktop?

During the node installation (nsetup.exe) you will be asked if you want the installation to create a short-cut on your desktop. If you did not create one during installation you can create one by right clicking and dragging the QuoteWerks executable to your desktop from the Start | Programs | QuoteWerks folder.

How do I move QuoteWerks from my local drive to the server?

Navigate through My Computer to the QuoteWerks installation path. Select the QuoteWerks folder, then select Cut from the Edit Menu. All you have to do now is navigate to the location on your network where you want QuoteWerks to be run from, ie. (Q:\Apps\QuoteWerks) and paste the folder. What you have now done is moved the QuoteWerks files. You now need to run the "nsetup.exe" file to reinstall QuoteWerks. By running this setup file it will re-create and re-path the executable file used to run QuoteWerks.

How do I setup QuoteWerks to send email?

Go to the Tools | My Preferences menu and click on the "Internet" tab. Specify whether you use SMTP or Outlook to send email. You will also need to specify a return address and what format you want your quotes to be sent in. You can choose from RTF (Microsoft Word) and PDF (Adobe Acrobat). For more information, please refer to Chapter 20 of the QuoteWerks manual.

Can you setup a default signature for your email?  How do I do it?

Yes, on the Internet Tab of My Preferences click on the [Setup E-mail Signature] button. Now you can type in or paste in your email signature.

How do I email a quote?

Once you have setup your email settings click on the [Print] icon from the icon toolbar, then click on the [E-mail] button.

How do add a new sales rep to the login window or sale info tab?

Go to the Utilities | User Maintenance menu and click on the [New] button. Please note, in the demo mode you can only login as "Demo User." Once you license the software you will be able to login as another user? For more information, please refer to Chapter 22 of the QuoteWerks manual.

Can I change the field label names in QuoteWerks?  How do I do it?

Yes, you can change the field label names. Hold down the [Ctrl] and double-click with your mouse on the label name.

How do I create a price list or product database?

To create a price list go to the Products | Setup Product Database menu. If you’re not on the QuoteWerks tab, select it. Click on the [Create New Db] button. You will need to give it a Vendor name and file name. Now when you go to the Product Lookup window you will see your new price list. For more information, please refer to Chapter 10 of the QuoteWerks manual.

How do I add products to my price list/product database?

There are two ways to do this, manually and via the import wizard. To create items manually, click on the [New] button found in the bottom right hand corner of the Product Lookup window. To import your price list, go to the Products menu and select Import Wizard. For more information, please refer to Chapter 10 of the QuoteWerks manual.

How do I modify the quote template?

Click on the [Print] icon found on the icon toolbar. Select a layout that you would like to modify, then click on the [Edit] button. For more information, please refer to Chapter 19 of the QuoteWerks manual or visit our tutorial page to watch tutorials on the layout designer.

How do I specify what contact manager I use?

To select the contact manager you would like to use with QuoteWerks, go the Contacts | Setup Contact Manager menu. This will launch a window from which you can select the contact manager program you want to use. Based on the contact manager you select you may be provided with additional options. For more information, please refer to Chapter 4 of the QuoteWerks manual.

Can I change the order in which the columns appear?  How do I do it?

Yes, you can change the order of the columns for both the Document Items tab and the Product Lookup window. Furthermore, you can have separate view for each user. To change the column view for the Document Items tab, go the View | Customize Columns menu. To change the column view for the Product Lookup window, open the window by clicking on the "Products" icon from the icon toolbar, then Right Click with your mouse. Then select "Customize Columns" from the menu.

Can I set default tax rate? Terms? Shipping Method? How do I do it?

Yes, you can set default values for these fields. Go to the Tools | Options menu. On the "Documents" tab you can specify your default values.

How do I setup the QuickBooks link?

You can begin setup of the QuickBooks link by clicking on the QuickBooks icon from the tool bar, or by going to the Tools | Export to QuickBooks menu. In the window that opens there is a [Setup] button in the bottom left hand corner, click on it to begin setup. Please note, QuickBooks must be running in order to setup the link. For more detailed information, please refer to Chapter 33 of the QuoteWerks manual.

How do I add products to a quote?

There are 5 ways that you can add items to your quote.

You can manually type in a line item. Simply click in a cell and begin typing.

Go to the "Quick Look-up" toolbar and type in the part number of the item you want to add. It is found on the "Document Items" tab.

Click on the "Products" icon from the icon toolbar. This will launch the "Product Lookup" window and display a list of all the vendors and products you have to choose from.

You can click on the "Bundles" icon from the icon toolbar and select from the list of bundles you have created.

You can click on the "Configurator" icon from the icon toolbar and start a configuration that will allow you to choose items to be added to your quote.

I have the demo installed. What do I need to install when I purchase QuoteWerks?

Simply be entering a license key will convert the demo to the full version of QuoteWerks. All the data entered and customizations are preserved. There is no additional installation required. If you prefer, you can install a fresh copy of QuoteWerks.

Who needs to have access to QuoteWerks? Is it just for me? Do others need access?

By default QuoteWerks is going to install into the "C:\Program Files\QuoteWerks" folder. If you do not need others to access QuoteWerks, then you would typically let QuoteWerks install into its default path. Depending on whether or not you want other users to have access to QuoteWerks you can change the installation path. Typically in a multi-user installation you would want to install QuoteWerks to a shared folder on your server where other users have access. For more information, please refer to Chapter 10 of the QuoteWerks manual.

Will I lose my customizations by moving the QuoteWerks install?

No, all customizations and files that are needed to run QuoteWerks are contained within the QuoteWerks folder. So, as long as you do not delete or remove any files from the QuoteWerks folder, your customizations and data will not be lost.

Will I need to re-register?

No, you will not be required to re-register QuoteWerks when you are moving the install.

Can a remote user on a laptop still login to the server installation of QuoteWerks?

Yes, this is possible. If the user has QuoteWerks installed on his/her laptop they can still login and use the network copy of QuoteWerks as long as they have a short-cut to the network copy. It’s important to point out that the user will not decrement the user count on the network. QuoteWerks will recognize the user is a remote user and use the license key dedicated to them instead of using one of the available network licenses. For more information, please refer to Chapter 27 of the QuoteWerks manual.

Where can I find the QuoteWerks manual?

The QuoteWerks manual can be accessed 3 ways.

Go to Start | Programs | QuoteWerks 4.0 and select "user manual" from the menu.

If you are in QuoteWerks you can go to the Help | View Manual… menu.

If you are in Windows Explorer you can open the file "qw4man.doc" from the QuoteWerks folder.

What is the Doc Status used for?

The Doc Status is used to track the different types of Quotes, Order, and Invoices you may have. For example, you may have a status of "unfinished" for a quote that is not complete, or a status of "lost" for a quote in which you lost the sale. By having multiple "Doc Status" values it will be easier for you to find the document you are looking for. This is very helpful when running management reports.

What type of documents can QuoteWerks create?

QuoteWerks has 3 types of documents. It has templates for quotes, orders, and invoices. Additionally, there are templates for purchase orders and sales orders. Please note, this does not mean you cannot use QuoteWerks to create other types of documents. For example, you may want to create an RMA template or an internal order processing document. QuoteWerks is designed to be very flexible. For more information, please refer to Chapter’s 17 and 18 of the QuoteWerks manual.

I want to put my company logo on the quote template. What format does the file need to be?

Your company logo needs to be in a bitmap (".BMP") or JPEG (".JPG") file format.

Can I pay someone to design my quote template for me?

Yes, QuoteWerks offers template design through its Professional Services. Please contact the QuoteWerks sales department for more information.

Do I need to own Adobe Acrobat in order to create PDF formatted quotes?

No, QuoteWerks has a built in PDF generator.

What format does my price list have to be in, in order to import it through the import wizard.

QuoteWerks can import files that are in a delimited text file format such as tab-delimited, comma-delimited (CSV), or user specified character delimited. For more information, please refer to Chapter 10 of the QuoteWerks manual.

Can I use my own database reporting program to report on QuoteWerks?

Yes, you can. Although QuoteWerks has its own internal reporting tool included with QuoteWerks, customer’s may choose to use Crystal Reports, a QuoteWerks Add-On or other database reporting programs to report on QuoteWerks that they are more familiar or comfortable with.

What is the password for Administrator?

By default there is no password for Administrator. Leave it empty.

Can I access or open QuoteWerks database files?

Yes, the Standard and Professional editions of QuoteWerks store their data in Microsoft Access.  All the QuoteWerks Access database files are accessible with one exception.  The QuoteWerks Security.mdb file is password protected. Please note, if you use Microsoft Access to open it, the database format is MS Access 2002/2003, be VERY CAREFUL not to convert the database.  The Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks stores it's data in a Microsoft database.  All of the tables in the QuoteWerks Sdatabase are accessible (provided you know the login ID and password supplied by the administrator).

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