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If you appreciate what QuoteWerks does for you and your company, we would like your help in spreading that word. Help others distinguish the difference between marketing hype and a real quoting and proposal solution like QuoteWerks.

If you remember back when your company was evaluating quoting solutions, you probably were not sure what solution to go with. There was a lot of information on the web, but you didn't know what you could or couldn't trust. That's why we are asking you as a QuoteWerks user to let others know how QuoteWerks helps your business and how it will help others. Your endorsement of QuoteWerks goes a lot further than ours!

Some ideas for your testimonial:

  • What you used before QuoteWerks (like Word or Excel)?

  • How did QuoteWerks improve your sales process?

  • How did QuoteWerks address your pain points (for example you used to have trouble with "x")?

  • How long have you been using QuoteWerks?

  • A personal story or experience how QuoteWerks made or saved a sale.

  • What do you personally like about using QuoteWerks (like particular features, things that you find most useful, etc)?

  • Comment on the cost of QuoteWerks and your return on investment (ROI). How quickly did you recoup the money you spent on QuoteWerks?

  • Share your experiences you have had with our technical support staff.

  • In your mind, what really sets QuoteWerks apart from other software and/or solutions?

How to Submit a Review

  • To submit a text based review, please submit your review on our website or email community[at]quotewerks.com
  • Information on how to submit a video review is below.

Sample Video Submissions

How to Submit Your Video Review

Please start your video testimonial by stating your name, title, company name, location (city and state or country if outside of US or Canada), and what your company does.

You can upload your video to YouTube or email your video to brian.laufer[at]quotewerks.com. If you upload your video to YouTube, please send us an email with the URL. You can also send us a tweet with the video location as well. If you would prefer to do an audio interview with us instead, please let us know.

A sample testimonial from Jane Scotland of Beyond the Invisible:

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