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Version 4.6 Summary
114 New, 94 Fixes, and 28 Miscellaneous features
New Features - Version 4.6
 1. QuickBooks 2011 is now supported! [Build: 1]

 2. Outlook 2010 is now supported! [Build: 1]

 3. Approvals. Have you ever had a sales rep email a quote to a customer that you wished you had reviewed before the customer received it? You now have that power within QuoteWerks! With the new Approval Requirements feature you can require that your sales reps obtain approval from you before a quote can be printed, emailed, or uploaded to QuoteValet. You can activate the Approval requirement per sales rep, and define under which conditions the approval is required and by who the approval needs to be obtained from. An Approval requirement can be triggered on a document or line item level. For example, if any single item's margin is less than 5%, then this quote requires an approval, or if the margin on the entire quote is less than 15%, then this quote requires an approval. When an approval is required, you can specify who is authorized to approve the quote. For example, if the quote amount is greater than 10,000 it requires the single approval from the sales reps manager. If the quote amount is greater than 50,000 then it requires a single approval from an escalated approver such as the CEO. If the quote amount is greater than 100,000 then it requires multiple approvals from escalated approvers such as the CEO and CFO. There are many different scenarios that can be accounted for. The Approval Requirements are setup Under the Utilities->User Maintenance menu. Select a user and click on the [Edit] button. From there, click on the Documents tab, and then click on the [Document Approval Settings] button. From there you can specify the approval requirements. When an approval is required, the user can request it by selecting the [Request Approval] button on the File|Print window. When used with the optional QuoteValet subscription, the approval features are greatly extended. [Build: 1]

 4. Peer Reviews. Ever wanted to share a quote with your colleagues to get some feedback? With the QuoteWerks Peer Review features, this just got easier. From the File|Print window, click on the [Submit for Peer Review] button. This will send an email to your colleagues asking for feedback. When they receive the email, using the new "quotewerks protocol handler" feature, they can simply click on a hyperlink in the email and your quote will open up in their local installation of QuoteWerks. [Build: 1]

 5. Microsoft Word merging. As an alternative to the built-in QuoteWerks report writer, you can now create Microsoft word based quotes and proposals from within QuoteWerks. Everyone knows how to use Microsoft Word. Word is more flexible than report designers and it is easy to design a Word based Quote layout since you already know how to use Word. QuoteWerks simply drops the data into your Word document wherever you want it. After merging, it is easy to make changes or tweaks to the Word document. Best of both worlds ? macro replacement and the ability to edit afterwards. To top it all off, QuoteWerks then automatically saves your data merged Word document as a PDF file and links it into the quote. The new Microsoft Word merging feature seamlessly integrates into the File|Print window. On the Layouts tab, you simply choose a Word Document Template rather than the built-in report designer layout. Sit back and watch QuoteWerks update your Word Document. Microsoft Word Document merging is also integrated into Links tab of the Quote WorkBook as a right click menu for "Merge Word document". You can select multiple Word documents (*.doc;*.docx) at the same time to merge. [Build: 1]

 6. Unified Print, Share, Publish Deliver window. The Print window has been re-designed to support the new Microsoft Word merging, QuoteValet, Save as PDF, Peer Review, and Approval features. On the surface it may look familiar, but underneath it behaves very differently. Now, on the Layout tab, you can choose <None>. This is useful if you just want to print a cover page or some literature, etc without printing a quote layout. Another difference on this tab is that you can now choose a Word document template from this tab. The word documents stored in the \Layouts\Quotes folder will appear in this tab. From this window, you have always been able to choose a layout, a cover page, multiple literature files, multiple spec sheets, and multiple files from the links tab. You can still do this, but now the layout is seamlessly either the built-in layout or an external word document template. When you select an .rtf cover page in addition, QuoteWerks automatically behind the scenes merges the macros in the RTF file, converts the RTF file to a PDF file, and then merges that PDF file with the PDF file output from the Word merge. The same happens for all the files on the Literature, Spec Sheet, and Links tabs. On the Links tab there is even more functionality. If you selected a Word document on the Links tab, then QuoteWerks will merge that Word document, convert it to a PDF file and then merge it with the other PDF output into one final PDF output. [Build: 1]

 7. The QuoteWerks built-in E-mail client now supports HTML E-mail. You can do text formatting? Fonts, Bold, Color, etc. You can embed URLs, email address, etc in the message body. You can include images (Linked or Embedded). QuoteWerks Macro fields can be merged into the email, including Merging Hyperlink URLs. Additionally, the E-mail window has been updated with a new interface including a resizable window. The new HTML email client works with both the built-in QuoteWerks SMTP email and the QuoteWerks automation of Outlook. [Build: 1]

 8. QuoteValet integration. QuoteValet is the online quote delivery and acceptance vehicle for QuoteWerks. QuoteValet is a more robust way to deliver quotes to your customers and prospects. Rather than attaching a PDF file to the quote and emailing it to your customer, QuoteValet will create a personalized web page to present the quote on quotevalet.com. The advantage of using QuoteValet is that you will actually know when your customer has received the quote. You will know when they have viewed the quote and how often they review the quote. Your customer will be able to change quote options dynamically and ask you questions through the customized quote page (keeping all communication together). Most importantly, they will be able to electronically accept and sign the quote! QuoteValet setup in QuoteWerks is on the QuoteValet tab of the Tools|Options menu. QuoteValet is accessed though the File|Print window, and also through the QuoteValet toolbar button. [Build: 1]

 9. Quote Preparer feature. Now you can specify which users can create/prepare quotes on your behalf. These preparers can be specified on the Documents tab under the Utilities|User Maintenance menu. [Build: 1]

 10. Added Misc Access right "CannotManuallyModifySalesRep". When this is set, the Sales Rep field cannot be changed by any user except users with Master rights. [Build: 1]

 11. Added a new IsSelected variation of the Line Item Optional Attribute. With this, you can flag an item as being option, but as the SELECTED option. A SELECTED option will be included in the quote total. This is particularly useful with the QuoteValet integration, as you can present one or more options to your customer and you can pre-select the option that you recommend. In the site.ini file under the "System" section, there is also an INI key "OptionalSelectedItemText" which defaults to " (Optional - SELECTED)". This can be modified similar to the "OptionalItemText" INI key. [Build: 1]

 12. The Line Item Optional Attribute is now supported for Group Header lines, effectively making the group as a whole (including all the line items in the group) optional. This is particularly useful with the QuoteValet integration. [Build: 1]

 13. Line Items flagged as Optional can now also be flagged as mutually exclusive items. When the optional item is part of an Exclusive Group, the selection of one item will unselect the other options that are part of that exclusive option group. This is particularly useful with the QuoteValet integration. [Build: 1]

 14. On the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook, there is now a right click menu for "Remove Link". [Build: 1]

 15. You can now easily convert a Microsoft Word Document (*.doc;*.docx) into a PDF file from the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook. Simply right click on the Word document, and choose "Save as PDF". You can select multiple Word documents at the same time. [Build: 1]

 16. On the print window, you can now choose any of the files from the tabs and e-mail them directly from this window. [Build: 1]

 17. There is now a File|Login as another User menu. Very useful for administrators that need to log in as different users for setup and testing. [Build: 1]

 18. On the E-mail address selection window there is now a right click menu option for "Add to TO", "Add to CC", "Add to BCC". Double clicking chooses the currently selected email address and closes the e-mail selection window. [Build: 1]

 19. On the E-mail address selection window you can select e-mail addresses from QuoteWerks users or QuoteWerks groups. [Build: 1]

 20. On the Document Items tab of the Quote WorkBook, double-clicking on the line item record selector now displays the Line Attributes window. [Build: 1]

 21. Added Misc Access right "CannotUseQuoteValetLicense". This will prevent a user from being able to upload documents to QuoteValet. It will also prevent them from using the Peer Review and Approval features of QuoteValet. [Build: 1]

 22. Added CustomText21, CustomText22, CustomText23, and CustomText24 to the Custom tab of the Quote WorkBook. [Build: 1]

 23. Added CustomText15, CustomText16, CustomText17, CustomText18, CustomText19, CustomText20 fields on the Document Items tab. [Build: 1]

 24. When changes have been made to the quote, a Save icon appears in the status bar (lower right) indicating that it needs to be saved. [Build: 1]

 25. When a document template is open, the indicator "TEMPLATE" will appear in the status bar (lower right). [Build: 1]

 26. Under the Utilities|Change Registration Information menu, there is now a new Licensee Website field. This is now used when integrating with QuoteValet. This website URL is displayed in the QuoteValet Company Letterhead banner. Also on the registration information window, the country is no longer required, and discrete City, State, and PostalCode fields have been added. [Build: 1]

 27. On the Print window, under the Spec sheet tab, if specified spec sheet files are missing, these missing files will be detected and "Missing" (in red) will prefix the file name in the display. Also, there is now a tool tip for each spec sheet item so you can see the full path to where the spec sheet file is located. [Build: 1]

 28. Emails are sent in larger packet chunks. For some slower SMTP servers this will yield, emails will be sent faster. [Build: 1]

 29. Added new macros &APP_&LoggedInUserFullNameOrUserName, &DH_&SalesRepFullNameOrUserName, &APP_&LicenseeInlineAddress, &DH_&SalesRepInlineAddress, &APP_&LoggedInUserInlineAddress, &APP_&LoggedInUserPhoneWithExt, &DH_&SalesRepMobilePhone, &APP_LoggedInUserMobilePhone. [Build: 1]

 30. Added new macro &SYS_NowA which formats the date/time, for example, as "October 9, 2010 2:34 pm". Also added macro &SYS_NowB which formats the date/time, for example, as "Saturday, Oct 9, 2010 2:34 pm". [Build: 1]

 31. Added new QuoteWerks API method Application.BringToFocus [Build: 1]

 32. Added new QuoteWerks API method Application.RestoreIfMinimized [Build: 1]

 33. There is now a new "Heading" type line item. Typically Comment type line items would be also be used as Headings. Now there are defined Heading and Comment line items. Insert a heading line into the quote by choosing Edit|Insert Heading. When Heading lines are used, on the Add Item Assistant or from the Bundles, or Configurator, you can choose to insert the item as the first item under the heading, or append the item the last item under the Heading. When appending it as the "last" item under the Heading, it uses some "artificial Intelligence", so if the last items under the heading are a blank comment line, % charge line, % discount line, or subtotal line, then the item is added above those items. Heading lines are also useful in the printed output as Heading type line items can have their font larger and bold, whereas comments could be the same font size as the regular Product/Service line items. Some examples for Heading lines would be like "Family Room"/"Master Bedroom"/"Theater Room", or "Service"/"Parts", or "Servers"/"Workstations"/"Services"/"Managed Services"/"Anti-Virus"/"Monitoring". [Build: 1.11]

 34. For SalesLogix users, "SalesLogix Remote Office" type of installations are now supported. [Build: 1.11]

 35. Group header line items now support the Hide Price line item attribute. This is useful for hiding the rolled up total price of a grouped bundle. [Build: 1.17]

 36. The fields in the Select Special drop down now have their customized labels displayed in parenthesis next to the field name. [Build: 1.17]

 37. ConnectWise 2011.1 is now supported! [Build: 1.23]

 38. QuickBooks UK 2011 is now supported! [Build: 1.23]

 39. SugarCRM 6.1 is now supported! [Build: 1.23]

 40. QuoteValet v1.1 now supported! See specific details further below. [Build: 2]

 41. Shipping Tax Code. The tax code of the Shipping amount is now stored per each document rather than per a global installation setting of the "Shipping is taxable" checkbox on the Installation tab of the Tools->Options menu. You can specify the tax code for the shipping amount on the Shipping Amount window by clicking on the [...] button next to the Shipping amount on the Document Items tab. The default tax code for the shipping amount can be set on the Documents tab of the Tools->Options menu. [Build: 2]

 42. For Canadian users, the "Do not charge PST on Shipping" checkbox on the Sale Info tab of the Quote WorkBook has now been replaced with the new Shipping Tax Code. [Build: 2]

 43. The shipping calculation method (Manual, Adding up, based on rate) is now being stored with the quote. and you can set the default method on the Defaults tab of the Tools->Options menu. [Build: 2]

 44. The TaxSystem (USA or Canada) is now stored with each quote also. The UK and Australian tax system is very similar to the USA system, so in QuoteWerks they use the USA tax system. [Build: 2]

 45. There is now a [Merge Macros and Preview] button on the toolbar when editing your html email signature. Often your email signature will contain macro fields. With this new feature you can easily see an in-editor preview of what the macro fields will be merged to so you can see what the final output would look like. [Build: 2]

 46. The HTML email editor [View HTML Source] button on the editor toolbar now displays the HTML code behind your email with syntax highlighting. [Build: 2]

 47. On the Sale Info tab you can specify an expiration date for the quote. This is particularly useful for QuoteValet users. If your customer views the quote on QuoteValet after it has expired, they will see a message stating that the quote has expired and there will be a link for them to click to request an updated quote from you. Your customer will still be able to view the quote, but will not be able to accept a quote that has expired. [Build: 2]

 48. New support with Subtotals and % Charge/Discount lines. Now, if a % Discount or % Charge line item is the only line item between two Subtotals, the second subtotal will now be calculated as the first subtotal - the % Discount. Typically SubTotals simply sum up the line item prices since the previous subtotal. [Build: 2]

 49. Added new cover page macros &DH_AlternateGrandTotal, &DH_AlternateSubTotal, &DH_AlternateTotalTax, &DH_AlternateLocalTax, &DH_&AlternateCurrencyIdentifier, &DH_&AlternateCurrencySymbol [Build: 2]

 50. If a quote has already been uploaded to QuoteValet for customer review, if you attempt to upload the quote for peer review, you will now be warned that the peer review copy will overwrite the customer review copy. I normal cases, peer reviews are performed before releasing the quote to the customer. [Build: 2]

 51. For QuoteValet users, you can now choose which QuoteValet Customer Facing Template you want to use for each quote. Sometimes you might want to upload a quote to QuoteValet that just has the PDF of the quote and then acceptance section - with no line item details. Other times depending upon the quote you may just want to upload the quote to QuoteValet that just shows the line items on the quote and no PDF file. And sometimes you may want to include both the line items and the PDF file attachment. Now you can do this. [Build: 2]

 52. For QuoteValet users, the QuoteValet dashboard can do a lot more reporting. You can filter by date range and by user. You can also filter your dashboard data to see focused, actionable information such as quotes expiring in next week, any QuoteValet activity today, any quotes not viewed yet, all the quotes viewed by customers last week, all quotes accepted this month, etc. [Build: 2]

 53. For QuoteValet users, Sales tax and shipping is now displayed in the QuoteValet quote. As options are selected and unselected, the shipping and sales tax for these changes are calculated in real-time on QuoteValet. The quotes tax system (USA or Canada) is automatically detected and taxes are calculated accordingly. [Build: 2]

 54. For QuoteValet users, you can now recall a quote. When a quote is recalled, your customer will not be able to view the quote. Instead, they will be redirected to a template that says, for example, "Sorry, this document has been recalled on 12/15/2010 at 9:45am by John Lewe." Optionally you can set a reason for the recall that your customer will see. Often you will leave it blank, but typically you would enter something like "Sorry, I forgot to include monthly maintenance, I'll have an updated quote to you today by 4:00pm". Of course, if you can quickly address whatever you forgot to do in the quote you can just re-upload the quote to QuoteValet. The recall feature is mostly used when you know that you cannot quickly make the change that is needed. Additionally since QuoteValet enables you to publish your quote to the cloud (for a specific customer), it is important to know that you can rescind that publishing while at the same time letting the customer know that you purposely have recalled the quote rather than it just disappearing. [Build: 2]

 55. For QuoteValet users, in the QuoteValet Dashboard you can now delete a quote from QuoteValet. Typically you will not need to or want to do this except for when you have been creating test quotes and uploading them to QuoteValet. Once a quote has been accepted by a customer through QuoteValet you are not able to delete that quote and the electronic signature acceptance documentation unless you have master rights in QuoteWerks. [Build: 2]

 56. For QuoteValet users, QuoteValet quotes can be "Accepted by Proxy". While the most ideal situation is for you to upload your quote to QuoteValet and then have the customer click on "I Accept" through the QuoteValet page, sometimes the customer simply calls in to ask some clarifying questions or to accept the quote and provide their payment information at the same time. For just this situation, QuoteValet now has an "Accept by Proxy" feature. It works seamlessly within QuoteWerks. When you convert a quote to an order, the QuoteValet counterpart is flagged as Accepted. This is particularly important for reporting. [Build: 2]

 57. For QuoteValet users, there is a now a new quote acceptance page, so after your customer accepts the quote they will be redirected to a simpler smaller page that just contains their acceptance confirmation. [Build: 2]

 58. For QuoteValet users, When quotes are "Converted as Lost", the QuoteValet quote that you uploaded to QuoteValet will now also be converted as lost. This is particularly important for reporting. [Build: 2]

 59. For QuoteValet users, you can now upload quotes to QuoteValet that contain optional items within optional groups. Combined with QuoteValet's ability to let the customer pick and choose various options this really takes the groups and options functionality to a much more effective level. [Build: 2]

 60. The DataLink now supports the fields ContractStartDate and ContractEndDate. [Build: 2]

 61. Under the File->New menu, the last tab you selected - Either Blank or Template will be remembered. [Build: 3]

 62. After uploading a quote to QuoteValet, the Print window now closes based on the Tools|My Preferences setting of "Auto-close Print window after previewing or printing". [Build: 3.03]

 63. When deleting a document from QuoteValet, if the delete fails (maybe because the document is from a different or old account), you now have the option to remove the QuoteValet links from the QuoteWerks document. [Build: 3.03]

 64. The Base Currency (from Windows Regional Settings) is now displayed under the Regional tab under the Tools->Options menu. [Build: 3.03]

 65. Added support for Outlook 2010 changes to Exchange Public Folders. [Build: 3.06]

 66. You can now send an email from the Edit Contact window. [Build: 3.06]

 67. Added new user preference on the Misc tab under the Tools->My Preferences menu called "Warn if document is UNSAVED when printing/emailing." [Build: 3.06]

 68. SugarCRM 6.2 is now supported! [Build: 5]

 69. Support for MS CRM 5.0 (Active Directory only). Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) is not supported. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is not supported. [Build: 5]

 70. Peachtree 2012 is now supported! [Build: 5]

 71. Autotask is now supported with the new built-in Autotask link. This new integration is available in the Corporate Edition of QuoteWerks. The integration includes: a) Autotask can be searched to find Contacts to pull into the quote. b) QuoteWerks will create/update a Sales opportunity in Autotask. You can attach to existing Autotask opportunities or create new opportunities in Autotask. c) QuoteWerks will create/update an attachment to the quote under the Attachments tab in the Autotask Opportunity. This can be used to open the quote that the opportunity refers to. If this is a remote install or satellite office, opening that document link will import that quote into that QuoteWerks installation. d) QuoteWerks will create/update the Autotask Quote associated with the Opportunity. Line Items in QuoteWerks are automatically attached to the Autotask Quote. Products that do not already exist in Autotask are created in the Autotask master product database. Recurring revenue forecasting options are also supported. e) QuoteWerks can link to the Autotask Products and Services databases as Product Data Sources. From within QuoteWerks you can search the Autotask databases and add these products and services to your QuoteWerks quote. f) There is a "Display contact in contact manager" button on the SoldTo / ShipTo tab that will open the Autotask Contact in Autotask for the SoldTo, ShipTo, or BillTo linked contact. g) There is a "Display Opportunity in contact manager" button on the QuoteWerks Create/Update Autotask Opportunity window that will open the Autotask Opportunity in Autotask. h) There is a "Display Quote in contact manager" button on the QuoteWerks Create/Update Autotask Quote window that will open the Autotask Quote in Autotask. [Build: 5]

 72. ConnectWise 2011.2 is now supported! Starting with this build of QuoteWerks (Build 5), QuoteWerks will only support ConnectWise 2011.2 or higher. The entire ConnectWise Integration has been re-written from the ground up to take advantage of many new public APIs available in 2011.2. As a result, the integration is overall much faster and now almost completely uses their public APIs. [Build: 5]

 73. For ConnectWise users, the Primary SalesRep can now be specified When Creating/Updating an opportunity. [Build: 5]

 74. For ConnectWise users, support has been added for product class types of "Service" and "Agreement". The forecast creation logic for these product class types now mirrors ConnectWise. [Build: 5]

 75. For ConnectWise users, on the Create/Update Opportunity Window, Sales Stages are now sorted by the underlying Sequence Number instead of by their Description. [Build: 5]

 76. For ConnectWise users, the Location and Business Unit for a new opportunity default to the default Location and Business Unit set for the selected company in ConnectWise. [Build: 5]

 77. For ConnectWise users, the shipping amount specified on the Shipping Amount window accessible from the Document Items tab can now be sent over to the ConnectWise opportunity as a forecast summary line, or an individual product (including cost). [Build: 5]

 78. The synchronization of documents like quotes/orders/invoices will now propagate document deletions out between the master installation, remote site installation, and remote pc installations. Once this update is installed, all deletions be recorded and then propagated when the sync process is run. It will not retroactively apply deletes that happened before build 5 was installed. Deletions on the master will propagate out to the remote laptop installation, and also any quotes deleted from the remote installation will be deleted from the master installation. Security rights determine if a user can delete quotes. Before a quote is deleted, a backup is made of it in the \QuoteWerks\DTF folder like jbnlQ1001.b01 just in case it needs to be recovered. [Build: 5]

 79. For Corporate Edition users rehosted to SQL, Email Templates (introduced in this build) can now be rolled out to remote installations or bi-directionally synchronized (including deletions). [Build: 5]

 80. Email templating system. Under the Tools->Customize E-Mail Templates menu you can now customize all the emails that QuoteWerks sends. The E-mail Templates window can stay open while sending e-mails in QuoteWerks making it easy to quickly make adjustments and preview the results. There are System, Public and user E-Mail templates. System Email Templates are templates like "SYS_EmailQuote", "SYS_EmailPeerReviewRequest", etc. These are the templates that are used when sending these types of emails. The System templates can be directly modified by users with Master Rights. If individual users want their own versions of these templates, they simply clone the System template which creates a copy with the same name, but it is owned by the user. Then, when sending these types of emails, if the user has a template with the same name like "SYS_EmailQuote", then that template will be used. Users can also create their own templates to be used from the Send Email window. There is now a new "Select Template" dropdown on the Send Email window. When a template is selected, the subject and body of the email will be updated with the information from the template. We've introduced a feature called "Template Contexts". Imagine you create a whole bunch of email templates, some that you use when emailing a quote, some that you use when emailing an invoice, some that you use when emailing a management report, etc. If we just listed all the templates, it would be a massive list of templates to choose from that were not relevant to what you were doing. With the Templates Contexts feature, you choose when the template appears in the list of templates to choose from. Public templates can also be created. Public templates would be templates that most users would want to use, typically with company standardized information in them. So, rather than each user create their own copy with the same information, the administrator could just create a Public template that all the users could use. The real benefit here is that changes can be made in one template, and all the users now are using the updated template. Public templates (based on their context) will appear in the list of templates for all users on the Send Email window. The E-Mail templating system only supports HTML formatted text. Because of this, the default "Message Format" option for "HTML" or "Plain text" has been removed. This was located under the Tools->My Preferences, Email tab, and then Defaults subttab. With the introduction of the Email Templates feature set, this setting is no longer relevant. The Email format can still be changed on the Send Email window from HTML to Plain text, thereby stripping out any HTML formatting. [Build: 5]

 81. Email snippets. Email Snippets are a great way to centrally organize and maintain information that is used in multiple email templates. If you have two email templates that both need to include the same information, you could of course type that same information into both email templates, and then when you need to make a change, you will need to remember to change it in both the email templates. If you entered that information into a Snippet, and then used a macro in the two email templates to refer to that Snippet, then you could just make changes to the information in the snippet and the changes will automatically appear in the two email templates. There are Public and user E-Mail Snippets. Just like with E-Mail templates, Public Snippets would be snippets of information that most users would want to use, typically with company standardized information in them. So, rather than each user create their own Snippet with the same information, the administrator could just create a Public Snippet that all the users could use. The real benefit here is that changes can be made in one Snippet, all the templates that the snippet is used in will be updated. To use a Public Snippet in an email template or an email signature, simply include the macro PublicSnippet:{snippet name} and replace the entire {snippet name} portion with the name of the Snippet. The macro name to include a Snippet owned by the logged in user is MySnippet:{snippet name}. [Build: 5]

 82. Information from external files can be included in E-Mail Templates, E-Mail Snippets, and E-Mail Signatures. Simply include the macro File:{file name and path} and replace the entire {file name and path} portion with something like f:\goldmine\jcl.html. You can use this to insert html or plain text. [Build: 5]

 83. The following new macros are only available in email templates RecipientName, RecipientFirstName, RecipientLastName, RecipientEmail. [Build: 5]

 84. There are some advanced macros that can be used in the HTML Email Templates, Snippets, and Signatures. They are SystemTemplateBody:{Name}, SystemTemplateSubject:{Name}, PublicTemplateBody:{Name}, PublicTemplateSubject:{Name}, MyTemplateBody:{Name}, MyTemplateSubject:{Name}. These can be used to do some neat things, like create a template that includes all the information from another template and then just adds some more information above or below the other templates information. For example, there might be a public template that contains information thanking the customer for placing an order, and you can then create your own template that adds your own summary of the information above it. The subject version of the macro is used to obtain the subject of the email template. You can use this in the subject line of another template. [Build: 5]


 86. You can now have more than one email signature. In fact, you have a Standard, Short, Alternate1, Alternate2, and Alternate3 email signature. There are so many uses for this. During each season of the year, you might have a slightly different e-mail signature (like Happy Halloween, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, etc) and now you can keep them all instead of replacing it each time. Sometimes you want to include your signature complete with your full address, phone number, title, etc. Other times you will just want to include your Short signature, like just your name, title, and phone number. The short signature is particularly good for QuoteValet "Your Quote is Ready" emails to your customers. The Email signature macros for use in the email templates are SignatureStandard, SignatureShort, SignatureAlternate1, SignatureAlternate2, SignatureAlternate3. Rather than typing in your email signature into each email template you setup, you can use email signature macros in them, making it easy to change your email signature in one place. [Build: 5]

 87. There is a new Active Signature feature. When using an email signature macro in a template, you can use SignatureActive instead of SignatureStandard, SignatureShort, etc. When you use the SignatureActive macro, it will be replaced with whatever you set as the Active Signature. Take for example, if you have 20 email templates and in each one you used the macro SignatureStandard, then when you wanted to use a different signature like SignatureAlternate1, you would have to edit 20 templates. With the Active Signature feature, just use the SignatureActive macro in the 20 templates, and then under the Email tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu, just change your Active Signature to Alternate1 and you will not have to modify any of the templates. You can also switch between signatures that might have a monthly special offer included in it. [Build: 5]

 88. Added several Misc Access rights for the new E-Mail Templating features which are CannotCreatePublicEmailTemplates, CannotModifyPublicEmailTemplates, CannotDeletePublicEmailTemplates, CannotViewOthersEmailTemplates, CannotCreatePublicEmailSnippets, CannotModifyPublicEmailSnippets, CannotDeletePublicEmailSnippets, and CannotViewOthersEmailSnippets. [Build: 5]

 89. You can now right click on a File Link on the Links tab of the Quote WorkBook and email the selected file. [Build: 5]

 90. The manual shipping amount specified on the Shipping Amount window accessible from the Document Items tab can now have a cost and an Item Type associated with it. A default ItemType for shipping can be set on the Documents tab under Tools->Options. [Build: 5]

 91. On the QuoteValet tab under Tools->Options menu, there are now the options "Use For Peer Reviews" and "Use for Approval Requests" options for QuoteValet. With these settings, when QuoteValet is enabled, you can now choose to not use QuoteValet for these functions, if you prefer to just use the email method for these functions. [Build: 5]

 92. Added new Approval restriction of "Don't allow Save to PDF until approved". When the document requires approval, the user will not be able to save a PDF file from the File->Print window, or save a PDF file from the Preview window. [Build: 5]

 93. When inserting a heading line (Edit->Insert Heading), there is now an F2Lookup (press F2) to store a list of commonly used headings to select from. [Build: 5]

 94. On the Send E-Mail window, ALT-S will now send the email. [Build: 5]

 95. When clicking on the [Submit for Peer Review] button on the File->Print window, the email is now sent from the logged in user versus from the sales rep specified in the quote. [Build: 5]

 96. When cloning a user, the email templates and email signatures for the user are also cloned. [Build: 5]

 97. Added new macro field &APP_LoggedInUserMobilePhone. [Build: 5]

 98. On the Print window, there is now a [QuoteValet Express Mode] button. When clicked, the quote will be saved quickly (without prompting for CRM integration), it will be uploaded to QuoteValet, and it will be previewed in your web browser. This is meant to be used after the initial upload of the quote to QuoteValet. This helps speed up the process of uploading, making changes, and then re-uploading. [Build: 5.09]

 99. On the Upload to QuoteValet window, pressing the ESCAPE key will close the form. [Build: 5.09]

 100. On the Upload to QuoteValet window, after emailing the customer notification email the window will be closed. [Build: 5.09]

 101. Added a new "Auto Preview after upload checkbox on the Upload to QuoteValet window. When checked, this will preview the QuoteValet quote in your web browser, performing two actions with a single click. This setting is remembered per user. [Build: 5.09]

 102. For ConnectWise users, it is now possible to create a Call activity without specifying a time. [Build: 5.09]

 103. QuoteValet templates can now be customized! Select the Tools->Options menu, then QuoteValet tab, then the [Setup] button. On the Templates tab you can customize the templates. QuoteValet templates contain advanced HTML and CSS coding. Modifying these requires the person modifying them to have advanced web design skills. Once these templates are customized, you will be responsible for maintaining them from that point forward. This includes updates and fixes, as updates nor fixes can be automatically applied to customized unique open source HTML code. That being said, simple cosmetic changes like changing colors, pictures, and static text should not require any changes when updates are applied. Also, you can always easily revert the template HTML back to a standardized default at any time. [Build: 6]

 104. ACT! 2012 is now supported! [Build: 6]

 105. ConnectWise 2011.3 is now supported! [Build: 6]

 106. ACT! for Web 2011 and ACT! for Web 2012 is now supported! [Build: 6]

 107. Real-time Pricing and Availability is now available for the Supplies Network ( www.suppliesnetwork.com ). [Build: 6]

 108. There is now a QuoteValet tab in the Quote WorkBook. This now contains all the QuoteValet document details that used to be located on the "This Document" tab of the QuoteValet dashboard. [Build: 6]

 109. For QuoteValet users, When an Approval is removed from the Quote within QuoteWerks, the Approval is now also removed from QuoteValet. [Build: 6]

 110. For QuoteValet users, when a Quote is approved using the File->Approve Quote menu, QuoteValet is now updated with the Approval. [Build: 6]

 111. The QuoteValet Dashboard window accessed from the QuoteWerks Toolbar can now be left open enabling you to fully interact with QuoteWerks at the same time. From the QuoteValet Dashboard, you can view activity and open quotes without having to close the dashboard to interact with the quotes. [Build: 6]

 112. Microsoft Word merging now supports CustomText01-CustomText14 Sections. This is similar to the ItemType Sections already supported in the Word Merging Feature. This enables you to separate out products using different classifications on your Microsoft Word based Quote or Proposal. For instance, if you use CustomText01 to hold the values of either Onsite or Remote assistance, you could have all Onsite assistance labor items on page 5 of a Word document by encasing it in "<<Begin.CustomText01.Onsite >>" and ending it with "<<End.CustomText01.Onsite >>". The Description field for each line could be printed in between these tags with "<<CustomText01.Onsite.&DI_Description>>". You could do the same for Remote by replacing Onsite in the macros. [Build: 6]

 113. Added DataLink support for DocumentHeader fields CustomText21, CustomText22,CustomText23, and CustomText24. [Build: 6]

 114. When exporting a native product data source from the Products->Setup Product Data Sources menu, a new "FolderListPaths" column has been added. It reads the folder ids in the FolderList field and writes out the full folder paths in this column for each folder the item is linked to. [Build: 6]

Misc Features - Version 4.6
 1. When generating print output, the "pages printed" display is no longer in a separate status window, but rather in the unified centered status message window. [Build: 1]

 2. When upgrading from QuoteWerks 3.0 to 4.5, when populating the City, State, and PostalCode fields, the parsing of those fields has been improved to eliminate spaces and other errant chars left over from the parsing process. [Build: 1]

 3. Changed the salutation from "Hi" to "Hello" sending quote to customer and QuoteValet Quote is Ready notification email. [Build: 1.06]

 4. Improvements to the Manage tab of Quotevalet Dashboard window. [Build: 1.06]

 5. Sales Rep Full Name now displayed for PreparedbyContact in QuoteValet [Build: 1.06]

 6. The PDF of the accepted document through QuoteValet, now has an "Original Quote" stamp applied to it. [Build: 1.11]

 7. The suppression of Outlook Security Prompt of "A program is trying to automatically send e-mail on your behalf. Do you want to allow this?" is not currently supported in the 64-bit version of Outlook 2010 resulting in an error message about secman64.dll. The error message has been removed, however it is still not supported. [Build: 1.11]

 8. When upgrading from QuoteWerks 4.5 to QuoteWerks 4.6, the shortcut on the desktop (if any) will now be renamed from QuoteWerks 4.5 to QuoteWerks 4.6. [Build: 1.11]

 9. Users with Quote Preparer rights can now change the sales rep on an existing quote (if it is a sales rep they have rights to prepare quotes for) to any other sales rep they have the rights to create quotes for. [Build: 1.17]

 10. On some windows, QuoteWerks 4.5 was still referenced vs QuoteWerks 4.6. [Build: 1.23]

 11. For QuickBooks users, when orders are exported to QuickBooks that contain a rare but particular combination of subtotal/Percent Discount/Product, or subtotal/Percent Charge/Product a warning will now be displayed that this combination is not supported. [Build: 2]

 12. When updating to Build 3.03 from a build earlier than Build 2, if Canadian taxes are enabled, the country is now auto selected for you rather than requiring the user to select it. [Build: 3.03]

 13. When updating to Build 3.03 from a build earlier than Build 2, rather than auto setting the new base currency setting from the regional windows settings, you are now prompted to confirm the base currency that you quote in. [Build: 3.03]

 14. Added Debug Command for displaying Etilize query result details. [Build: 3.06]

 15. Added the field DocumentHeaders.SoldToCMCounterpartRecID text (50) Used to store the id for the quote counterpart in the CRM system. [Build: 5]

 16. The Internet tab of the Tools->My Preferences menu was renamed to "E-Mail". [Build: 5]

 17. When running any of the node installation msi installers on a terminal server, the msi installer option to install for all users is now being set. [Build: 5]

 18. Internal Build. This build was not released to the public and is not available for download. [Build: 4]

 19. Removed the &DI_&FirstLineDescription macro from the subject of default system email templates. [Build: 5.01]

 20. When saving a document as a template, the DocDate, DocDueDate, and ExpirationDate fields are now cleared. [Build: 5.01]

 21. For GoldMine users, the list of GoldMine users returned from GoldMine was no longer returned in alphabetical order, so a sort is now applied by QuoteWerks. [Build: 5.01]

 22. For ConnectWise users, the Location List and Business Unit List is now ordered alphabetically. [Build: 5.01]

 23. When the Print Window is displayed, it the layout last used with the document is missing you are now notified in the status bar. [Build: 5.09]

 24. For ConnectWise users, there was an issue where a cryptic error exception would be displayed when attempting to create/update a call activity if the activity type of 'call' had been renamed or deleted from ConnectWise. Now a friendly error message is shown describing how to resolve the issue. [Build: 5.09]

 25. For GoldMine users, added new ini key "GoldMineMaxSearchResultSecondaryRecords" under the "Contact Managers" section in the site.ini file. This enables you to increase the default limit of displaying only the first 50 GoldMine secondary contacts. [Build: 6]

 26. When setting up a new Remote PC and synchronizing for the first time, you need to choose the Overwrite option for the first sync otherwise you will end up with duplicate Email template records. While this is still required, less records willl be duplicated. [Build: 6]

 27. When opening a quote and a QuoteValet customer quote acceptance is detected, it will no longer use a QuoteValet license. [Build: 6]

 28. Added site.ini setting of [System] SkipIsWebConnectedCheck=-1 [Build: 6]

Fixes - Version 4.6
 1. For QuickBooks users, When exporting documents to QuickBooks, product definitions would be created for products that were flagged as optional line items in the quote. [Build: 1]

 2. When using the File|Insert Document feature, the DynamicStorageDI field data was not being inserted. [Build: 1]

 3. For ACT! for Web users, when choosing the File|Save As menu, the user was not prompted to move the CRM links. [Build: 1]

 4. On the Print window, under the File Links tab, the [select all] and [deselect all] buttons would appear to work, but the selections would still be included in the print output. [Build: 1]

 5. IN 4.0 build 50, the PDF size increased due to in efficient compression of the new PDF generator. Now with the improved compression in this build, the PDF file size has been reduced by over 50% to a size smaller than the pre 4.0 build 40 PDF sizes. [Build: 1]

 6. For MS CRM users, if linking the quote to an existing MS CRM Opportunity, if no changes were made after linking to the Opportunity, the link to the opportunity would not be saved in the quote. [Build: 1]

 7. Issue when resizing some windows across multiple monitors. [Build: 1]

 8. Issue with embedded images when using QuoteWerks HTML email to automate the sending of the email through Outlook. [Build: 1.06]

 9. For ConnectWise users, when mapping QuoteWerks Item Types to ConnectWise types, if the length of all the mapped items names combined together, exceeded 255 chars, mappings would not be saved. [Build: 1.06]

 10. Approval requirements for document margin under/over %, and single item under/over % would say "approval not required" when attempting to use the Print Window [Request Approval] button. You will now need to re-open and save the approval requirements window to correct this. [Build: 1.06]

 11. For MS CRM users, The record id of the MS CRM opportunity was not getting saved into the QuoteWerks quote upon initial creation or linking of the opportunity. [Build: 1.06]

 12. For QuickBooks users, comment lines were requiring part numbers. [Build: 1.11]

 13. In version 4.6 when rehosting to SQL, the new SecurityProfiles table was not getting created. Also, this table was not getting synchronized in a Corporate Edition sync. [Build: 1.11]

 14. In the Utilities|User Maintenance, the Misc Access rights were not being loaded. [Build: 1.11]

 15. The new File->Login as another User menu was not appearing in the Menus tab of the User properties menu. [Build: 1.11]

 16. In the Word Merging, if you used the macro &DH_INTRODUCTIONNOTES, the formatting applied to that macro text in Word was being ignored. [Build: 1.17]

 17. For QuickBooks users, subtotal line items were requiring part numbers. [Build: 1.17]

 18. If QuoteWerks was in the middle of loading a quote and a toolbar button was pressed before the quote had finished loading, issues would occur. Now, the toolbar is disable during loading. [Build: 1.23]

 19. Some users would receive error "Error in GetActiveSheetFromSelf(), Me.tag=''" when opening or creating a new quote [Build: 1.23]

 20. For QuoteValet users, if a CostModifier or PriceModifier was used that included a decimal, would receive error 400 when uploading the quote to QuoteValet. [Build: 1.23]

 21. When retrieving Etilize pictures in some cases firewall software interferes with the downloading of the picture causing QuoteWerks to terminate unexpectedly. [Build: 2]

 22. When using real-time module features and then logging in as another user through the File->Login as another User menu would receive error "User found in LoggedInRTUsers array after not being found" when the real-time features were used during that session of QuoteWerks. [Build: 2]

 23. When creating a new Order from the beginning, rather than converting a quote to an order, the approval requirement was still in effect, but the administrator was not able to Approve the Order. [Build: 2]

 24. If your CRM was not GoldMine, MS CRM or ACT for Web, you would not be able to select an email address from the new 'QuoteWerks Users" option on the Select E-mail Recipients window. [Build: 2]

 25. The spell checker was not working while composing a plain text email. [Build: 2]

 26. In the HTML client, the Plain text message and HTML source text box now only have vertical scrollbars. [Build: 2]

 27. When upgrading from QuoteWerks 3.0 directly to 4.6 build 1 would receive errors: "The field name City was not found in ReMapAndGetFieldData. Also the fields "ExclusiveOptionGroup", "STATE", and "POSTALCODE". [Build: 2]

 28. For Word Merging, if the word document contained macros to place specific item types in different tables and the first item type was blank, the line items containing this blank Item Type would not be printed and the macros would remain unmerged. [Build: 2]

 29. For Word Merging, issues if the word document contained autoshapes or multiple section breaks. [Build: 2]

 30. Intermittent issues with function and control keys in the html email signature and email body text box. F2, F7, DEL, CTRL-C, CTRL-A, CTRL-V key presses would not be detected. [Build: 2]

 31. When opening an ORDER type document that was uploaded to QuoteValet, the status message of "QuoteValet - Checking for updates..." would be displayed and would not go away. [Build: 2]

 32. When previewing a management report, you would not be able to print or email the previewed report if approval was required for the currently open quote. [Build: 2]

 33. When selecting the Tools->Options menu would receive message "The QuoteWerks Database Time Zone setting GMT-05:00 was not found in the Windows Time Zone list! Please re-select.". This would happen in a network environment when workstations running different versions of Windows (Windows 7 vs all other versions) were accessing the same QuoteWerks installation. [Build: 2]

 34. When doing a Merge Remote Documents, if the error "The document number specified in the dtf file is already in use!" was encountered several hundred times, would receive error 67 too many files. [Build: 2]

 35. When uploading a quote to QuoteValet, if the upload of the PDF file failed, the QuoteValet document would not be associated with the quote. [Build: 3]

 36. For users with the SQL backend, if using the Open Export module to export xml or QuoteValet to re-upload an existing quote would receive "invalid use of null" error. [Build: 3]

 37. For users with the SQL backend, during the build update would receive error "'NoPSTOnShipping' is not a constraint. [Build: 3]

 38. In the QuoteValet Dashboard, quotes with no expiration date would be displayed as "[exp December 30, 1899]" [Build: 3]

 39. Cleaned up empty dates in database ( ConvertedOn, ApprovedOn1, ApprovedOn2, ApprovalRequestedOn, PeerReviewRequestedOn) [Build: 3]

 40. On the QuoteValet Setup window, the "Quote Recall" type template was being listed as an "Unknown" template. [Build: 3.03]

 41. Typically the name of a document's dtf file is the {DocNo}.dtf. If the DTF file name had been changed, issues would occur When running the Utilities->Merge Remote Documents. The DocNo is now retrieved from inside the DTF file contents rather than rely on the DTF file name. [Build: 3.03]

 42. If using cost modifiers or price modifiers that contained a decimal it would cause issues when uploading to QuoteValet. [Build: 3.06]

 43. For Etilize users, sometimes Etilize returns more than one part number for an item for each distributor. Sometimes one of the part numbers is discontinued and the other is valid. We now use the first part number in the list. [Build: 3.06]

 44. On the MS CRM Create/Update Opportunity window when a Message Bar message was displayed, the lower portion of the window would be cutoff. [Build: 3.06]

 45. PDF files generated by QuoteWerks were being saved in a PDF/A archive format. This was causing issues when attempting to view the PDF file in some viewers. [Build: 3.06]

 46. Error 53 when running a word merge on a DOCX file type. [Build: 5]

 47. For Windows 7 users, when printing and choosing to print more than 1 copy, only 1 copy was being printed. [Build: 5]

 48. When previewing a quote generated from a Microsoft Word merge, a file like "Word Quote_2011-04-22_4-21.46pm" would be created in the \QuoteWerks\Resources folder. [Build: 5]

 49. When using the File->Insert Document menu, the pictures for any line items containing pictures would not appear in the print output until the quote had been saved and re-opened. [Build: 5]

 50. For some Etilize part numbers pictures would not be retrieved, and an error message would be displayed about the Etilize part number not matching. [Build: 5]

 51. For Etilize users, sometimes Etilize returns more than one part number for an item for each distributor. Sometimes one of the part numbers is discontinued and the other is valid. For Tech Data we now use the last part number in the list, for all other distributors, we use the first part number in the list. [Build: 5]

 52. Would receive error 13 type mismatch when saving a quote if the DataLink was used to retrieve a value from a CRM application into a date field and the value retrieved from the CRM application was not a valid date. [Build: 5]

 53. If a Synchronization failed, and you selected the Utilities->Sync menu again without exiting QuoteWerks, the wizard would start at the last step. You also did not get to see the error summary page. [Build: 5]

 54. If a multiple escalated approvals were required for a quote approval, after the first escalated approver approved the quote, the File->Approve Quote menu would be disabled, so the second escalated approver would not be able to approve it. [Build: 5]

 55. For QuoteValet users, if a quote was opened from an external link like a document link in a CRM package or from a DTF file, when the quote was opened, it was not getting updated with QuoteValet Activity. [Build: 5]

 56. When editing an HTML signature and using the macro drop down list to insert a macro, macros that started with "&DH_&" like "DH_&FirstName" were being inserted as "&DH_". [Build: 5]

 57. The last position and size of the Send email window was not being remembered. [Build: 5]

 58. The Word merge macros were case sensitive, but should not be, so if they were not typed in exactly with the same upper and lower case letters, the macro would not be found. [Build: 5]

 59. For ConnectWise users, an issue where DTF attachments would be duplicated on the Documents Tab of a ConnectWise Opportunity has been resolved. [Build: 5]

 60. For ConnectWise users, an issue where forecast lines would be duplicated in ConnectWise upon Convert to Order, Invoice, etc. has been resolved. [Build: 5]

 61. For ConnectWise users, an issue where Call Activities were intermittently not being updated has been resolved. [Build: 5]

 62. For ConnectWise users, if an item marked as recurring in QuoteWerks was set to 'Include First Payment in Document Totals' the value of the associated Forecast created in ConnectWise was incorrectly inflated by the amount of that first payment. [Build: 5]

 63. For ConnectWise users, in rare situations, the Create/Update Opportunity window would either not be displayed, or would be displayed twice. [Build: 5]

 64. If macros are used in the DocName, invalid characters are now stripped from the macro data. [Build: 5]

 65. For ConnectWise users, if including the first months payment in a recurring revenue item, an extra period was being calculated when it was sent over to ConnectWise. [Build: 5]

 66. If QuoteValet tenant account credentials were removed, effectively disabling the QuoteValet integration, when printing would receive an error message about the QuoteValet credentials being invalid. [Build: 5]

 67. QuoteWerks manufacturer field is 40 characters long. In cases where Etilize returned a manufacturer name longer than 40 characters, it will be truncated and no error message will be displayed. [Build: 5]

 68. If a user with administrator rights Approved a document, and that user was not specifically named as an approver for that sales reps documents, or if that user was only in a group and that group was specified as the approver, the quote would be approved, but the sales rep would be informed that it was not approved. [Build: 5]

 69. For ACT!, ACT! for Web, Outlook BCM, and MS CRM users, when line item detail was being written into the sales opportunity, if the quote included a group that was optional, the individual items were incorrectly being included in the sales opportunity line item detail. [Build: 5]

 70. When creating a new quote from a template and then creating another new quote from the same template during the same session of QuoteWerks would receive error about the document already being in use. [Build: 5]

 71. If using the following fields in a print layout would receive an error about them not be found in ReturnArrayValue(). ApprovedMethod1, ApprovedMethod2, ApprovedOn1, ApprovedOn2, ApprovedBy1, ApprovedBy2, ApprovalRequestedMethod, and ApprovalRequestedOn. [Build: 5]

 72. For Outlook 2010 public folder users, the public folder macro was not being merged for the public calendar or public journal folders. [Build: 5.01]

 73. When upgrading from QuoteWerks 3.0 would receive error "the field name SoldToCMCounterpartRecID was not found..." [Build: 5.01]

 74. For ConnectWise users, when updating an opportunity with individual line items, if a line item had a quantity of 0 the line item would be sent over with a quantity of 1. Now, line items with a quantity of 0 are not sent over. [Build: 5.09]

 75. For ConnectWise users, error would occur if the ConnectWise Integration was configured to both (send over product data as a rollup) AND (send shipping over a product). Now, under this configuration the shipping goes over under the rollup and a warning is presented at the time of setup indicating this behavior. [Build: 5.09]

 76. For ConnectWise users, error would occur while creating/updating an opportunity in ConnectWise if the link was configured to create individual line item data and one of the line items contained an apostrophe in the manufacturer part number. [Build: 5.09]

 77. For ConnectWise users when attempting to link to an existing opportunity, closed opportunities were being displayed in the list. [Build: 5.09]

 78. When a new document was created from a template and an expiration date was specified in the template, it was getting overwritten in the new document. Now it is only calculated if no expiration date is saved into the template. [Build: 5.09]

 79. If the save button was clicked while editing an email template, while in the advanced direct HTML editing mode, the template would not be saved. [Build: 5.09]

 80. When setting up Approval Settings, if no Approvers were specified there was no warning. [Build: 5.09]

 81. If the apostrophe character was in the data fields merged into an email template it would be displayed as "'" [Build: 5.09]

 82. Once a document has been approved and locked, unlocking the document will now remove the approval, approval request and peer review request history. The removal is logged in the document's transaction log viewed under the File->Properties menu. [Build: 5.09]

 83. When converting a Quote to an order using the File->Convert to Order menu that has been uploaded to QuoteValet for customer acceptance, afterwards when closing the order, you would be asked if you wanted to upload the changes to QuoteValet. [Build: 5.09]

 84. Issue with synchronization between time zones where one observed DST and the other did not. [Build: 5.02]

 85. When quote approved through QuoteValet website, when it is opened in QuoteWerks and an approval is detected, approval is applied and the quote is locked if all approval requirements have been met. [Build: 6]

 86. In the re-design of the Shipping Amount calculation screen the Based on Weight option was inadvertently changed to a percent calculation. [Build: 6]

 87. The macro &APP_&LoggedInUserPhoneWithExtA" would incorrectly display the phone number as the extension. [Build: 6]

 88. Issue with Approval Requirements not working correctly introduced in 4.6 Build 6.0 [Build: 6]

 89. For ConnectWise users, when creating line item detail, if not existing products where found, an error would incorrectly be displayed about a error 0 problem with the manufacturer part number. [Build: 6]

 90. In the QuickBooks and Peachtree batch export window, the totals amount was incorrectly always expressed in USD, rather than the approval local currency. [Build: 6]

 91. On the Open Document window, when the search results grid is shown, the salesperson field is covered. [Build: 6]

 92. When using an ItemType specific Word Merge with Grouped Items, the Extended Fields would not reflect the quantity multiplier of the Group Header Line. This would also affect the Totals.&DI_ExtendedPrice macro. [Build: 6]

 93. If a document was initially locked when you opened it, unchecking the locked checkbox would not unlock the document. [Build: 6.04]

 94. When QuoteWerks was already running and you double-clicked on a DTF file located in a location containing spaces in the folder name, the file would not open. [Build: 6.04]