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Version 4.0 Build 44.06 Summary
14 New, 19 Fixes, and 8 Miscellaneous features Released on 01/21/2009
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New Features - Build 44
 1. Advanced Outlook integration! The new advanced integration includes: a) When searching for contacts, subfolders within the specified Outlook contact folder will now be included in the searching. b) QuoteWerks will create/update linked documents (as Outlook journal entries) in Outlook. c) QuoteWerks will create/update a follow up call (as an Outlook appointment) in Outlook. d) The QuoteWerks DataLink feature can be used with Outlook enabling you to retrieve information like Terms and shipping method from the Outlook contact into the quote. e) When printing, QuoteWerks can retrieve data from Outlook and include it in the printed output.

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 2. Product pictures are now displayed in the Configurator.

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 3. On the Add Item Assistant, if a picture is available for the product, it will be displayed. You can also double-click on it to open the picture using the default application associated with the picture file type.

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 4. On the Picture tab of the Edit Product window, there are now buttons to view the picture as [Auto Size] or [Original Size]. The Auto Size option resizes the image while respecting the aspect ratio.

See a screenshot/video of this feature

 5. On the Real-time Product Content window, the pictures are now resized to the size of the display area while maintaining the aspect ratio.

 6. On Real-time Product Content window, if available, a "View product on Manufacturer Website" hyperlink is now displayed.

 7. On the Add Item Assistant, for products with a pricing method of Volume Pricing or Customer Based Price Levels, you can now view the complete list of all the pricing levels.

 8. On the Add Item Assistant, for products with a pricing method of Customer Based Price Levels, the pricing is now displayed instead of "TBD".

 9. If Product Data Sources are located under the QuoteWerks installation folder, the QuoteWerks installation path will be replaced with a macro instead of the hard coded path when this path is saved in the database. This will make it easier to move the QuoteWerks installation folder without the links breaking due to invalid paths.

 10. When inserting a file path and name into a custom Menu Item command, and the QuoteWerks installation path is contained within the file path, you will be asked if you want to use the &SYS_InstallPath macro. This will make it easier to move the QuoteWerks installation folder without the links breaking due to invalid paths.

 11. Added new File|Save & Close menu and toolbar button to report designer.

 12. Added shortcut keys of CTRL-S (to select File|Save) and CTRL-W (to select File|Close) on Report Designer window.

 13. Added shortcut keys CTRL-W (to select File|Close) on Quote Workbook.

 14. When printing, QuoteWerks can retrieve data from salesforce.com and include it in the printed output. [Service Release: 44.06]

Misc Features - Build 44
 1. To accommodate the addition of more fields to the DocumentHeaders table, the method of saving records to this table was modified to split the update into multiple queries.

 2. When using the Add Item Assistant to add a zero quantity of an item that has required items, the quantities of the required items would be their original quantities instead of 0.

 3. Added Help|Contents and Index and Help|About menus to the MDI window that is displayed when all documents are closed.

 4. The tab order on the Product Content subtab of the Real-time tab under the Tools|Options menu was corrected.

 5. For CRM users, when attempting to save a quote, that is not linked to a CRM contact, and the Look for synchronized data option is set, the user can now save without having to exit their CRM software.

 6. In the Tech Data and Ingram Micro online ordering form, the prices are now formatted with decimal places. [Service Release: 44.06]

 7. The Configurator window has been re-designed. [Service Release: 44.06]

 8. QuoteWerks now supports a one step configuration. Previously would receive an error about a missing starting container. [Service Release: 44.06]

Fixes - Build 44
 1. ICEcat changed the specifications for their real-time product content which broke the integration.

 2. For API Users, the method AddLineItemToDocument() was ignoring the lItemType parameter used to set the type of line item type like a comment, subtotal, etc.

 3. For API Users, the methods AddLineItemToDocument() and AddLineItemToDocumentEx() were ignoring the lItemAttributes parameter used to set Line Attributes like Don't Print, Hide Price, etc.

 4. On Product Lookup window, the Manufacturer and Vendor Part # field background color appeared black on Windows Vista machines.

 5. For MS CRM users, if you preview or print a quote layout that contains an MS CRM field before you have retrieved a contact from MS CRM, would receive "Runtime Error 91" error.

 6. When copying selected data from an Excel spreadsheet and using the Paste Special feature, extra leading spaces would appear in the data.

 7. When using the Paste Special feature to paste from the clipboard, if the clipboard data was formatted as HTML and the data contained reserved HTML formatting tags, the reserved formatting tags were not replaced with their original counterparts. For example, if the HTML data that was copied into the clipboard contained a reserved character like the ">" symbol, when it was pasted in QuoteWerks it would be represented as "& g t ;" without the spaces.

 8. The title of Some error message dialogs would incorrectly say "{Edition not detected yet}"

 9. When converting a quote to an order or invoice and choosing to reduce inventory, if any line items had a blank manufacturer part number would receive "error 9 subscript out of range".

 10. When clicking in the Purchasing Notes, or Internal Notes fields on the Notes tab of the Quote Workbook, the message "You do not have rights to modify this field. This field is read-only." would incorrectly be displayed in the status bar. In this situation, if the user did have rights to modify these fields, they could still modify the fields even though the message was displayed.

 11. Pressing the F1 key (for help) while in QuoteWerks would display the error "Cannot find the qw4.hlp file. Do you want to try find this file yourself?"

 12. For salesforce.com users, if a DataLink field was manually typed in, and the table name was not all in lower case letters, the field would not be found. [Service Release: 44.06]

 13. After a document purge process completed, a message would remind the user to compact the database even if the database was hosted to SQL. [Service Release: 44.06]

 14. While running the Configurator, if a bundle was selected for use, when you went to finish the configuration, the bundle would not be found. [Service Release: 44.06]

 15. If the last step in a configuration required at least one item, the [Remove] button could be used to circumvent this requirement. [Service Release: 44.06]

 16. The confirmation message when clicking on the [Restore Defaults] button for the product or quote columns said "...delete the restore the..." instead of "...restore the...". [Service Release: 44.06]

 17. On the vendor price comparison window, the availability for the preferred warehouse in some instances was incorrectly returning 0 for Tech Data real-time preferred warehouses of Suwanee and Ft Worth. Changed warehouse description "Suwannee, GA" to "Suwanee, GA" and changed "Ft. Worth, TX" to "Ft Worth, TX". This change will require that the preferred warehouse be re-selected. [Service Release: 44.06]

 18. If a salesforce.com field was used in a print layout and there were no DataLink mappings defined, would receive error "For loop not initialized". [Service Release: 44.06]

 19. If a quote was linked to an existing Outlook call or linked document record and the card button was clicked to pull in the currently displayed Outlook contact which was different from the contact currently linked to the quote, you would not receive the prompt verifying if you want to keep the existing links. [Service Release: 44.06]