QuoteWerks Developer Projects

The following is a list of projects completed by developers that have written applications that use the QuoteWerks API to extend the functionality of QuoteWerks. Each of the developers have different qualifications and experience. If you are interested in finding a developer to write a custom QuoteWerks add-on specifically for your company, we suggest that you contact each of the developers and inquire about their experience as it pertains to your needs.

BDG Associates Ltd

QuoteWerks Details Update for PMI Health Group on Oct-04
In addition to the normal QuoteWerks creation of a Detail for each quotation, extended quotation summary data was added to this detail by a Stored Procedure via Managed job on SQL Server - only suitable for Corporate Edition

Options Not Ordered List for Copifax Ltd on Mar-05
This client required a summary report for each quote to be sent out with the quote that listed the available options NOT ordered/specified in the quotation

Check GM History for MeasurIT Technologies Ltd on Jun-07
An applet that reviews the GoldMine History and establishes which quotes have NOT yet been logged in History. The option is provided to log unlogged items in the GoldMine History


Automatic accounting in QuoteWerks
  • Creates a summary of all ordered products in SalesLogix to generate one or more invoices in QuoteWerks
  • Selects ordered products per client, billing address, date range, product name etc.
  • Generates collective billings for clients with the same billing address
  • Generates all invoices by one-click-button billing run
  • Prints invoices automatically and attaches invoice as PDF to contact (buyer and billing address)
Configuration Creator
  • Generates large configuration systems in QuoteWerks by import
  • Imports more than 1500 clusters with over 250 items
  • Converts parameter databases from PPS system to quoting logic
  • Permits up to 6 parameter per product
  • Generates other versions of the offered products
  • Permits a simultaneous variation of 2 parameters (e.g. quantity: 10,20,50,100 and number of colors: 2,3,4)
ERM SalesLogix Link for QuoteWerks with SalesLogix Bookkeeping Module
  • Selects contact information from SalesLogix
  • Fills Shipping address automatically
  • Offers billing address automatically (billing addresses are stored as  contact adress or as links to parent companies, corporate headquarters etc.)
  • Generates opportunities in SalesLogix and adds all QuoteWerks items as SalesLogix opportunity products
  • Converts quotes into orders, closes SalesLogix opportunities and creates ERM Bookkeeping Records in SalesLogix for the order and for all products linked to the contact (buyer, recipient of the services, invoice recipient)
  • Converts orders into invoices, creates ERM Bookkeeping Records for invoiced products
  • ERM Bookkeeping allows to display in SalesLogix:
    • ordered products per buyer, shipping address and invoice recipient
    • invoiced products per buyer, shipping address and invoice recipient
  • Exports invoices to external bookkeeping software
  • Re-imports payment information from bookkeeping software to SalesLogix Bookkeeping
  • Displays payment statements on SalesLogix client record
  • Generates open billing reports to clients

Hilltops IT & ConnectIt Software

QuoteWerks Document Approvals

Brief: While the QuoteWerks out of the box Approvals process went some way towards systemizing their review process, it did not completely meet their requirements. Our brief was to provide a solution which would systematically enforce a review process so that all Users were forced to have the quotation reviewed by a peer before it was allowed to be released to the end customer.
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QuoteWerks PO Tracking

Brief: To develop an add-on for QuoteWerks which would expand and compliment QuoteWerks out of the box features to allow Users to track Purchase Orders with Suppliers more accurately and efficiently.
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QuoteWerks HTML Email utility

Brief: The various clients wanted a variety of enhancements to QuoteWerks out-of-the-box email features which would give them an easy way to manually send an HTML email which contains Line Item details to Customers and Suppliers, plus automated emails internally to report on business KPIs from QuoteWerks data and to Customers and Suppliers to chase orders or report on the Staus of Orders.
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Additional Custom Solutions

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Quintadena Limited

Quintadena Estimator for QuoteWerks
This module allows you to have raw materials set up in your product database and to calculate the cost of building a bespoke item for your customer. For each material, you can choose whether to regard the price:
  • as a square meter / square foot price (in which case you enter length and width sizes and a quantity for the line item)
  • as a linear meter / per foot price (in which case you enter length and quantity for the line item)
  • as a per item price (in which case you simply enter the quantity for the line item)

You build your item in the Estimator and transfer it to QuoteWerks as a group. A typical use of the Estimator would be for pricing a job in a sign-writing or large format digital print environment where costs depend upon area to be printed. Units can be entered and calculated in Imperial or Metric (and automatically converted to the desired system if necessary).

Data Validation for QuoteWerks
This module runs invisibly in the background and ensures that the user has entered all required information at each stage in the Quote/Order/Invoice lifecycle. At key events ('Print Quote', 'Convert To Order', 'Print Order' 'Convert To Invoice' 'Print Invoice' or any change of status) the user will be notified that certain fields remain to be completed. The list of fields to be validated is administrator-configurable, can be set for each type of event and any field can be flagged as 'required' (in which case the user will be unable to continue the action unless the field contains data) or 'advisory' (in which case the user will be notified but given the choice of returning to fill in the field or continuing with the action). A typical use of this would be to prevent the user printing a quote until all 'Sold To' information was complete and the user had saved the document and a QuoteWerks Document Number had been allocated. Later on, the user could be required to enter a Customer Purchase Order Reference and to complete the 'Ship To' and 'Bill To' fields before converting the quote to an order.

eMail Workflow for QuoteWerks
This module runs invisibly in the background and allows you to add workflow to QuoteWerks by sending notification emails at each stage in the Quote/Order/Invoice lifecycle. The notifications can be set to be sent at any of the following key events ('Print Quote', 'Convert To Order', 'Print Order' 'Convert To Invoice' 'Print Invoice' or any change of status). The message addressee, cc, bcc, subject and body contents are all configurable can be set differently for each key event and can use QuoteWerks Macro fields. Optionally, the mail can be set to trigger only if certain criteria are satisfied (eg order value greater than a certain level). A typical use of this would be to notify management and alert Order Processing staff to the arrival of a new Order.

Filesystem Synchronisation for QuoteWerks
The QuoteWerks (Corporate Edition rehosted to SQL) one step synchronisation keeps your field staffs documents, product databases, bundles, required items, etc etc in sync with the Master Installation, but does not propagate changes to layouts (document templates), reports, images, literature, cover pages, spec sheets, site.ini, menuopts.add or any other similar files. This module runs automatically upon completion of a data sync and aligns all these other files, ensuring that your sales reps are using the up to date versions without having to email zip files out and have the sales reps remember to save them in the right place. Files to be synchronised can be specified by administrator, either by filename or as an entire QuoteWerks subdirectory to be kept in line.

User Activity Logging for QuoteWerks
This module runs invisibly in the background and allows you to record most of the actions taken by your users (log on/off to the system, open/create/save in new status/print document) to a log file on the server. This can be very useful for troubleshooting or for audit trail purposes. (In certain jurisdictions it may be a legal requirement for staff to be informed if this module is in operation).

Authorisation request for QuoteWerks
This module invisibly in the background and operates with our email workflow application to trigger an authorisation request to higher management under certain situations (typically quote value higher than a certain level, profit margin lower than a certain level)

3rd Party Commission for QuoteWerks
The QuoteWerks sales commission is calculated for the logged on user as the Sales Rep. However, you may be paying commission to a 3rd party (a sales agent, or an introducer). This module allows this commission to show in the QuoteWerks sales commission field (and therefore correctly on all sales reports). At present this module only supports commission as a percentage of net quote value (SubTotal), but we would be prepared to extend it to calculate commission as a percentage of profit margin or as an absolute value if desired by a customer.

Partial Invoicing for QuoteWerks
This module runs invisibly in the background and allows an Order to be Converted To an Invoice in stages, for the times when you dispatch an order in multiple parts with an invoice for each delivery. On Convert To Invoice, the user is presented with a list of order items and can select which ones to Deliver/Invoice. The Order remains open but the selected items are marked invoiced and an Invoice created for those items. Those items are then unavailable for invoice in subsequent dispatches. When all items have been dispatched, the Order is closed. At present this module does not support Orders containing Grouped items, but we would be prepared to extend it if necessary.

Link Documents for QuoteWerks
This module, accessed from the QuoteWerks Tools menu, allows path and filenames of documents associated with the quote to be saved to the Internal Notes field. A typical use of this would be to link solution design documents to the relevant QuoteWerks order. A second Tools menu option allows these documents to be opened by the relevant Windows application by clicking on the link.

Sort Document Items for QuoteWerks
This module, accessed from the QuoteWerks Tools menu, sorts the document items and automatically creates headings and subtotals at each sort break. The sort fields (max 3 key sort) and sort order for each sort field are configurable. A typical use of this would be to have your quote show all hardware, followed by all software, followed by all services, displayed as 3 separate sections with headings and subtotals, regardless of the order in which those items had been selected by the sales rep.

Advanced Excel Integration for QuoteWerks
This module, accessed from the QuoteWerks Tools menu, allows complex existing Excel-based pricing models to be incorporated into your QuoteWerks system. A typical example of this would be where sales reps use an existing Excel spreadsheet as a Configurator to calculate the price of a job and where this Configurator needs to be retained. The user selects a Pricing Spreadsheet option from the Tools menu, which brings up the familiar spreadsheet as a dialog box. The user completes the spreadsheet exactly as normal, and on clicking OK to close the dialog box, information is transferred to QuoteWerks as document items. (The information to be transferred is different for each installed system, but we can move essentially any of the information from Excel to QuoteWerks.) As a backup, a copy of the whole spreadsheet as completed by the sales rep is saved to a subfolder within QuoteWerks with the QuoteWerks Document reference as its filename (eg AAAQ1003.xls).

Web-based reporting for QuoteWerks from Quintadena.
This application enables users to access QuoteWerks data in their web browser on the company intranet or, if preferred, on the internet. The initial data selection is done by entering appropriate details or selecting appropriate options from one or more selection fields. Some of these fields support wildcards, enabling an extra degree of flexibility in the data selection. A summary data set is displayed of all the records that match the search criteria. This data set can be exported as a CSV file and hence can be imported into Excel (or any spreadsheet application). The user can select a specific record from this data set and "drill down" to display more details, including details of the individual items contained in the quote or other document. There is an option at this latter stage to allow users to update a small subset of the detail fields in the quote.


Gold Rush Technology

Custom Pricing #1

Client using EXO, required a combination of customer based pricing with volume based pricing. On save, the application used called an SQL Stored Procedure in EXO to update the correct price based on the customer profile, and the quantity volume on the item.

Custom Pricing #2

Client had complex processes and pricing models. On save, the application used the raw materials, product dimensions, and process to determine the pricing for each bespoke item. Originally developed in vbscript, then converted to .Net application in C#. The application is settings driven so that minor changes to pricing can be updated easily by the customer.


Originally developed as an integration to Pipedrive, and then upgraded to include ActiveCampaign in such a way we can easily add integrations to other web based CRM products that use REST APIs. We can deliver a fully functional integration without having to start from the ground up, but simply create a new REST API DLL. The application is settings driven to allow for different supported functionality, and we can offer a fixed price development adding your CRM to our product.