QuoteWerks 3rd Party Contact Management Add-on Products

RangerMSP-QuoteWerks Link by RangerMSP

RangerMSP-QuoteWerks Link helps users manage new business opportunities while streamlining their workflow by enabling all quoting and sales opportunities to be managed from within RangerMSP, a centralized professional services automation (PSA) solution. By linking QuoteWerks Quotes to RangerMSP Opportunities, users save time and increase data accuracy, as contact information can be pushed from RangerMSP to QuoteWerks, Quotes can be tracked and managed from within RangerMSP, and, upon completion, Quote amounts can be converted into RangerMSP Charge for easy billing.

Using the link between RangerMSP and QuoteWerks users benefit by being able to:

  • Create professional and customized QuoteWerks Quotes from within RangerMSP's Sale Opportunities window.
  • Link the QuoteWerks Quotes to RangerMSP's Sales Opportunities.
  • Easily update RangerMSP's Opportunity amount to match new Quote amounts.
  • Track Quotes in QuoteWerks or in RangerMSP Opportunities.
  • Push customer contact information from RangerMSP Accounts and Contacts database to QuoteWerks Quotes to save time and diminish manual data entry errors.
  • Manage complex Sales Opportunities that involves several different QuoteWerks Quotes - all can be linked into a single Sales Opportunity in RangerMSP.
  • Once the Quote needs to be turned into a charge, create a Charge in RangerMSP based on the Quote amount.
  • Open linked Quotes in QuoteWerks right from within the Sales Opportunity window in RangerMSP.
QuoteWerks integrates with RangerMSP - Formerly CommitCRM

ConnectIT-MSCRM: QuoteWerks to Microsoft CRM by Hilltops IT

ConnectIT-MSCRM gives the QuoteWerks user the ability to link the current active QuoteWerks document to an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Opportunity.

ConnectIT-MSCRM is simple to use so there is no need for additional staff training - the quote processing clerk simply clicks the "Link document to MSCRM Opportunity" menu option from the QuoteWerks Tools menu, selects the Opportunity from the list and it's done!

ConnectIT-MSCRM features:

  • QuoteWerks users can link a QuoteWerks document to an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM opportunity. Once linked, the opportunity will seamlessly update each time the QuoteWerks document is revised.
  • QuoteWerks users can re-link a document from one opportunity within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to another opportunity.
  • Intuitive and user friendly set-up. Simply click the Link to MSCRM Opportunity menu option from the QuoteWerks Tools menu, select the required Opportunity and let ConnectIT-MSCRM do the rest.
  • Multiple configuration options ensure that ConnectIT-MSCRM will work to suit your business requirements.
  • Supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Small Business and Professional editions.
  • Supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Workgroup, Professional and Enterprise editions.
  • Supports all editions of QuoteWerks 4.0 Build 17 and above.

dpQWsync by Hogan Data*

With dpQWsync, QuoteWerks users can now create and update Sales Opportunities in ACT! with line item details.

dpQWsync features:

  • Creates and updates the ACT! Opportunity with the QuoteWerks document line item details upon saving the QuoteWerks document.
  • Line item details created in the ACT! Opportunity include manufacturer part number, item description, item cost, extended price, and quantity.
  • Supports ACT! by Sage Premium versions 9, 10, and 11.
  • Supports all editions of QuoteWerks 4.0.

*Please Note: Starting with QuoteWerks 4.0 build 49, QuoteWerks now has built-in line item support for ACT! Sales Opportunities. The dpQWsync add-on however, works with all builds of QuoteWerks 4.0.

KASEYA® BMS by Kaseya Limited

Kaseya BMS is a next-generation business management solution that was built specifically to help MSPs spend more time selling and delivering services, and less time on non-revenue-generating tasks like billing and project management. Successful MSPs and IT Departments know they need to keep up with changing customer needs and technologies. No matter what new services you may offer, or challenges you may face, Kaseya BMS gives you the tools you need to build a successful IT business. Let's start building your future together.

Using the QuoteWerks Connector tool, you can quickly integrate with BMS to map your CRM records and seamlessly produce customer proposals within QuoteWerks. To learn how to set up the QuoteWerks Connector for BMS, please click here for our user guide, or visit the BMS integrations page here.

  • Retrieve Contacts from Kaseya BMS
  • Search Kaseya BMS Products
  • Create / Update Opportunities in Kaseya BMS
  • Create / Update Follow up Activities in Kaseya BMS
QuoteWerks and Kaseya BMS Integration instead of ConnectWise

Try the NEW QuoteWerks Integration to Kaseya BMS

Pipedrive Integration for QuoteWerks by Gold Rush Technology

TanamiGold provides access add to your Pipedrive data into your QuoteWerks quote. No more copying and pasting names and addresses, and other important information in your CRM. The setup gives you the ability to map any of your custom fields setup in Pipedrive into your QuoteWerks quote.

* Requires QuoteWerks 5.2 or above.

  • Search both Organizations and Persons in Pipedrive
  • Update or create a Pipedrive deal
  • Link to a Pipedrive deal or create a new one (when saving the quote)
  • Create, Edit and Delete Pipedrive activities linked to the deal
  • Create a link in Pipedrive that will open the quote in QuoteWerks
  • Upload the PDF of the quote to the Pipedrive deal

Pulseway PSA by Pulseway

Pulseway PSA is the ultimate Professional Services Automation (PSA) software to run every aspect of your business. Simple, easy and ready for anything, Pulseway PSA gives you crucial features such as ticketing, project management, accounting, CRM, time-tracking, invoicing, billing and help desk. The business world changes quickly - and MSPs need to react just as quickly to keep up with customer requirements. That's why Pulseway PSA is there to support you every step of the way.

QuoteWerks and Kaseya BMS Integration instead of ConnectWise

QuoteLinx by TimeLinx Software

QuoteLinx maintains a SalesLogix centric approach to creating new opportunities. First you create a new opportunity in SalesLogix, then from the SalesLogix opportunity products tab you right click to add products. This launches the QuoteWerks quote, populates it with the contact information, and links it to this opportunity. Then when you save the QuoteWerks quote, all the line item details are saved into the SalesLogix products tab for that opportunity. So you have the best of both worlds, you have all the QuoteWerks quoting functionality with the ability to have line item detail in your SalesLogix opportunity.

With QuoteLinx PLUS for TimeLinx, you get all of the capabilities of QuoteLinx plus the capability to quote professional services and out-of-pocket or other expenses within the SalesLogix opportunity.

QuoteLinx features:

  • Sold To / Ship To fields in QuoteWerks are automatically populated with the Primary Contact from the SalesLogix Opportunity.
  • Line item details from QuoteWerks are seamlessly passed into the SalesLogix opportunity including Discounts, markups, and formulas which are applied to groups of items in QuoteWerks passed into the SalesLogix opportunity items. With the line item detail, item costs are tracked, so you can calculate profitability from within SalesLogix.
  • Optional items for a quote are passed back to the Opportunity as $0 items and are not included in the Sales Potential of the Opportunity.
  • Users can create multiple revisions of a quote within a single SalesLogix opportunity.

With QuoteLinx and TimeLinx, there are integrations with MAS 90/200/500 and Timberline. See their website for details.

* Requires: QuoteWerks Corporate Edition (4.0 Build 49 or greater), Sage SalesLogix versions 7.5.0 and higher, and/or TimeLinx version 6.3.0 and higher.

Sage CRM integration for QuoteWerks by Wizard Systems

The Wizard Systems integration between Sage CRM and QuoteWerks gives you the ability to launch QuoteWerks directly from the Sage CRM interface, passing with it the details of the current company and/or contact you have in front of you. Additional fields can be mapped from Sage CRM to custom fields in QuoteWerks to bring over other information like Salesperson's Name, Pricing Profiles of the Customer etc. Additional contact information for shipping and billing addresses can be accessed from the QuoteWerks interface, accessing the contact information directly from the Sage CRM database. All saved quotations can be viewed within the Sage CRM interface and will be displayed relative to the current company, contact or opportunity. Previously saved quotations can be accessed by clicking on a hyperlink in Sage CRM, which will open the quote with QuoteWerks.

Integration Summary:

  • Create new quotes directly from Sage CRM, passing current contact details.
  • Create quotations linked to Sage CRM Opportunities (optional).
  • Access the Sage CRM contact information for shipping and billing address details.
  • Display quotation summary information in the Sage CRM interface.
  • Launch previous QuoteWerks quotations from Sage CRM and open them in QuoteWerks for editing

Tigerpaw CRM+ by Tigerpaw Software, Inc.

The Tigerpaw link enables QuoteWerks users the ability to directly pass their quoted products and/or services into new or existing opportunities within their Tigerpaw CRM+ system. Users can also retrieve their QuoteWerks product databases into the Tigerpaw CRM+ price book ensuring that the user's complete product line is available for work orders and CRM side reporting.

Tigerpaw CRM+ integration features:

  • Upon importing the QuoteWerks document into Tigerpaw, if an item does not exist in the Tigerpaw price book, the item will automatically be created.
  • Tigerpaw can retrieve bundles and grouped configurations from the active QuoteWerks document and convert them to assemblies in Tigerpaw.
  • Support for QuoteWerks price and discount modifiers.
  • QuoteWerks Optional and Comment line items are fully supported in Tigerpaw.
  • QuoteWerks blank lines and subtotal lines (not needed by Tigerpaw) are removed during the Tigerpaw retrieval process.
  • Supports USA and Canada tax schemes.

Zoho Integration by Cazoomi

The integrated solution for QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM. Our solution can be easily customized on your request. You'll be able to track your clients and business easily on QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM by using QW-Zoho CRM SyncApps. You can download the demo version and give it a try.

Zoho Integration features:

  • Sync customer and contacts in Zoho CRM to QuoteWerks
  • Drive your QuoteWerks estimates from Zoho customer lists
  • Sync Quotes from QuoteWerks to Zoho CRM
  • Supports QuoteWerks for Access and SQL Server versions