QuoteWerks Pricing

With QuoteWerks, you don't have to buy a license for every person that may occasionally use QuoteWerks. There are tremendous savings in this and is important to keep in mind when comparing pricing.


Optional Add-Ons

Realtime Module

Integrate with IT Distributors (realtime pricing & availability, order status, and more), Real-time Tax Rate Lookup, Shipping Rates, and more

QuoteValet Subscription

Deliver your quotes electronically, know when customers view your quotes, collect credit card payments, customers can accept electronically, and more

QuoteWerks Web Subscription

QuoteWerks Web is an add-on to the QuoteWerks Desktop product that gets you access to your QuoteWerks through a web browser. QuoteWerks Web requires the Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks rehosted to Microsoft SQL.

QuickBooks Online Integration Subscription

Quote products from QuickBooks Item List, Retrieve contacts, Export Estimates, Invoices, and Sales Receipts. Create/update Customers and Items in QuickBooks, and more. This subscription does not contain a QuickBooks Online subscription from Intuit. This subscription can only be used with the Professional and Corporate editions of QuoteWerks. $20/month per site (discount available when paid annually).

not included
QuoteWerks Database Hosting Subscription

QuoteWerks Web requires a SQL database backend. The QuoteWerks Database Hosting Subscription is a great option for providing Microsoft SQL database hosting for customers that do not want to purchase and maintain their own SQL server.

VendorRFQ Subscription

VendorRFQ enables customers to communicate with their vendors, discussing and negotiating pricing and details for goods and services, collecting and organizing this information from one or all of their vendors. This subscription can only be used with the Corporate edition of QuoteWerks.

$20/month per concurrent user (discount available when paid annually). Note: The VendorRFQ user count does not need to match QuoteWerks license count.

not included
  • Standard Edition
  • $
    a month
    per user
    Billed monthly
  • Standard Includes
  • Create Quotes, Orders, Invoices
  • Purchase Orders (Simple)
  • Unlimited Product Databases
  • Bundles and Configurator
  • Reporting
  • Peer Review and Approval Process
  • Built-in Contact Database
    and Outlook Integration
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The QuoteWerks license count is based on concurrent usage so while you may have 5 users using it, you may only need to purchase 2 licenses. The QuoteValet license count is based on daily maximum number of unique users.

Monthly billing is not available for UK customers. Content Subscription (Etilize) pricing quoted is for customers in the United States and Canada. All prices are in USD. Please contact QuoteWerks Sales at sales@quotewerks.com or 407-248-1481 to answer any questions or to obtain a personalized quote.