QuoteWerks Quote Importer for Dell, Cisco, HP (iQuote), and Netformx

The QuoteWerks Quote Importer enables you to import quotes from Dell, Cisco, and HP (iQuote). You can also import documents from Netformx.

Dell Premier Partners can also use the integrated QuoteWerks Dell Punchout Integration.

Quote Importer Overview

Parts and configurations from manufactures can change quite frequently. This requires you to keep up-to-date with changing technology, QuoteWerks has a paste special feature that enables you to import quotes and configurations from many sources. There are times when a more specific utility is necessary, however. We developed the Quote Importer with specific options for each manufacturer. If you would like to add another manufacturer or encounter a new quote format for one of the supporter manufactures, please let us know.

 Download the QuoteWerks Quote Importer v1.41

QuoteWerks Quote Importer enables you to import quotes from Dell, Cisco, and Netformx

Import Cisco Quotes

Cisco has many quote and configuration utilities. The QuoteWerks development team has worked closely with Cisco and our customers to import many of these configurations including those created with Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW), Cisco Quick Pricing Tool (QPT), Cisco multiline Configurator, and more. There is a Cisco CCW integration via Tech Data that is different from the Quote Importer.

QuoteWerks + Cisco

Import HP (iQuote) Quotes

The HP iQuote cloud based system ensures order accuracy, improving the efficiency of presales teams and reducing the risk of error. It also provides additional configurations and options that increase the value channel partners can provide to customers and improve the potential to drive larger deals.

QuoteWerks + HP

Import Netformx Bill-of-Materials (BOM) and more

Meeting the demands from your sales and marketing teams can stretch an IT organization's resources to the breaking point - even in the best of times. Netformx solutions streamline the entire process from product selection, design, pricing, and procurement to implementation and maintenance. QuoteWerks can import XML exports from Netformx saving you time when developing compelling quotes and proposals for your solutions.

QuoteWerks + Netformx

Import Dell Quotes

The Dell import enables you to import quotes emailed by your Dell sales rep, Dell Premier eQuotes that you email to yourself, and even import a quote that you are working on via the Dell Premier Portal.

Dell Premier Partners can also use the integrated QuoteWerks Dell Punchout Integration.

QuoteWerks + Netformx

All browsers implement and interpret HTML differently. If you copy a Dell quote from Google Chrome, you will have the best results with the Quote Importer.

Disclaimer: Dell emails html formatted quotes to their customers and change this html format regularly. They also send out different formats based on the types of items included in the quotes. The Dell Premier Portal changes on a regular basis.

The QuoteWerks Dell Quote Importer attempts to "screen scrape" the information out of this html formatted quotes to import them into QuoteWerks saving you time, sometimes an hour per quote.

Since Dell regularly changes this format, it will regularly break the Quote Importer's ability to "screen scrape" the information out of it. As a result, sometimes you will have to manually enter your Dell quote into QuoteWerks.

As these new Dell quote formats and changes are reported to the QuoteWerks Development Team, we work on them as resources permit. They literally change weekly and Aspire cannot justify committing this much development time and dropping other projects at each moment Dell unexpectedly changes their quote format -- especially for a free utility. If you encounter issues importing a Dell quote, please email your quote to QuoteWerks Technical Support.

Before we released this free Quote Importer Utility, customers had to manually enter 100% of their Dell quotes into QuoteWerks, BUT now with the Quote Importer, on occasions they might have to enter 10% of their Dell quotes into QuoteWerks. At Aspire we made the executive decision to give our customers 90% more than what they had previously and acknowledge that it is not a 100% solution. We are working with Dell on a more permanent solution.

This utility requires QuoteWerks v4.8 or higher. Some features in the utility may assume functionality found only in newer releases of QuoteWerks. This utility is offered for free "as-is" with no support or warranty. The applications, solutions, and companies that the utility integrates with may at their own discretion make changes to their output. The developers of this utility, Aspire Technologies, Inc., will work with our customers, the new output format, and our own internal development schedules to help continue the integration and adapt to changes in the output that the utility uses when available.