QuoteWerks Frequently Asked Questions

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The Frequently Asked Questions below cover many of the initial questions you may have.

Once you have installed the demo and started evaluating QuoteWerks you may have some more specific questions which is covered in the getting started FAQ.

Q: What versions of software does QuoteWerks work with?

A: QuoteWerks works with:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Windows 2003/2008/2012/2016 Server (All versions)
Windows Terminal Server

ACT! (click for versions)
Autotask (click for versions)
ConnectWise (click for versions)
GoldMine  (click for versions)
Maximizer (click for versions)
MS Dynamics CRM (click for versions)
Outlook (click for versions)
salesforce.com (click for versions)
SalesLogix (click for versions)
SugarCRM (click for versions)
Zoho CRM (click for versions)

QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise (click for versions)
Sage 50 - US Edition, Peachtree Premium, Peachtree Complete, and Peachtree Quantum Accounting (click for versions)

Q: Can I get a free trial/evaluation copy?

A: Yes.
Download your free trial from our web site to begin evaluating QuoteWerks. You can go directly to the trial copy download area by typing www.quotewerks.com/reqdemo.asp in your web browser.

Q: What is the difference between the different editions of QuoteWerks?

A: The Standard Edition of QuoteWerks is a great sales tool that is used by customers in almost every industry.

For the specific differences, please see the Product Information page.

Q: Does QuoteWerks support network/multiple users?

A: Yes.
QuoteWerks can be installed on networks where the quotes can be shared by all the users on the network. QuoteWerks supports Windows Server networks. It does also work with Windows peer-to-peer networks, although it is not recommended since peer-to-peer networks are not known for being as reliable.

Q: What does a network version cost?

A: The network version cost depends on the number of users you have.
See the price list for a breakdown of the prices.  The QuoteWerks user count is based on concurrent licensing. You do not necessarily need to purchase the same number of users that you have purchased of your contact management software. The number of QuoteWerks licenses that you purchase need only match the number of users that will be using QuoteWerks at the same time. As an example, you could purchase a 2-user QuoteWerks and install it to run from 10 machines. However, the 2-user license however would only let 2 of your users in QuoteWerks at the same time.

Q: What does it cost to increase the number of licenses?

That depends on the number of licenses you are purchasing.
License keys can be purchased at different times and combined together.  If you purchase a 1-user license, and then want to upgrade to 5-users, you will want to purchase a 4-user license key.  You can then add this 4-user license key to your existing 1-user license key to create a combined license count of 5 users.

Q: I want to use QuoteWerks in the office, and on notebooks out of the office. How do I price that?

A: It depends on the role of the notebooks.
If for example you plan to have 10 users in the office, and then an additional 5 users on notebooks out of the office, you can simply purchase a 15-user license. If for example you have 10 users in the office, and sometimes 5 of those 10 users will take their notebooks out of the office, you need only purchase a 10-user license.

Q: How do you handle upgrades?

A: For complete details see our Update Maintenance Program

Q: How does QuoteWerks work with ACT!, Autotask, ConnectWise Manage, GoldMine, Google Contacts, Maximizer Desktop, Maximizer CRM Live, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Outlook, Outlook BCM, salesforce.com, SalesLogix, and SugarCRM?

A: See the contact manager FAQ.

Q: Can QuoteWerks create Invoices and Purchase Orders also?

A: Yes.
The only real difference between a quote, invoice, and a purchase order is the layout that you choose to print. When selecting File|Print, simply choose the appropriate document. Each document also has a Document Type field that tracks if the document is a QUOTE, ORDER, or INVOICE, and the Document Status field that lets you track the stage the document is in.

Q: Does QuoteWerks automatically consecutively number my quotes?

A: Yes.
QuoteWerks automatically consecutively numbers your quotes.  Since QuoteWerks can also convert your quotes to orders and invoices, QuoteWerks can also maintain separate number sequences for your quotes, orders, and invoices. 

Q: Does QuoteWerks support foreign currency symbols?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you customize the reports?

A: Yes, see the Can you customize the reports FAQ.

Q: Do I need Microsoft Access to run QuoteWerks?

A: No.
You do not need Microsoft Access installed on your system to run QuoteWerks. Furthermore, if you do have Microsoft Access installed on your system, it does not matter which version you have.

Q: Do I need any products besides QuoteWerks to run QuoteWerks?

A: No.
Unlike some other products, you are not required to have any other product in order for QuoteWerks to work. Some products require a word processor or spreadsheet program for them to function.

Q: Can I import my products?

A: Yes.
QuoteWerks’ import wizard can import your products into one of QuoteWerks’ many product databases. QuoteWerks can import data stored in a tab or comma delimited text file. If your data is not in the format, popular products like Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Excel can convert your data into a delimited text file. You can even export your items from QuickBooks, and then import that file. Once you have imported your products, you can save the import settings in a template file that you can easily recall next time you do an import.

Q: Does QuoteWerks work with Canadian GST and PST taxes?

A: Yes.
QuoteWerks supports the Canadian tax scheme, including support for compounded and non-compounded PST. Taxes are also charged on shipping per the Canadian tax scheme.

Q: Does QuoteWerks work with Australian GST taxes?

A: Yes.
QuoteWerks supports the Australian tax scheme. You can apply the GST tax rate to Tax Rate on the Sold To/Ship To Tab.

Q: Can items be taxable and non-taxable?

A: Yes.

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