QuoteWerks Licensing

How many QuoteWerks licenses do I need to purchase?

QuoteWerks Concurrent Licensing Overview

With QuoteWerks concurrent licensing, you do not need licenses for occasional users. Our licensing model follows the concurrent users scheme. In a network environment, concurrent licensing means that you only need to purchase enough licenses to cover the maximum number of people who need to use QuoteWerks at the same time across the network. As such, our licensing program keeps your cost down.

Note: QuoteValet licensing is based on a daily reserved concurrency which is different than how QuoteWerks is licensed. For questions on how QuoteWerks and QuoteValet are licensed, please contact QuoteWerks Sales at 407-248-1481.

Licensing Relationships

The QuoteWerks user license count does not need to match the license count of any other software (such as the contact management software like ACT!, GoldMine, or ConnectWise Manage).

Network Users

To determine the number of QuoteWerks licenses you need to purchase for a network installation of QuoteWerks, you simply need to add up the total number of people that you want to be using QuoteWerks at the same time.

Laptop/Remote Users

If you will also need people using QuoteWerks on their laptops, you need to add up the number of laptop installations of QuoteWerks, and then add to that number to the total of the licenses required. If you have users that work at home, on their home pc instead of a laptop, you will want to count these users the same way as you count the laptop users. There are no special types of licenses for laptops that you need to purchase, you just need to buy enough licenses to cover your needs, and then in QuoteWerks, you can distribute the licenses between the network and laptop users are needed.

Remote Office Network Users

If you will also need people to use QuoteWerks at remote offices, and there will be more than one user using QuoteWerks at the same time on the network in the remote office, you will need to determine the number of licenses required following the same guidelines as for the network users. If the remote office only needs one user to run QuoteWerks, then the license required for this user will follow the guidelines for laptop/remote users.

One-time upfront license purchases have the ability to create remote licenses. Subscription licenses do not have the ability to create remote PC or Remote site Licenses. Please contact QuoteWerks Sales at sales@quotewerks.com or 407-248-1481 to answer any questions or to obtain a personalized quote.

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