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Version 4.6 Build 2 Summary
21 New, 14 Fixes, and 1 Miscellaneous features Released on 02/16/2011
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NOTE: Build 2 was replaced by Version 4.6 Build 03

New Features - Build 2
 1. QuoteValet v1.1 now supported! See specific details further below.

 2. Shipping Tax Code. The tax code of the Shipping amount is now stored per each document rather than per a global installation setting of the "Shipping is taxable" checkbox on the Installation tab of the Tools->Options menu. You can specify the tax code for the shipping amount on the Shipping Amount window by clicking on the [...] button next to the Shipping amount on the Document Items tab. The default tax code for the shipping amount can be set on the Documents tab of the Tools->Options menu.

 3. For Canadian users, the "Do not charge PST on Shipping" checkbox on the Sale Info tab of the Quote WorkBook has now been replaced with the new Shipping Tax Code.

 4. The shipping calculation method (Manual, Adding up, based on rate) is now being stored with the quote. and you can set the default method on the Defaults tab of the Tools->Options menu.

 5. The TaxSystem (USA or Canada) is now stored with each quote also. The UK and Australian tax system is very similar to the USA system, so in QuoteWerks they use the USA tax system.

 6. There is now a [Merge Macros and Preview] button on the toolbar when editing your html email signature. Often your email signature will contain macro fields. With this new feature you can easily see an in-editor preview of what the macro fields will be merged to so you can see what the final output would look like.

 7. The HTML email editor [View HTML Source] button on the editor toolbar now displays the HTML code behind your email with syntax highlighting.

 8. On the Sale Info tab you can specify an expiration date for the quote. This is particularly useful for QuoteValet users. If your customer views the quote on QuoteValet after it has expired, they will see a message stating that the quote has expired and there will be a link for them to click to request an updated quote from you. Your customer will still be able to view the quote, but will not be able to accept a quote that has expired.

 9. New support with Subtotals and % Charge/Discount lines. Now, if a % Discount or % Charge line item is the only line item between two Subtotals, the second subtotal will now be calculated as the first subtotal - the % Discount. Typically SubTotals simply sum up the line item prices since the previous subtotal.

 10. Added new cover page macros &DH_AlternateGrandTotal, &DH_AlternateSubTotal, &DH_AlternateTotalTax, &DH_AlternateLocalTax, &DH_&AlternateCurrencyIdentifier, &DH_&AlternateCurrencySymbol

 11. If a quote has already been uploaded to QuoteValet for customer review, if you attempt to upload the quote for peer review, you will now be warned that the peer review copy will overwrite the customer review copy. I normal cases, peer reviews are performed before releasing the quote to the customer.

 12. For QuoteValet users, you can now choose which QuoteValet Customer Facing Template you want to use for each quote. Sometimes you might want to upload a quote to QuoteValet that just has the PDF of the quote and then acceptance section - with no line item details. Other times depending upon the quote you may just want to upload the quote to QuoteValet that just shows the line items on the quote and no PDF file. And sometimes you may want to include both the line items and the PDF file attachment. Now you can do this.

 13. For QuoteValet users, the QuoteValet dashboard can do a lot more reporting. You can filter by date range and by user. You can also filter your dashboard data to see focused, actionable information such as quotes expiring in next week, any QuoteValet activity today, any quotes not viewed yet, all the quotes viewed by customers last week, all quotes accepted this month, etc.

 14. For QuoteValet users, Sales tax and shipping is now displayed in the QuoteValet quote. As options are selected and unselected, the shipping and sales tax for these changes are calculated in real-time on QuoteValet. The quotes tax system (USA or Canada) is automatically detected and taxes are calculated accordingly.

 15. For QuoteValet users, you can now recall a quote. When a quote is recalled, your customer will not be able to view the quote. Instead, they will be redirected to a template that says, for example, "Sorry, this document has been recalled on 12/15/2010 at 9:45am by John Lewe." Optionally you can set a reason for the recall that your customer will see. Often you will leave it blank, but typically you would enter something like "Sorry, I forgot to include monthly maintenance, I'll have an updated quote to you today by 4:00pm". Of course, if you can quickly address whatever you forgot to do in the quote you can just re-upload the quote to QuoteValet. The recall feature is mostly used when you know that you cannot quickly make the change that is needed. Additionally since QuoteValet enables you to publish your quote to the cloud (for a specific customer), it is important to know that you can rescind that publishing while at the same time letting the customer know that you purposely have recalled the quote rather than it just disappearing.

 16. For QuoteValet users, in the QuoteValet Dashboard you can now delete a quote from QuoteValet. Typically you will not need to or want to do this except for when you have been creating test quotes and uploading them to QuoteValet. Once a quote has been accepted by a customer through QuoteValet you are not able to delete that quote and the electronic signature acceptance documentation unless you have master rights in QuoteWerks.

 17. For QuoteValet users, QuoteValet quotes can be "Accepted by Proxy". While the most ideal situation is for you to upload your quote to QuoteValet and then have the customer click on "I Accept" through the QuoteValet page, sometimes the customer simply calls in to ask some clarifying questions or to accept the quote and provide their payment information at the same time. For just this situation, QuoteValet now has an "Accept by Proxy" feature. It works seamlessly within QuoteWerks. When you convert a quote to an order, the QuoteValet counterpart is flagged as Accepted. This is particularly important for reporting.

 18. For QuoteValet users, there is a now a new quote acceptance page, so after your customer accepts the quote they will be redirected to a simpler smaller page that just contains their acceptance confirmation.

 19. For QuoteValet users, When quotes are "Converted as Lost", the QuoteValet quote that you uploaded to QuoteValet will now also be converted as lost. This is particularly important for reporting.

 20. For QuoteValet users, you can now upload quotes to QuoteValet that contain optional items within optional groups. Combined with QuoteValet's ability to let the customer pick and choose various options this really takes the groups and options functionality to a much more effective level.

 21. The DataLink now supports the fields ContractStartDate and ContractEndDate.

Misc Features - Build 2
 1. For QuickBooks users, when orders are exported to QuickBooks that contain a rare but particular combination of subtotal/Percent Discount/Product, or subtotal/Percent Charge/Product a warning will now be displayed that this combination is not supported.

Fixes - Build 2
 1. When retrieving Etilize pictures in some cases firewall software interferes with the downloading of the picture causing QuoteWerks to terminate unexpectedly.

 2. When using real-time module features and then logging in as another user through the File->Login as another User menu would receive error "User found in LoggedInRTUsers array after not being found" when the real-time features were used during that session of QuoteWerks.

 3. When creating a new Order from the beginning, rather than converting a quote to an order, the approval requirement was still in effect, but the administrator was not able to Approve the Order.

 4. If your CRM was not GoldMine, MS CRM or ACT for Web, you would not be able to select an email address from the new 'QuoteWerks Users" option on the Select E-mail Recipients window.

 5. The spell checker was not working while composing a plain text email.

 6. In the HTML client, the Plain text message and HTML source text box now only have vertical scrollbars.

 7. When upgrading from QuoteWerks 3.0 directly to 4.6 build 1 would receive errors: "The field name City was not found in ReMapAndGetFieldData. Also the fields "ExclusiveOptionGroup", "STATE", and "POSTALCODE".

 8. For Word Merging, if the word document contained macros to place specific item types in different tables and the first item type was blank, the line items containing this blank Item Type would not be printed and the macros would remain unmerged.

 9. For Word Merging, issues if the word document contained autoshapes or multiple section breaks.

 10. Intermittent issues with function and control keys in the html email signature and email body text box. F2, F7, DEL, CTRL-C, CTRL-A, CTRL-V key presses would not be detected.

 11. When opening an ORDER type document that was uploaded to QuoteValet, the status message of "QuoteValet - Checking for updates..." would be displayed and would not go away.

 12. When previewing a management report, you would not be able to print or email the previewed report if approval was required for the currently open quote.

 13. When selecting the Tools->Options menu would receive message "The QuoteWerks Database Time Zone setting GMT-05:00 was not found in the Windows Time Zone list! Please re-select.". This would happen in a network environment when workstations running different versions of Windows (Windows 7 vs all other versions) were accessing the same QuoteWerks installation.

 14. When doing a Merge Remote Documents, if the error "The document number specified in the dtf file is already in use!" was encountered several hundred times, would receive error 67 too many files.