CRM, PSA, & Accounting Integrations

QuoteWerks quoting software fills in the gap between contact management software (CRM) and accounting software.

CRM software helps you to manage your customers and leads, including daily communications, setting reminders for follow ups, tracking marketing campaigns, etc.

Accounting software helps you to manage receivables, payables, purchasing, inventory management, asset management, payroll, etc.

The advantage to having your CRM software and Accounting software be separate software packages is that each can do what they respectively do best.

QuoteWerks helps you create quotes and proposals quickly and easily integrating with both your CRM and your accounting software.

It gets your customer information from your CRM software, creates links to your quotes for the customer, schedules follow up calls in the CRM software for the customer, records emails sent to your customer in your contact management software, etc. QuoteWerks leverages all the functionality that you rely on in your CRM software.

Contact Managers and PSA Integrations

Over 15 CRM Integrations. Retrieve customer information, create sales opportunities, schedule follow up calls, and more!

Often by using our integrations, our customers end up using capabilities of their integrated product that they never used before.

It is surprising to hear from customers who never used Opportunities in their CRM or PSA because it just took too much time to enter – much less - keep updated. With QuoteWerks, we are able to do all of the heavy lifting for you. You just need to save the quote, and the opportunity will match what you quoted.

The difference being is that now you can benefit from all of the built-in opportunity reporting and forecasting capabilities that your PSA has to offer.

Learn more about QuoteWerks CRM Integrations.

Accounting Integrations

Create Purchase Orders, Invoices, Estimates, and export line item details to QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage 50, and more.

When your quotes become orders you no longer have to re-enter your orders, which saves you time and eliminates costly mistakes.

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